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Jaccard use?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

I want to pierce holes in the raw rind of a pork roast before cooking it. A friend recommended that I get a Jaccard meat tenderizer. Is this the right tool for this use? Jaccard meat tenderize...

Cusinart Immersion Blender- When to Use Instead of Food Processor or KitchenAid or Blender?

by Canada Eats 13 years ago

I just received the Cuisinart Immersion Blender (with the whisk and chopper attachments). I'm smitten, but I've now got a kitchen with blender, food processor, KitchenAid, hand-held beaters, and wh...

Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachement-any tips?

by Diana 13 years ago

Got one for christmas. My first batch will be gigner vanilla frozen yogurt. I've already thickened the yogurt by hanging it in the butter muslin. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Help! (long)

by Lizard 14 years ago

I'm about to bite the bullet and order one. I have to order from Chefscatalog.com as I have $225 in gift certificates from them. I vaguely think that more wattage is supposedly better (but after ...

pizza stone questions

by Spencer 13 years ago

Santa brought me a pizza stone for Christmas. - Do they really make a difference in pizza taste? - Any handling tips such has cleaning it? - Think I read somewhere that you can just leave it i...

Honing Steel Basics

by Produce Addict 13 years ago

So in a quest to take better care of my knives, I bought a honing steel, just a cheap one <$10 from a restaurant supply store on the bowery (for future reference, of the stores I went to the one on...

Using foil to protect phenolic knobs on enameled cast iron?

by Vexorg 13 years ago

I just got new 3qt and 6qt enameled cast iron dutch ovens for Christmas (Lodge Color) and the first thing I want to try is the much discussed Lahey bread recipe, but I'm concerned about the heat be...

Santoku grip technique

by gordonw 13 years ago

Been reading all the nice threads about people's opinons on the Santoku style knives. Based on the the threads, I'm thinking about getting a Shun or Mac, but the one thing no one seems to have men...

Best Chowish Gift?

by Elizzie 13 years ago

I got the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer, plus one of those lime press things from Williams-Sonoma. Anyone else get any cool kitchen gear?

Oil dripping from the beater connection on my Kitchen Aid mixer...anyone else?

by Bean Counter 13 years ago

I made Dorie Greenspan's brioche dough in my Kitchen Aid Pro this weekend and oil dripped from the beater connection and some got in the bowl.:( Now...this was after about 10 minutes of kneading o...

Wrong Tool or Wrong Technique?

by JoanN 13 years ago

I have a small (3-1/2" diameter) mortar and pestle (marble? granite? not sure; bought it in Chinatown). Whenever I try to crush something it flies all over the place. Needed to do this this morning...

Copper in Toronto - where to buy?

by andreas 13 years ago

For this year's Christmas treat for myself I'd like to get a 11" (or thereabouts) copper saute pan. I went to Williams-Sonoma on Bloor but a: their sales staff was clueless (me: what are the handle...

Kitchenaid Advice QUESTION from a husband...

by Bemm0ns 13 years ago

Ok...here is the deal...I purchased the power plus today for $249 at target...they were out of the $199 regular kitchenaid or whatever that is! So my question is this... I just found the origin...

What to do with a wooden cutting board of unknown origin?

by Vexorg 13 years ago

One of the things thar came with my apartment was a wooden cutting board which is "built-in" to the cabinetry (not really, but it's obviously designed to be there). I've been there for over a year...

Turkey baster question -- the bane of my cooking life!

by crsommers 13 years ago

The ones with the glass tube -- the tips break off. Scary! The ones with a plastic tube -- they melt from a really hot roasting pan. The metal tube ones get so hot they melt the rubber bulb. ...

Electric mixers for baking - substantial difference?

by frenetica 13 years ago

Apologies if this is oft-discussed but I haven't been able to find an obviously relevant thread. I hate to bake, and have always resisted the urge to buy any kind of Kitchenaid mixer or even a s...

Good knife rec needed

by jcanncuk 13 years ago

Want to get the hubby an upgraded chef's knife for Xmas. We currenly have a so-so quality 8" Wustof from about 15 yrs ago that has got quite a few nicks and is staying sharp for less and less time...

Cleaning a DeLonghi deep fryer

by bdinah 13 years ago

Anyone know how I should clean the heating element of my DeLonghi deep fryer? The manual doesn't seem to cover that part.

Egg Stuck to a Stainless Steel Bowl

by Rick 13 years ago

I was trying out a new method of making scrambled eggs and I used a stainless steel mixing bowl over a pot of water for a make shift double boiler. The eggs turned out great, but now a day later I...

Kitchen Aid (6 quart) attachments question

by jennyc 13 years ago

I have about a five year old custom edition 6 quart kitchen aid standing mixer. I find that the wire whip and paddle attachments don't reach the sides or the bottom of the bowl which make it diffi...

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