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small pasta machines

by pinstripeprincess 12 years ago

can anyone suggest a small pasta roller? i've never tried searching for one and have resorted to using a rolling pin ...


kevine commented 12 years ago

Sitram Profiserie Cookware?

by Spot 12 years ago

Shopping for some newlyweds. Amazon's selling an 11 piece set of Sitram Profiserie cookware for $130, which seems lik...


MikeG commented 12 years ago

Microwave Oven Recommendations

by Laura D. 12 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm moving into my first apartment and need to purchase a microwave oven. However, I'm not sure what to...


Laura D. commented 12 years ago

margaritaville drink maker?

by nickbobo 12 years ago

Saw it on the Frontgate catalogue. Says it shaves the ice really well, then mixes. $300 but looks like it might act...


nooodles commented 12 years ago

What's a cazador - and how do you use it?

by HowardL 12 years ago

On my "to do" list I found an old notation -- "go to Newark and buy a cazador". When, and why, I wrote that down is n...


FlyFish commented 12 years ago

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Villaware sear tops?

by rexmo 12 years ago

Looking for some of these. Anyone know where to find a deal on Villa Ware sear tops?

I'd like to buy a mandoline

by Marsha 12 years ago

Any tips on buying a mandoline for slicing thin potatoes? Price range, sources, what to look for? Thank you.


John commented 12 years ago

Help my find this great gadget

by D-NY 12 years ago

At one point I bought a green disc that you place in the vegetable bin which keeps your veggies fresh longer (kind of...


D-NY commented 12 years ago

Krup's Juice Extractor?

by Katie Nell 12 years ago

I'm thinking about getting my dad a juicer for Father's Day. I found this Krup's model on Crate & Barrel, and it's r...


dragonfly commented 12 years ago

looking for electric food slicer

by cheryl 12 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for an electric slicer? We cured our own ham which turned out well but really nee...


Bob Martinez commented 12 years ago

Yay - I found my mom's juicer!

by Caitlin McGrath 13 years ago

I grew up using the citrus juicer my mother's probably had for 40 years now, and for quite a few years, I've been cov...


Caitlin McGrath commented 12 years ago

Creme Brulee Torches

by vf 12 years ago

Now this may be a silly question...I'm looking to buy a creme brulee torch. There is a big difference in prices, but...


vf commented 12 years ago

Buying an immersion(stick) blender for soup- Which brand is best?

by Hope 12 years ago

Recognize it will be easier to puree with this tool but want to buy a reliable one. Which ones are good and which one...


jdherbert commented 12 years ago

spice rack

by willow 12 years ago

I want one. A large, wood rack that I can mount on a wall. I have had it with scrounging through my cabinet groping...


JoanN commented 12 years ago

Disposable souffle container ideas?

by nooodles 12 years ago

What can I use? I don't want to buy 12 ramekins, and I'd rather have little souffles for presentation and logistic...


theSauce commented 12 years ago

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carbon steel wok

by arifa 12 years ago

i see lots of posts about seasoning and caring for cast iron, but i don't see too many about carbon steel woks. i f...

ruined cast iron

by monica 12 years ago

some good tips were listed on a thread below on how to care for cast iron - i had a roommate ruin my griddle - its...


Jef commented 12 years ago

Cast Iron Pan

by Zephyr 12 years ago

My cast iron pan, which I use a lot (and so figure it should be conditioned) has spots which always need to be o...


gypsy commented 12 years ago

counterop convection oven

by Redbone 12 years ago

Looking for a convection big enough to be functional (a tart, a pizza, a small roast). No AC, tired of doing all my ...


LT from LF commented 12 years ago

Non reactive pots?

by otrphilly 12 years ago

Is Le Creuset non reactive? what about a stainless that is nonstick? what happens if you use the wrong kind- why do c...


MikeG commented 12 years ago

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