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Special Diets

Share your thoughts on gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, allergy-specific, Paleo, raw, high-fiber, Weight Watchers, and strict low-carb diets, among others.

I need some serious help!!!

by jritz 3 days ago

My girlfriend was born with many food allergies, and I’m trying to find some recipes that cater to her needs. Her all...


meatn3 commented 3 days ago

Low Oxalate Diet

by wintersweet 5 years ago

Anyone else on a low oxalate diet? I know that some people believe it to be a magical cure-all for all sorts of thing...


paulj commented 8 days ago

Gluten Free able to eat wheat in Italy. Better wheat there?

by pdxgastro 5 years ago

Hi Special Diet Hounds! I have a friend (friend #1) who is Gluten free and Dairy free. She in turn has a friend (fri...


hotoynoodle commented 9 days ago

Pumpkin Pie No Spice?

by catrinarf 4 years ago

I am trying to find a pumpkin pie recipe with no spices. I am allergic to Balsam of Peru, which means no cinnamon, al...


Jinx21 commented 2 months ago

Soft Foods for Thanksgiving

by adoreprince7 4 years ago

My dad recently start the process of getting dentures. So come Thanksgiving, he will have no teeth and just starting...


Johnymash commented 2 months ago

ISO Caputo Fiore Glut Gluten Free Flour in Toronto (Canada)

by missdoji 5 months ago

Any leads on Caputo’s gluten free flour in Toronto / GTA? Or even online with fast shipping (need for next weekend)....


Sadistick commented 4 months ago

New allergy, need help with recipes (Benzoic Acid, Cinnamates, and Balsam of Peru)

by Rambutan2000 5 years ago

My wife was recently diagnosed with a number of food allergies. Not life-threatening, but the effects do seriously i...


Newbop commented 4 months ago

Flour substitutes for MTHFR (no folic acid)?

by heykatieben 4 months ago

Does anyone know of a guide (or what you do?) for white flour substitutes for an MTHFR diet (avoiding folic acid)? Fo...


phofiend commented 4 months ago

Looking for Rice Syrup

by justamtlguy 4 months ago

Went to several places today, bulk stores and Rachelle Bery, and had no luck finding rice syrup. Does anyone know if ...


stak commented 4 months ago

Where to find 100% buckwheat Japanese noodles?

by Lis7 4 months ago

Am looking for a source for 100% buckwheat noodles, grown/made in Japan or the US (NOT China). Organic is a plus. Ava...


Lis7 commented 4 months ago

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Nut-Free Cupcakes for a Wedding

by Rachelmd3 5 months ago

Looking for someone who can make nut-free cupcakes for my wedding next year. Are there any caterers or companies in ...

low carb breading for deep or pan frying?

by zackly 4 years ago

If you were going to make a breaded cutlet or a piece of fish to deep fry or pan fry what would you use in place of t...


Slammy0 commented 5 months ago

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Cooking from No Salt/Low Sodium Cookbooks (link to discussion on Home Cooking)

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 5 months ago

Hello fellow salt-sensitive 'hounds: I started a thread on the Home Cooking board about cooking from No Salt/Low S...

Patient food at UCLA Med Center

by dtm323 11 months ago

Have you been a patient at RRUCLA? Which menu selections are particularly good? I'm facing the horror of a 2 gram sod...

The Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen commented 5 months ago

Salt Free Substitutes

by Veggigal 7 months ago

Hubby saw a dietician recently and she wants him to follow the DASH Diet. I'm looking for recipes for a herbal salt...


sisterg commented 5 months ago

Where can I find Japanese "Umi Budo" (Sea Grapes)?

by tokyotower 9 months ago

Do you know of any restaurants or grocery stores in NYC that serves/sells Umi Budo (Japanese sea grape seaweed!) It's...


SeaEagle commented 6 months ago

Halo Top, Low-Carb Ice Cream

by zackly 1 year ago

Anyone tried this yet? One of my low-carb buddies says it's terrific.


CygnusX1 commented 7 months ago

Xylitol sweetener questions

by MIMIMOM 9 months ago

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I'm diabetic. This hit me out of the blue - I guess it does most who get this...


hotoynoodle commented 7 months ago

No Dairy, No Sugar, No Yeast

by twiggae 9 months ago

So I need to move towards a diet that excludes dairy however goat cheese and goat milk ect are okay just no dairy fro...


GH1618 commented 8 months ago

Bitters & Tinctures: Digestive and other herbal types

by tokyotower 9 months ago

Is it safe to take bitters and tinctures while fasting? Do you like them? Any recommendations and tips?


hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago