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Low Carb Frozen Entrees?

by zackly 2 months ago

My wife is on a low carb kick. She goes back to school this week and wants to unburden me from making her lunch. Are there any decent single serve, microwaveable, frozen, low carb entrees that are...

Kirkland Brand Gluten Free Pizza

by knowspicker 2 months ago

After months of no Sabatasso GF pizza at our Seattle are Costco stores I see they are now stocking a Kirkland brand GF pizza. Has anyone tried these? It wouldn't surprise me if they were having Sab...

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Please HELP!!!!

by AcaciaV 1 year ago

I feel like I'm at a complete loss. I recently took a sensitivity test for food and I can't have almost anything I've been eating. Almost absolutely everything in the store or online has soy, wheat...

Cookbook suggestions

by LOL303 8 months ago

I try to eat lots of produce, minimal grains, nuts and seeds, low soy, low dairy, animal protein and gluten free. I also do not like “keto” level fat or “low fat” (something in the middle). Any su...

Best gluten free noodles for lasagna?

by becwells 11 months ago

I'd like to make a gluten free lasagna but I do not want it to turn out as mushy as a recent gluten-free elbow macaroni tuna noodle casserole was. Any tips on which noodles would be the best to st...

Health food for diabetic

by gustianom 1 year ago

I have blood sugar problem need to find some reference about health food for me, thank you

Huge challenge - cheese substitute for low iodine diet?

by PickyBunny 1 year ago

Trying to help my roommate out - she is on the low iodine diet in preparation for radioactive thyroid treatment. There are so many things she can't have. Plus she has food allergies to certain nuts...

Need Meal Plans

by SavemykIdn3ys 1 year ago

Hello! I am new to Chowhound and need help with meal plans. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (38% function) and was told I have to go an a low protein and low potassium diet. A couple...

Gluten free help!

by buckeye83 2 years ago

Hi Friends - I need some help! I was just diagnosed with celiac disease, which means no more gluten for me (sob!). What are some great baking recipes for sweets and breads that are naturally gluten...

Jello Sauce?

by ombretta 2 years ago

Has anyone ever used jello as a meat glaze or for stir fry sauce? My dad has diabetes and hypertension, he likes lemon and orange stir fry sauce but the sugar and sodium levels are not good for hi...

Gluten Free able to eat wheat in Italy. Better wheat there?

by pdxgastro 7 years ago

Hi Special Diet Hounds! I have a friend (friend #1) who is Gluten free and Dairy free. She in turn has a friend (friend #2) who is also GF and recently traveled to Italy. While in Italy, friend #2...

I need some serious help!!!

by jritz 3 years ago

My girlfriend was born with many food allergies, and I’m trying to find some recipes that cater to her needs. Her allergies include: Peanuts Nuts Eggs Wheat Seeds Sesame seeds Edamame Fish...

Where to find 100% buckwheat Japanese noodles?

by Lis7 3 years ago

Am looking for a source for 100% buckwheat noodles, grown/made in Japan or the US (NOT China). Organic is a plus. Available at a store in Denver is a plus, or online.

ISO Caputo Fiore Glut Gluten Free Flour in Toronto (Canada)

by missdoji 3 years ago

Any leads on Caputo’s gluten free flour in Toronto / GTA? Or even online with fast shipping (need for next weekend). Hoping to make some Neapolitan style pizza in an Ooni pizza oven and have a GF ...

FODMAP Cookbook. Any recommendations?

by Googs 2 years ago

Preferably something that's creative and fun. Most diet cookbooks read like a prison food manual.

Gluten-free Chinese dumpling wrappers

by tetraneutron 2 years ago

I'm having a Lunar NewYears party and one of my guests has a wheat allergy. Most Asian dumpling and wonton wrappers are made with wheat. Rice paper (like what you use in summer rolls) aren't the sa...

Low Oxalate Diet

by wintersweet 8 years ago

Anyone else on a low oxalate diet? I know that some people believe it to be a magical cure-all for all sorts of things, but I'm on it due to pesky kidney stone issues, per my urologist. At first I ...

Pumpkin Pie No Spice?

by catrinarf 7 years ago

I am trying to find a pumpkin pie recipe with no spices. I am allergic to Balsam of Peru, which means no cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, ginger, so on. I am also allergic to coconut, and have an intol...

Soft Foods for Thanksgiving

by adoreprince7 7 years ago

My dad recently start the process of getting dentures. So come Thanksgiving, he will have no teeth and just starting the healing process from having them pulled. I'm trying to find some savory an...

New allergy, need help with recipes (Benzoic Acid, Cinnamates, and Balsam of Peru)

by Rambutan2000 7 years ago

My wife was recently diagnosed with a number of food allergies. Not life-threatening, but the effects do seriously impact quality of life. We are hoping that the right diet will help. Sadly, t...