10 Gifts for Couples Who Are Over Cheesy Romantic Phase of Their Relationship
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10 Gifts for Couples Who Are Over Cheesy Romantic Phase of Their Relationship

Alycia Gordan
9 months ago

Love is indeed the sole force running this world around but there are quite a few couples around who will not agree to this. They will say more practical words and will make you feel ugh with their idea of romance. It's not that they don’t love each other any more or the love song for them has lost the melodious tunes, it is just that they have been together for so long that the cheesy or obvious romantic ideas, that once seems to fill their heart with excitement, now seems mundane. Let’s just say that they have crossed the line and now their relationship is resting in the better and greener part of love effected zone of life. They are fully committed to each other and they find comfort in each other’s presence only.

For them, public display of affection or serenading a girl in the middle of the night is a thing of the past. They find solace in each other arms in the middle of the night and love to munch junk in bed when it comes to celebrating an occasion. Instead of words, they are comfortable in communicating with the mere movement of their eyelids and have a love language of their own. One could not be thought about others and they need not prove it now, the world already knows. These love-birds do not need the usual tokens of love, instead, they love something that they could use in their casual life or something that blends right up with their gesture of love. Here are a few gifts for the love-birds, that have found their nest in each other souls for eternity and who, in a true sense, complete each other.

1. Monogrammed Robes

Soft and comfy, these will be a perfect gift to your soul mate. Even better, you could get it for both of you because everyone knows instead of getting all dressed up to go to dinner, you guys will love it more to lounge around in the house with Netflix and pizza delivery.

2. Compact Vacuum

Moving on from flowers and chocolates, you believe in the long term happiness of your partner now. You wish to gift something that could actually bring a pretty smile on their face and a compact vacuum cleaner is one of the tricks to do so. Free from everyday hassle of cleaning the house with hefty cleaner and getting a spotless house in no time will make her/him go all lovey-dovey in her heart.

3. Fresh Linen

The bedroom is the most comfortable zone in an adult’s life and to see it all dolled up brings a gleam in eyes. Gift them the joy of new, beautiful linens that could make the ambience of the bedroom become alive with freshness and energy. With a clean room and new bed sheets, your partner is most likely to get teary eyes for the measures you take to keep them happy.

4. Portable Beach Chairs

Although summers in India scream scorching heat, winters and springs bring pleasantries that are worth living for. This comfortable and stylish beach chair would allow them to put hair down and enjoy a nice sunbath in their balcony, porch or terrace without actually stepping out to a beach. For those who don’t live near a sea, this will prove a happy bliss and your partner will love you for this.

5. Instant Pot

Get ready to receive a hug so tight that could crush you with love and joy. With this instant pot, your partner’s life will become several times easier which he/she will love you for. No more cooking hassle, day and night, no more pondering over what to cook and no more unhealthy meals even. Just put ingredients in and let this pot make delicious dinner ready for you in no time. Comfortable and money saver, this pot will articulate your hearty feelings and care for them instantly.

6. Coffee Machine

Why make them work in the morning for a simple eye opener like a coffee? When they could satisfy their coffee craving instantly without having to stir it in a mug with a spoon for minutes, why to waste time and energy then! This gift will make their mornings a lot more beautiful and could make more room for morning romance instead of the usual grunts. A fresh batch of coffee will make their day fresh altogether.

7. Faux Fur Blanket

With cosy feeling, this blanket will be their favourite after you! Warm and soft, this blanket is bound to melt their heart with love and emotions. Binging a sitcom or reading a book, every activity is better when this fur blanket is involved in it. Make them a happy person and gift this fur blanket today.

8. Monthly Wine Subscription

If this will not touch their heart, then what will! Order a wine subscription for them and let them escape this soul-sucking world for a while and wander into the fairyland of their own. With their favourite wine in hand and a deliciously cooked meal, one could always find peace in those few moments and you know that your loved one deserves it!

9. Getaway Tickets

Take their hand and lead them to a place that could offer them a breath of fresh air and scenic beauty worth dying for. This Valentine, ditch a gift and plan a trip where both of you could hear each other’s heartbeat and live the magic of that young love once again. You could revisit your first date but a different place, somewhere where you two are truly alone with each other and no one knows you. Just get that bag packing already!

10. A DIY Gift

We are not even to go in the discussion that what it should be that you craft with your hands because no one knows you're beloved better than you. Just think hard what it is that will make them so happy that you could create for them and get going on it. This will fill their heart with sheer love and adoration for you.

11. Fluffy Pillow Set

We all know that sleep is important but what is even more comforting is the hearty conversations that precede it. Pillow talk is what makes the relationship all worthwhile and a reminder of how you two are completely smitten with each other. For a senti pillow talk, a set of fluffy pillows will be the ultimate tool. Put that tired head to rest and gaze deep into your lover’s eyes and pour out all the bottled up hearty emotions that will make both of you drool in each other’s love again. Get talking!

12. Instant Camera

Because the most loving moments come unannounced and to capture that happiness, an instant camera should be around. Click the memories even at the most spontaneous of times and make them yours forever instantly without having to wait and pose. Late at night when you two are between a rom-com or early in the morning with bed hair on both of you, the memories that aren’t planned sparks more smile and laughter than the posed ones.

Nothing can bound your love within a gift but you could give these presents a try. Sending Valentine gifts in India is super easy now as cupid is everywhere you look in this month of love and this task is made easier with the delivery of gifts through leading online gift portal.

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