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Good CHEAP Pot?

by pikawicca 13 years ago

I'm teaching a young friend the basics of cooking (a real pleasure, by the way). Unfortunately, he has basically no money. I've equipped him with a commercial-grade non-stick frying/saute pan, bu...

Alton Brown's weird blender: L'Equip RPM

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 13 years ago

The other day I saw a Good Eats in which Alton Brown was using a strange-looking blender with a tachometer. Turns out to be the L'Equip Model 228 R.P.M.: 900 watt motor, 500 to 20,000 RPM, six-year...

Ergonomic cookware needed

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 13 years ago

I have tennis elbow in my dominant(left)arm and I've heard this might be an indefinite condition; if so, I'll need to replace my knives, cork screw and can opener. I am trying to use my right hand ...

how to clean brushes

mr mouther
by mr mouther 13 years ago

I've got several brushes that i use to put olive oil or bbq sauce or any number os liquids onto foodstuffs, and they're all dirty and feel like they've been dirty for years. the oil just doesn't co...

Asian cookware

by vwright22 13 years ago

Can anyone recommend good sources for Asian cookware, either online or in Boston area? Any recommendations for the best kind of wok?

Don't know what I'd do without my .......?

by fauchon 13 years ago

I love lots of cooking equipment but I don't know what I'd do without my electric kettle. Boils water super fast...& if you drink tea (as I do) it's not just a nice *extra* but a necessity... W...

Recommendations for Lightweight Chefs' Knives?

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 13 years ago

My mother needs to a new chef's knife, and she'd like to find something good that's fairly light in weight but not crazy expensive. The one she's had for thirty years or so and uses daily, but whic...

Best jar opener?

by TheGloaming 13 years ago

For ten years I relied on my now-ex to open jars for me. Now that I'm alone, I need to purchase a jar opener. Can you recommend any good ones? There are so many out there, all with very differen...

Best Stuff for Electric Stoves

by Lindalicious 13 years ago

What's the best cookware (brands) for electric stoves? My friend asked me a while back and I have no clue. I've got a gas stove (thank the LORD), but the poor guy's suffering with what will work ...

Jelly roll pan discolored

by milgwimper 13 years ago

Hi, I have a aluminum jelly roll pan from Chigao metallic and it is discolored with a grayish blue markings. The grayish stuff comes off my hands, and I can't get rid of the discoloration. Is t...

Chef Mate Carbon Steel Wok

by Michele4466 13 years ago

Based on a recent thread, my hubby and I decided to buy the chef mate wok. I started to season it, did the boiling water thing and then the first cooking oil step... During the heating process, th...

Best Multi-Taskers

by rainey 13 years ago

As Alton Brown says, why give kitchen space to anything that you're not going to be using regularly. As a reformed gadget whore who still has entirely too much crap taking up space and entirely to...

Any thoughts re:Cuisinart Griddler

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 13 years ago

I've read some old posts but being that there are new Chowhounds amoungst us I was wondering what the current opinion is. I have a George Foreman but it lacks in a lot of ways. I'd like to grill ch...

Parchment Paper or Silpat

by mabziegurl 13 years ago

Should I invest in a Silpat mat or stick with parchment paper? What is the benefits of one to the other, and the drawbacks?

Need new standing freezer. Manual or Automatic Defrost?

by AGM_Cape_Cod 13 years ago

I have had my freezer for longer than I have my husband (24 years) and now it is losing its seal. It is a manual defrost model. It currently has 5 gallons of homemade ice cream and sorbet in prepar...

Target enameled pots?

by Pei 13 years ago

Does anyone own one? I've decided I need a smaller enamel pot (I own a 9 qt Le Creuset), but can't afford a LC or Batali model. I saw one at Target and was thinking maybe others have tried? Othe...

The Blendor Fix!

by Candy 13 years ago

My Waring Blendor was leaking, the original gasket that came with it was worn out and cracked. No one in town had a replacement for Warings, just Osters. We checked on line and yeah we could get it...

Anolon Advanced 8-qt. Covered Pot

by shopgirl 13 years ago

Looking to buy one. Every time I catch Rachael Ray using hers on TV, it looks like such a good idea! Oval shaped, non-stick. Can be used for soups or sauces...and as she does, spaghetti on its s...

bakeware recommendations

by sheiladeedee 13 years ago

I need to get a couple of jelly roll pans and am wondering if the All-Clad bakeware is worth the price. I do a lot of baking around the holidays and my old aluminum pans are getting kind of grotty...

Deals on gas grills

by AmblerGirl 13 years ago

I'm starting to realize that I'll need to buy a new gas grill within the next year. What is the best time of year to find some good deals? Are there any stores or websites that offer the best dis...

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