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New pots and pans - moderate budget

by Ace_Mclean 14 years ago

I need a new set of pots and pans. To be honest, we were fond of the set we have - but they're worn out. Don't laugh, but it's a pampered chef set that we got a good deal on for hosting one of th...

Do you have a 6qt plus size slow cooker/crockpot?

by opinionatedchef 14 years ago

this board got me all hot and bothered to buy a crockpot for the first time, but i only cook in large batches, so 6 qts or larger capacity is a must for me. i spent a bunch of time researching croc...

Knife Sharpening

by Tracicat 14 years ago

Looking for somewhere to get my knives sharpened in Orange County, California.

Kitchen Essentials

by finewineserver 14 years ago

My daughter is getting married next Fall & I would like to assemble a selection of items basic & essebtial for someone just starting out. I'm thinking of everything from extremely useful widgets o...

Advice for building a kitchen from scratch?

by Tonyjlive 14 years ago

My fiance and I bought a house here in Philadelphia and it is a real fixer upper. We are tearing down the current kichen and rebuilding it. The dimensions will be 8 1/2 ft. long by 14 ft. wide so i...

Knife Sharpening in NYC (Queens)

by pellegrino31 14 years ago

I live in Forest Hills and am wondering if there are any places nearby that sharpen knives. I have a car so going to another neighborhood in the area isn't a problem.

Steak Knives

by LindaWhit 14 years ago

It's time I replaced my Henckel steak knives from about 15-20 years ago. Their serrated edges are now tearing the meat vs. cutting them. So I figured this would be a good Christmas gift for a fam...

Electric Turkey Fryer -

by weinstein5 14 years ago

I helped my brother fry up the turkeys for thanksgiving - he had gotten rid of his propane fryer and had purchased a new electric fryer - reduce some of the risk (no open flames) but you still have...

Stand Mixers--are they worth it?

by chowser 14 years ago

I do a lot of baking but never (or rarely) make dough for bread and now with the no knead bread probably won't. I have a small kitchen and am happy with my little hand held kitchen aid mixer. Are ...

That Fox Run Turkey Lacer

by Candy 14 years ago

This thing really worked well. No string needed, Just insert and start turning like a cork screw. It really closed the cavity up snugly and I only pricked myself with it once. I got mine at Whole F...

No need for bread knife for no-knead bread?

by BangorDin 14 years ago

My crispy crust no-knead Lahey bread seems to cut more easily with just a very sharp knife, rather than a serrated bread knife. Is this something that everyone else has known all along? Are bread...

Terra Cotta Pots for Bittman-Lahey Bread

Father Kitchen
by Father Kitchen 14 years ago

I have baked in unglazed terra cotta flower pots in the past. Charel Scheele recommends terra cotta saucers and Elizabeth David gives a recipe for baking bread in an overturned terra cotta pot. If ...

electric smokers

by DQue 14 years ago

I am looking to buy a nice smoker. Have researched cook shack and just discovered smoking tex which seems to be about the same. I just can't find enough info to please my brain. Any comments abo...

stinky boo board

by tuborg_gron 14 years ago

carved the beautifully cooked and moist turkey on my new boo board yesterday... but in my hurry, forgot about the mineral oil pretreatment. now it's stained and stinky. tried hot water and so...

Great Deal on Cast Iron Skillets!

by davinagr 15 years ago

I went to the Ross Store near me today and they had really nice cast iron skillets in three sizes $4.99-6.99. Really great deal!

Kitchen Aid/Black Friday

by Kuisine 14 years ago

Hi guys, I don't know if anyone is looking for a Kitchen Aid for themselves or for a gift, but I was browsing Black Friday ads and thought this might be of interest: 1. Amazon is selling a 5...

What is the Best Slow Cooker? There seem to be so many for Christmas 2006

by ChowPup 14 years ago

My Aunt wants one for christmas and I wondered which brand is the best--normally I would purchase AllClad, but I am not sure that one is the best one. It seems to me I had read that a more generic...

Help me save a burned pot!

by mnosyne 14 years ago

Not having remembered to pull my head out of my [bleep!] this morning, I cooked poached eggs in my little six-well DeMeyere pot without first filling the pot with water! Compounding this, I set the...

Can good cookware sets be bought at Target?

by Diana 14 years ago

I'd like a good but not too expensive cookware set, and have some gift certificates to Target. I need a few sauciers, a good skillet or frying pan, a nice large dutch oven,maybe a pot or two in be...

Need a substitute for my electric crockpot!

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 14 years ago

Hi, I love my electric-powered slow cooker, but am looking for a gas-powered equivalent. Googling has been fruitless. I would like to switch to gas as it is a more natural source of power. First...

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