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Which vacuum sealer should I buy?

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 13 years ago

I used to have a Tilia which worked fine, but stopped sealing after using it for one year. I'm looking for another one, but am wondering if I should look into a commercial one after the sealing pro...

Le Creuset Deal--Worth finding old ones

by KaraM. 13 years ago

A former roomate left behind a 2qt Le Creuset dutch oven with the enamel nearly burned completly off the bottom. I'm sure whoever used it didn't know it was an excellent heat conducter and just bla...

question re. buying a stand mixer

by Phill 13 years ago

Hello and greetings. I'm new to this site and would like to ask re. what standmixer they might recommend for mixing heavy batters for baking and what wattage would be appropriate? Thanks for your s...

Question about fondue pot

by LCarroll 13 years ago

Not sure if this is the right area to post my question. I received a non-electric fondue pot but it didnt have any instructions. I just need to know what to use to keep fondue hot after I make the...

Best purchase you made last year - who knew

by chezlamere 13 years ago

George foreman grill. Hands down the best thing I bought last year. Didn't turn my barbeque on all summer. Asparagus to die for, marinated meat of any kind. I couldn't believe how good a pork chop...

bought used Circulon

iL Divo
by iL Divo 13 years ago

For any and all foodies out there, just be on the lookout. For me, I can't refuse a deal/bargain/great catch/great find. I was in the Los Angeles area getting my passport renewed. Since I live s...

A form or mold for thin, uniform crackers?

by replay 13 years ago

Is there such a thing as a form or mold for making uniform crackers? I thought about using a tortilla press but I thought that would be too thin. The problem is that I am making crackers with a...

Funniest knife set ever

by Pei 13 years ago

There are a lot of requests for best knife on this board, but no one ever asks about the funniest knife set around: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/86dd/ It's perfect for those of us...

Gonna Buy a FoodSaver... Which one?

by lunchbox 13 years ago

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this subject before- your posts have helped me make up my mind to buy a vacuum-saving device and I have done some research on my own about...

Cast iron pan on glass top ceramic range top?

by Diane in Bexley 13 years ago

I have read several recent threads that make me want to break out some cast iron frying pans I stored 6 years ago when I bought my glass top range. At that time, I was told not to use the cast iron...

True Confessions...utensils/cookware you can't get rid of

by Mermazon 13 years ago

What made me think of this topic was when recently I was helping a good pal in her kitchen and she pulled our her favorite mixing spoon. It was about 15 years old and half the spoon part was burned...

Anyone looking for a great mandoline?

by IndyGirl 13 years ago

I just saw one in Costco for $40. Gorgeous. Of course I picked it up. Just thought others might want to know.

Food Saver and reheating. Plastic hysterics don't bother to read or reply.

by Candy 13 years ago

Made a gorgeous rib roast for Christmas. Took what was left off of the bones and sealed both individuallly with my Food Saver and froze. Last night I got a pan of water simmering and droppped the l...

Pierrade cooking

by gritsandhardtoast 13 years ago

After reading the article in the Times food section this past Wednesday, I'd like to try cooking on slate, but I don't have a fireplace (Brooklyn apartment...). Can anyone recommend a pierrade appl...

How do you present sea salt/kosher salt at the table?

by IndyGirl 13 years ago

I have started using random small dishes I own (I have a set of very old vintage cordial glasses from my grandmother that are all uniquely-shaped) as salt cellars. but I'm wondering...do they still...

Copper pan warped?

by ziggylu 13 years ago

I have 12" copper skillet I picked up this summer. It's a Sur La Table piece made by Mauviel. 1.5mm copper with stainless steel interior. It's a HEAVY pan and I've been pleased with how it's p...

Meat Thermometers---Need Help

by HAF 13 years ago

I have one of those meat therms. with a rod (maybe 5 in.?) that you stick into the meat, and then connect the rod with a wire to a device that sits on the counter and gives you the current meat tem...

Buffalo Trace Cheese Server?

by aes03 13 years ago

Greetings. My sister in law recently moved back to Pennsylvania from Kentucky, to be closer to family after a tragedy. She brought with her as a remembrance of the years spent there a glass chees...

Getting the smell out of silicon spatulas?

by coolbean98 13 years ago

Does anyone know how to get smells out of silicon spatulas? I love mine but after making some Moroccan food and chili last week I can't get the smell of cumin out of it even after multiple scrubbin...

chef's squirt bottles (with caps!) ?

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

Like the chefs use to decorate a plate with sauces. The only ones I can find have no caps. Need caps. Source?

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