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Rocco DiS' appliances

by Sarah 15 years ago

His toaster oven and immersion blender looked and sounded so good (and cheap, was on "special") on QVC yesterday. But of course they would. Does anyone have any of his appliances? Are they as fa...

Help me buy a blender

by rudykins 15 years ago

I'm overwhelmed with the choices! An old thread mentions the Waring Pro. Amazon.com customers either love it--or despise it. What's an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean blender that will handle all my coo...

Emile Henry ceramic cookware---anyone tried it? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by moto 15 years ago

Hello, there's been interest in cassoulet on several ch boards, and I remembered a NY Times blurb last year about a higher-test ceramic cookware from the Burgundian French maker Emile Henry, the li...

pizza stone cleaning

by Anne 15 years ago

Hi, I have a pizza stone that I got a long time ago. It came with a small plastic scraper that I have since lost, but I think my problem goes beyond that: I've been storing it on my oven floor due...

Buying Le Creuset at their outlets - prices not great

by MMRuth 15 years ago

I visited a Le Creuset outlet store this weekend for the first time, and was surprised that given that on this board people often recommend the outlet for good prices, the prices didn't seem great ...

Spending My Way Out of Toaster/Toaster Oven Hell

by Jim Leff 15 years ago

Oft have I recounted here my dismal record with toasters and toaster ovens. How does one even know that one loves toast, when one has never truly toasted? Yet I do. I do love toast, the noun. And I...

Blue Star Cooktop--anybody have an opinion?

by johnb 15 years ago

I am in the process of selecting a cooktop for my new house. The best one I've found appears to be the Blue Star, with its 22k btu burners. Does anyone have one of these?, and do you have any opi...

Dishwasher is ready to give up the ghost--I need advice

by La Dolce Vita 15 years ago

My dishwasher, a 9-year-old Maytag, is ready to quit. I need advice on a replacement. Here's my situation. I do a lot of cooking. On an average day, I run the dishwasher about 4 times. When I'm ...

Dansk cookware from the 1970s??? and Wilton Armetale??

by Erica 16 years ago

In preparation for my move, I am cleaning out my closets. In doing so, I found lots of unused cookware and serving prices from the mid-1970s, including lots of Magnalite, Wilton Armetale, and two...

Swiss Diamond Cookware

by MMRuth 15 years ago

First, I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday! I was in charge of cooking Christmas Eve dinner for 8 at my mother's. When confronted with the size of her pans, I decided that I needed ...

factory-reconditioned appliances/cookware from Amazon[Moved from Home Cooking]

by tobes 16 years ago

Just curious if anyone has had any experience with the factory-reconditioned kitchen appliances. Amazon has some great deals for mixers, blenders, le creuset, etc. Are they really as good as new?

excalibur non-stick cookware [Moved from Home Cooking Board]

by ctmom 16 years ago

a friend of mine, who doesn't do much cooking, was bragging about her pots and pans with the excalibur non-stick coating. Does anyone here use them and are they any good? She bought them off hsn ...

My 2 month old KitchenAid mixer broke, how's their cust. service?

by Gemma 17 years ago

I have used my nre KitchenAid stand mixer about 10 times total. I tried to grind meat in it for the first time last night when the motor just completely crapped out. I plan on calling them later to...

Best Kitchen-Aid Mixer?

by lb 17 years ago

I am going to get one and I heard there are lots of kinds. Someone told me the best one is the one that lifts back so you can move the bowl in and out easily. Is there any other aspects I should lo...

Where to purchase a molcajete in Brooklyn

by Lambretta76 18 years ago

Wanted to pick up a molcajete (mexican mortar and pestle) for the summer salsa season and would like to buy locally, preferrably in the Park Slope/Sunset Park latin neighborhoods. Anyone know of wh...

Lined copper pans

by Tom Meg 19 years ago

For years I've been perfectly content with my mismatched collection of cast iron, enameled cast iron, non-stick, and stainless steel surfaced cookware. But today I was seduced by a big beautiful c...

where to purchase a bbq grill

by Wendy Lai 19 years ago

I apologize if this is not really food releated. But I don't think the other board will help me since I need local help. Anybody know where I can go this weekend for some good deals on bbq grill...

Best Garlic Press?

by JugglerDave 19 years ago

I've been looking for a replacement garlic press for the one which has served me ably for almost 5 years. The one I just picked up at Fante's in south Philly, a place whose recommendations I usual...

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