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Worth paying for preseasoned cast iron?

by mtl to tor 13 years ago

Hi, I realize there was a similar thread recently, but my question is somewhat different. I would like to buy a new cast iron skillet, and while I've heard good things about Lodge preseasoned prod...

Cleaning gas grill

by mrsmegawatt 13 years ago

I saw an ad on tv for Pam where this guy was spraying the rack on his gas grill. It was as silver and clean as can be. I grilled some wonderful flank steak today and realized that mine was charred...

Best price on All clad Master chef pans?

by zinfanatic 13 years ago

Any great online places to get best price? Any time of year that these go on sale?

The Essential Freezer [Moved from Home Cooking]

Will Owen
by Will Owen 13 years ago

Okay - I have GOT to get a chest freezer, and this time I really mean it! My top-of-fridge thing is too full for its own good, and I really ought to be doing as you suggest, Niki. Thanks for lighti...

How many woks do you own?

by Candy 13 years ago

My DH suggested this and I told him to post it but have gone ahead with the question. How many do you own, what type and do you use them for more than Asian food? The question arose when I as...

How Big is Your Favorite Saucepan?

by Zool 13 years ago

I'm looking for the Perfect Saucepan, and I already know what kind I want--I think--but I don't really know what size I need! I'm one person, cooking mostly for myself, but occasionally for other, ...

Small Glass Covered Cook/Bakeware

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 13 years ago

I lost the cover to one of my small Pyrex pieces. I was looking to replace the entire piece but there seems to be nothing comperable out there - especially with Pyrex who now thoughtfully includes...

Great deal on Shun Classic Santoku

by gordon wing 13 years ago

On eBay there is a new in the box Shun Classic Santoku on sale / no bid for $62.99 - that is a very good price. $107 seems to be the best price otherwise. There is a $19.99 Fed X charge but ...

BBQ Smoker Alert!

by amoncada 13 years ago

Hello fellow barbacue enthusiasts. I need to buy a decent smoker fast. I don't want a starter one or a $20,000 smoker. Found out that I'm gluten intolerant (otherwise known as Celiac disease-can...

Response to BBQ Smoker Alert!

by amoncada 13 years ago

Goodbye big honkin Weber Gas Grill with the dedicated gas line and hello Big Green Egg! Well actually, I grilled on two Weber charcoal grills as well. Yep, after years of switching off between th...

Ice Creme Maker suggestions

by gtrekker2003 13 years ago

Hi! I'm interested in buying an ice creme maker, one that can make ice creme, sorbets, and frozen yoghurts. This is a spur of the moment interest after asking whether ice creme can easily be mad...

salad spinners

by cheryl_h 13 years ago

My trusty salad spinner just hit the dust. I need to get a replacement and quickly. Are there any I should look for or avoid? Or are they all pretty much the same. My only requirement is th...

Is My LC Dutch Oven Ruined?

by personalcheffie 13 years ago

My Le Creuset Dutch oven has hard caked on black burnt stuff that I cannot get off, even with cleanser. Does anyone have any recommendations for removing this? I've scrubbed as hard as I can, use...

IKEA's Enameled Cast Ironware... any good? [moved from Home Cooking]

by Chowsmurf 13 years ago

I already have a lovely smurf blue Le Creuset dutch oven that my friends got me for my last birthday... And a Lodge cast iron skillet and grill pan. But darned if the IKEA stuff (in the 2007 catal...

Outdoor grills... charcoal vs. gas?

by JessicaSophia 13 years ago

(I hope there hasn't already been a thread on this topic... I did a cursory search and didn't find one!) My husband and I are on the market for our first grill (it's the first time we've actuall...

Microplane Questions

by rebekah 13 years ago

I'm a novice :) but I do know how great a Microplane is. I'm not asking for people to convince me that I need one-I've already decided, but I do have questions about which of their lines (and sizes...

Does anyone have a thermometer whisk?

Katie Nell
by Katie Nell 13 years ago

Like the one here: http://shop.bakerscatalogue.com/detail.jsp;jsessionid=08301702101153255264401?id=8486&pv=1153255264648 Does it work well? And do you like it or find it unnecessary?

Extralife for Produce [moved from General Topics board]

by mabziegurl 13 years ago

This is supposed to prolong your produce storage. Has anyone ever used it? Reviews? Thoughts? http://www.dennisgreenltd.com/ExtraLife_FAQs.asp

30th Birthday Gift for a Man Who Loves to Cook - Le Creuset?

by missykins 13 years ago

What piece of Le Creuset would you think would be a good birthday gift - I don't know much about his kitchen, but assuming that he has some already - which is a piece that anyone would love to have?

Wanted: Remote Digital Thermometer Probe

Carrie 218
by Carrie 218 13 years ago

I've been searching around the 'net for some time -- reading reviews and whatnot. I brew beer, make cheese, and will probably use it for general meat roasting. I like the idea that I get a *beep* o...

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