10 Ways to Make Your Pie More Beautiful

Step up your Pie decorating skills this year with some of our favorite designs and techniques from the #feedfeed community. Below are our ten favorite ways to transform your favorite holiday dessert into a gorgeous masterpiece! 

1. Shingled Crust 

Our favorite inspiration this year comes from our shingled pie crust. Simply roll out pie dough, cut into diamonds, and layer for an instant pie makeover. 

Classic Apple Pie with Shingled Crust video & feedfeed original recipe

2. Classic Lattice Crust

You can never go wrong with a classic lattice crust, like this one by @lemonfirebrigade. Simple, gorgeous, and always cooks well! 

Caramel Apple Blackberry Pie with Hazelnut Lattice Crust Recipe

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3. Leaf Cutouts

Leaf cutouts are the perfect seasonal decoration to any pie you make this fall. Find some at your local kitchen store, and go for an easy, minimalist border, like @julesfood does here, or...

...go all out, and cover the entire pie in leaves, like @thejudylab did with this Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe.

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4. Braided Crust

Simple braids are easy to master and add a touch of elegance. You can braid the outer edge of the pie and leave the center untouched, or follow @thekitchenmccabe's steps and add some flair. 

Braided Pie Crust Tutorial

5. Hand Pies

Break from tradition and try your hand at homemade hand pies this year, like @theswirlingspoon did with these Pumpkin Hand Pies. We love the rustic edges to these portable, customizable pies that your family will devour. 

Pumpkin Hand Pie Recipe

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6. Combo

Combine two design techniques for a real work of art, like @elleventy's Lattice and Leaf Pie. 

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7. Slab Pies

Have a big crowd to feed this Thanksgiving? Make a giant slab pie, and then channel @jennyeesf (an adapted Martha Stewart recipe) and cover it in mini Cinnamon Roll pinwheels.

Apple Slab Pie with Cinnamon Swirl Crust Recipe

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8. Letter Cutouts

If you're as excited about Thanksgiving as @jojoromancer is, spell it out on your Pie with alphabet letter cutouts. 

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9. Meringue

Just look at those gorgeous swirls! Meringue is one of the easiest ways to improve your pie in both taste and design. We love this Maple and Sweet Potato Meringue Pie Recipe by @stylesweetca for a unique holiday dessert. 

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10. Concentric Circles

Take a few extra minutes to carefully place your pecans in concentric circles for an easy decorating solution inspired by @healthyseasonal.   

Maple Pecan & Dried Cherry Tart Recipe

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Cover photo by @bealubas

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