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Special Diets

Share your thoughts on gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, allergy-specific, Paleo, raw, high-fiber, Weight Watchers, and strict low-carb diets, among others.

Weight Watchers Freestyle 2018

by pine time 1 month ago

I re-joined WW 11-17, 20+ pounds over goal (previously, was at Lifetime for 10 years). Re-reached goal by the end of...


magic commented 5 days ago

Patient food at UCLA Med Center

by dtm323 24 days ago

Have you been a patient at RRUCLA? Which menu selections are particularly good? I'm facing the horror of a 2 gram sod...

Borderbumble commented 8 days ago

Low sodium - do you get used to it?

by friedricefun 3 months ago

I'm home on break from college for the next few weeks and my mom, who's recently had some health problems, has been c...


dtm323 commented 8 days ago

Anyone Trying the New Diet from the Book Always Hungry

by delys77 2 years ago

Hey there My husband and I have recently read the book "Always Hungry?" by Dr. David Ludwig and we are thinking of...

ChristinaMason commented 12 days ago

Diabetic, Low Potassium Diet suggestions

by Diane in Bexley 10 years ago

A member of our family, who has diabetes, has just been diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease and now also has to li...


jimsueb commented 19 days ago

Egg Free Recipes, Low Carb.

by DavyLeo 24 days ago

Hey All. So after finding out about an egg allergy, yes even free range, organic, grass fed magical eggs ;( I have re...

Ttrockwood commented 23 days ago

No Salt, No Iron Diet

by dtm323 1 month ago

My doctors have me on a diet that, ideally, would have zero sodium and zero iron. Also no raw seafood of any kind, le...


dfrostnh commented 1 month ago

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Sweet sorghum flour

by sweetandsavory75 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between sweet sorghum flour and sorghum flour?

Chocolate and ice cream without vanilla - please help!

by jaina_rose 7 months ago

I just found out I am allergic to vanilla and that consuming vanilla has been causing a LOT of stomach issues for me....


shannonalexanderphotography commented 2 months ago

Gluten & Rice Free Baking Cookbook

by sweetandsavory75 2 months ago

Could anyone recommend a baking cookbook that is gluten and rice free? I have a cookbook from Elana's Pantry and lik...


sweetandsavory75 commented 2 months ago


by alex42 2 months ago

I’m on a specific diet but I’m a soda-holic unfortunately. So does anyone know where I can get soda without high fruc...


zackly commented 2 months ago

Best way to reset?

by vanessa7 2 months ago

Now that Christmas is over, I’m ready to get serious about my diet and goal of losing 30lbs this year (baby weight, h...


damiano commented 2 months ago

No Carb "snacks"

by King of Northern Blvd 5 years ago

My son was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am looking for snack ideas that he can eat without having to having to...


masha commented 2 months ago

Blood Type A non-secretor regime

by LindaRose 2 months ago

I have recently been suggested that I should follow the blood type diet as I have had health issues all my life. I'...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

No carb snacks for child

by HowlingWolf 3 years ago

Looking for some no carb or super low carb snack ideas for my 5 1/2 year old. My daughter was recently diagnosed with...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Low Oxalate Diet

by wintersweet 4 years ago

Anyone else on a low oxalate diet? I know that some people believe it to be a magical cure-all for all sorts of thing...


ltill commented 2 months ago

Gluten Free able to eat wheat in Italy. Better wheat there?

by pdxgastro 4 years ago

Hi Special Diet Hounds! I have a friend (friend #1) who is Gluten free and Dairy free. She in turn has a friend (fri...


ferret commented 3 months ago

Pie crust but without anything delicious

by socentury 3 months ago

Hey all! I've foolishly given myself the task of a pie for my family for Christmas, and I was hoping to do just one p...


CollectingRecipes commented 3 months ago

Desperate for make-ahead or easy prep real foods

by CollectingRecipes 6 months ago

Our household's dynamics is making for a difficult menu planning combination. We went to a dietitian actually offerin...


CollectingRecipes commented 3 months ago

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Straus Milk without Vitamin D is a godsend to those with Vitamin D Alergies

by MrHarleyDavidson 3 months ago

My wife and my sister are terribly alergic to Lanolin - from which most Vitamin D which is added to Milk is made. The...