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Entertaining & Etiquette

Discuss all things related to proper manners and entertaining guests, including table linens, host gifts, tipping, how to behave in the grocery store, and RSVP etiquette.

Etiquette -- Napkin upon leaving the table mid-dinner

by Wondering 13 years ago

Seems there are two rules of thought -- that it be left on the chair (as no one wants to see a used napkin on the tab...


1000marys commented 19 days ago

Categories for pickle party?

by AeroGal619 1 month ago

I’m hosting a pickle party- where everyone has to bring a dish featuring pickles. It will be a small gathering, so I ...


fryerlover commented 26 days ago

Cigarette smoke gets in your food

by Spice_zing 6 years ago

Scenario A: Greek Resto X was a two hour drive from home and had delicious moussaka. I happened to be in the area...


jeebee commented 1 month ago

Banquet hall tipping - when guest thinks servers are getting it, but owners pocket all...

by niccole 3 years ago

I am a server at a banquet hall, we do wedding, birthday parties, seminars, etc... I make $22/hr on the books ( no...


Barborka commented 2 months ago

Dear Dear Dinner Guest

by sandylc 11 months ago

I love having you over, even though it is a lot of work for me. I guess there is additional benefit (besides your gr...


BigG commented 3 months ago

Open bar - should you tip the bartender

by princeofpork 7 years ago

I am throwing a party for my wife and I am covering the bar tab. I want to better understand if the bartender should...


nomadic123 commented 4 months ago

How much food to order?

by sals42 5 months ago

Hi guys, I am planning my little sister's high school graduation party in a couple of weeks. The event will be in th...


Ttrockwood commented 5 months ago

Food "etiquette" after a death

by danhole 10 years ago

What is the standard, wherever you are, after a death in the family? Does someone bring food to your home, for the fa...


thelma003 commented 5 months ago

Tortilla etiquette - you got to know when to fold

by rworange 8 years ago

Reading some of the comments on this blog, I am wondering if there is tortilla etiquette? http://hellofromhere.blogs...


nathan31179 commented 5 months ago

WHEN to compliment food/chef

by gizmo18 7 months ago

Often times, dh eats his meal within 5-10 minutes of him being served. He occasionally will sit there with the kids a...


julesrules commented 6 months ago

Bring a dish and a gift?

by storagelady 7 months ago

I was invited to a friend's house for Passover dinner. Of course I asked what I could bring, and she said "Chicken fo...


Indy 67 commented 7 months ago

Personal Chef tipping?

by Runnergirl7 8 months ago

Hi all. We bid on and won at a charity fundraiser-- dinner for 8 in our home put on by a personal chef. Here's my que...


ChefMikeinBurlington commented 7 months ago

Birthday Dinners... who pays? what is the etiquette?

by AmblerGirl 11 years ago

I have seen alot of diversity regarding the etiquette of who pays if a group of people go out to a restaurant to cele...


ricepad commented 9 months ago

Alice in wonderland theme? Food/buffet ideas?

by kikandy 9 months ago

Hello, we’re having a large gala dinner (120+ people). And each person is suggesting an idea and must search it and p...


acgold7 commented 9 months ago

Thanksgiving Etiquette (rant alert)

by ssahls 11 months ago

1. RSVP. Teach your kids to RSVP 2. Don't come as a guest for 20 years and never offer to host. 3. Don't bring your...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 9 months ago

Tipping before or after added tax?

by marymac 7 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, I always tip on the whole amount. My friend says you should tip only for the food, not th...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 9 months ago

Guests not offering to do dishes, is it rude?

by hala 8 years ago

Hubby and I were brought up to always offer to do the dishes after dinner at someone's house. We always ask first and...


fryerlover commented 9 months ago

When a guest insists upon bringing the main dish to a dinner party

by dkrnet 11 months ago

My wife and I are hosting a holiday dinner party. For the first time in several years my brother, whom we don't reall...


MikeG commented 10 months ago

How to politely say "do not bring food" on invitation

by rp17 10 months ago

I'm planning on throwing a 40th birthday party for my husband. We are inviting friends and family, and some of those...


thegforceny commented 10 months ago