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Discuss all things related to proper manners and entertaining guests, including table linens, host gifts, tipping, how to behave in the grocery store, and RSVP etiquette.

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Caterer & China rental for 25 person backyard wedding BBQ with self-planned menu?

by amber_lee 1 year ago

Can anyone suggest caterers in the GTA for our small 25-person backyard wedding BBQ in Brampton, Ontario July 7, 2018? Also places to rent china and flatware from that will do the dishes for you...

Bring a dish and a gift?

by storagelady 1 year ago

I was invited to a friend's house for Passover dinner. Of course I asked what I could bring, and she said "Chicken for 14" So..... I just finished making dinner for 14!!! Do I still bring a host...

Personal Chef tipping?

by Runnergirl7 1 year ago

Hi all. We bid on and won at a charity fundraiser-- dinner for 8 in our home put on by a personal chef. Here's my question, we bid $850 and paid the money to the charity. Do we tip the chef on top ...

Birthday Dinners... who pays? what is the etiquette?

by AmblerGirl 12 years ago

I have seen alot of diversity regarding the etiquette of who pays if a group of people go out to a restaurant to celebrate someone's birthday. It looks like people expect one of three things: - ...

Alice in wonderland theme? Food/buffet ideas?

by kikandy 1 year ago

Hello, we’re having a large gala dinner (120+ people). And each person is suggesting an idea and must search it and present it and best idea will be voted on. I have everything settled except for t...

Thanksgiving Etiquette (rant alert)

by ssahls 1 year ago

1. RSVP. Teach your kids to RSVP 2. Don't come as a guest for 20 years and never offer to host. 3. Don't bring your dog. Don't even ask.

Tipping before or after added tax?

by marymac 8 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, I always tip on the whole amount. My friend says you should tip only for the food, not the tax. Which is correct?

Guests not offering to do dishes, is it rude?

by hala 9 years ago

Hubby and I were brought up to always offer to do the dishes after dinner at someone's house. We always ask first and if our offer is accepted, we do it gladly. We appreciate the effort the hosts h...

When a guest insists upon bringing the main dish to a dinner party

by dkrnet 1 year ago

My wife and I are hosting a holiday dinner party. For the first time in several years my brother, whom we don't really get along with very well, and his family will attend. Since being invited my b...

How to politely say "do not bring food" on invitation

by rp17 1 year ago

I'm planning on throwing a 40th birthday party for my husband. We are inviting friends and family, and some of those family members always show up with a dish despite my usual "we'll have plenty o...

Potluck buffet for an orchestra

by jsbc78 1 year ago

I'm in charge of planning a meal for an orchestra in February. I've been informed by the manager that one of the musicians is a pescatarian. I'm wondering if I make fish tacos (our fav recipe uses ...

When a Dipper is a Dip

by breadchick 1 year ago

Scene: family member pulls a crispy cheese topped dip from the oven and sets it to rest for a bit before serving. It looks divine. Backs are turned to get other stuff out for the table. A guy come...


by georgia201 1 year ago

I’m a victim of non-responses to RSVP. I live in a gated community serviced by gate access personnel. Names must be left at the guard station to have access to my community. Half of my guests have ...

Who selects the birthday dinner venue?

by thevalleyites 2 years ago

If you invite someone out for a birthday dinner, who should pick the restaurant? The inviter or celebrant? What is the proper etiquette?

Tipping for Catering Drop-Off?

by Jacquilynne 2 years ago

A caterer is dropping off a buffet dinner in chafing dishes for a party and then picking up the chafing dishes the next day. Other than the set-up, they aren't providing service. How much would you...

If you invite does that mean you pay?

by cami8917 2 years ago

Hello, I’m currently dealing with a small dilemma and need some opinions. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I decided to have a small surprise dinner for her. I secretly texted all her close fri...

Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

by PeachLakeBaker 1 year ago

I'm having a Halloween party for kids and adults. It's next weekend, and so far, more than 20 adults and about 15 kids are coming. The kids are about ten years old. The party will be in a local ...

Graduation Party Guest Etiquette

by nikkibgood79 2 years ago

My daughter is graduating soon. I am a photographer so I had created the guest invites using photos I took. My mother whom I have a troubled relationship with because sge does not respect any bound...

The second French paradox: splitting the tab

by mangeur 2 years ago

We've mostly settled upon a comfortable way to settle the bill. For the most part, just split the tab. But it's come to my attention that there are times when it seems grossly unfair. The mo...

Finger food make ahead party menu

by tweet13 1 year ago

I'm need helping planning a halloween party menu. I'm trying to achieve a menu which I can make ahead of time and can be served at room temperature, or items that I can just reheat at party time. ...