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Rival Electric Roaster

by deltagirl 14 years ago

For health reasons I won't be able to use the gase oven at my parents' home for cooking the bird on Thanksgiving. I thought about bbq'ing the turkey in the Weber, which I've done before with grea...

Saeco Incanto Sirius questions

by InterFoodie 14 years ago

A friend of mine just bought a Saeco Incanto Sirius. The machine is automatic and does everything at the touch of a button. I have three questions: How does the quality of the coffee compare to ...

Edible beeswax

by azul 14 years ago

Does anyone know where in NYC I can find edible beeswax? I'm making cannele (declicious little French things) this weekend and need to find beeswax to grease the molds).

All-clad LTD vs Calphalon One

by MSK 14 years ago

I need a double griddle. Anyone have an opinion about the differences or benefits of either one?

Cutting noodles

by Candy 14 years ago

I am making turkey soup with homemade noodles for dinner tonight and instead of getting out my pasta machine and setting it up etc.etc. I used the rolling cutter that I have for herbs. It is a stai...

Induction Cooktops, anyone have one? Opinions Diva vs. Viking vs. ?????

by ptrefler 14 years ago

I can't have gas in my kitchen, I live in a condominium hi rise. I have read about and now tested one of the new induction cooktops and was amazed at how fast water boiled (about one minute in a t...

Titanium Kitchen Knives - Get It? Forget It!

by jerry i h 14 years ago

I bought one of those titanium kitchen knives from Boker(www.bokerusa.com). I tried to live with this thing for a few months; I declare this experiment to be complete, and I give thumbs down to thi...

Outdoor grills and tools?

by lillotis 14 years ago

Miving to our fist home and I really want to get husband a really nice outdoor grill? Any tips of recommendations? Also, want to get him nice set of outdoor grill utensils- was looking at sets at...

Le Creuset rusting- report back

by Rm33 14 years ago

I had a problem with some rusting on the uncoated part of my Dutch oven lid. I posted and got some responces and yeah, I know it's not a big deal but I decided to call customer service about it no...

Ricer with Holes on Sides and Bottom or Bottom Only? Or Just Use a Food Mill?

by ellaj 14 years ago

Have been reading ricer reviews and wonder if there are advantages to having holes on the sides as well as the bottom? One reviewer mentioned preferring no side holes but did not explain why. ...

Spatterware is "oven safe" But how hot can you go?

by BangorDin 14 years ago

Looking for pans of different shapes and sizes to bake bread, I see that enamelware and spatterware are advertised as oven-safe--but does that mean I can bake the Lahey 475 degree bread in a spatte...

No More Lodge Cast Iron at Bed Bath and Beyond?

optimal forager
by optimal forager 14 years ago

Last time I checked, BB&B carried Lodge, but it's no longer in my local BB&B and I couldn't find it on their website. Have all the stores stopped carrying it altogether? I was looking forward to ...

Grey le cruset sent back to Mfg.

by drobbia 14 years ago

Bought a 7.5 qt LC at the Tuesday Morning sale ($149.00) - love it and cooked using it for 5 nights strait. When washing up I noticed a small black dot in the middle of the pot - additional inspect...

my first oven pot

by david kaplan 14 years ago

In a rare fit of spontaneity, I'm inspired by Mark Bittman's NYT Minimalist article from Wednesday to try making bread at home. Since I'm primarily a stove-top cook, I don't have an oven-proof pot ...

New Pot in the House

by Tugboat 14 years ago

My wife picked up a sauce pan from a discount store. Le Creuset. I love Le Creuset. We own many other dutch oven type things from them. But this is the first thing I have owned from Le Creus...

kitchen gadgets at Circuit City

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 14 years ago

I was at Circuit City (the electronics chain) the other day, and noticed a section called "cool gadgets." They had several kitchen-related things, including a couple of different wine openers (batt...

Where to buy a cast iron pot in NYC

by Sabina_ 14 years ago

Hello, I want to buy a cast iron pot (7 quart) somewhere in Manhattan, or better yet in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Williamsburg whereabouts. Any ideas where I might get it? -Thanks

Knife Sharpening in the Bucks County, Pa/ Princeton, NJ area?

by SarahEats 14 years ago

I know this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know where I can get knives sharpened in the Bucks County, Pa. or Princeton, NJ area? My knives are getting dangerously dull and I don't think I...

Do you use a mezzaluna?

by Kagey 14 years ago

I was thinking of posting this on the "useless clutter" thread, but I'm not sure yet. I got a mezzaluna as a gift recently, and used it to chop some parsley and garlic. It worked ok, but I stil...

Pizzelle Iron

by Rosco 18 years ago

I want to put a Pizzelle Iron on my Christmas list and am wondering if anybody has suggestions about brands they have, like, don't like, etc...thanks

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