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Need a Waffle Iron Rec

by sivyaleah 13 years ago

Yesterday I was reminded while watching Alton Brown reruns that I have lost/misplaced my waffle iron through various moves. Doesn't matter, I never liked the one I had anyway. So, now I'm on a ...

KitchenAid Rotor Slicer & Shredder attachment: Recommend? When do you use them?

by FoodFuser 12 years ago

I passed on these at a thrift store a while back, and have been wondering if there are some tasks for which one of the four discs are perfectly suited. If you already have a mandoline and food pro...

Right now -- refurbished Kitchenaid mixer for $100 on Amazon

by Pupster 12 years ago

http://www.amazon.com/Factory-Reconditioned-KitchenAid-RRK5AWH-5-Quart-Mixer/dp/B00005B5ZZ/ref=pd_ts_c_th_2/104-8877941-8505547?ie=UTF8 Refurbished,only in white. $124.99 which is just under the...

A Meditation on Tupperware

by Slow Foodie 12 years ago

I can’t stop looking at the Tupperware cupboard. Kitchen cleaning and organization was a part of my Yom Kippur prescription for myself and my cupboard is a masterpiece. I also got rid of a pile o...

Flat pronged double skewers

by Pate 12 years ago

I could have sworn I read in Cooks Illustrated a review of kebab skewers where they recommended a type of double-pronged, flat pronged skewers that were good because the food doesn't rotate and is ...

All Clad HU

by RichardM 12 years ago

I know a lot of people feel All Clad is expensive (overpriced?) but incase you are interested Williams-Sonoma has the 4 quart Saute Pan bundled with a splatter screen at quite good price (relativel...

Dansk Graves cookware?

by bxgirl 12 years ago

Any thoughts on, or experiences with the Michael Graves line of cast iron, enamel cookware by Dansk? I understand that it is definitely NOT Le Creuset, but is it decent and reliable? Any thoughts ...


by TCB 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a Canadian glassware manufacturer? Not someone who does small custom orders but a company that can do large orders (ie. 5000 glasses) Thanks for any help

Seeking Info On Blue Star Cooktop [Moved from Not About Food]

by micki 13 years ago

Niki, can you please give more information about the Blue Star cooktop. I've never heard of the brand. I'm thinking Viking, Wolf..all the likely suspects. Why Blue Star? Which model did you buy? Co...

is my aluminum mixing bowl safe?

by missmasala 12 years ago

I have a very old kichen-aid mixer that is from a garage sale. the bowl is aluminum and sometimes rusts a little at the bottom. lately i have been using the mixer--and the bowl--a lot to make br...

portuguese cooking equipment [moved from Home Cooking]

by hlbones 12 years ago

A while ago I saw reference (somewhere) to a Portuguese pottery cooking pan, which seemed to me to be something like the bottom of a Moroccan tagine; a source to get one was a store over lin New Je...

Great Value in Cookware

by johnb 12 years ago

For any of you who have access to a Restaurant Depot or know someone who does (it's only open to those in the trade who can show a tax number) they are currently carrying a line of Winco stainless ...

Deep saute pan (large)

by shopgirl 12 years ago

Looking for a deep saute pan for braising. A fry pan, basically, but with straight edges and a domed lid. I seem to find only 12" and no larger. I have fry pans that are 14" and suit our family ...

AeroPress - anyone tried it?

by Caitlin McGrath 13 years ago

I'm sure this is old news on dedicated coffee message boards, which I don't read, but I just learned of the AeroPress in an article in the San Jose Mercury News (see URL at the bottom of this post;...

NY Times Article Ranking Ice Cream Makers with Compressors

by Ingrid Ingrid 12 years ago

Hi Chowhounds - NYT came out with an article ranking ice cream makers with compressors a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, it is now archived and I must pay to get a copy. Does anyone have the...

Help me boil water (really)

by BabyLitigator 12 years ago

I moved about a week ago, and finally tried out my new stove (in a rental unit). It's gas, but the biggest burner boils the right amount of water for past far more slowly (read 20 minutes +) than ...

Slicers: Borner vs. Benriner

by dippedberry 12 years ago

I'm shopping around for a mandoline-type slicer and I have pretty much heard such great things about the Super Benriner, the inexpensive Japanese-style slicer, that I had decided to get it. But I j...

Mango Pitter

by Dave Feldman 13 years ago

The Wednesday New York Times featured an Oxo device that de-pitted mangoes, not dissimilar from contraptions that separate the core of an apple. Has anyone used it? Any feedback?

Help me not to hate my cast iron cookware

by cook2day 12 years ago

I was just reading posts about cast iron cookware. I bought three skillets of varying sizes and have used them about one hundred times and I hate them. They stick all the time and I have seasoned...

need new roasting pan

by cake 12 years ago

What is the best roasting pan to get? Need one for roasting rib roast or turkey or filet mignon, etc. What are the pros and cons of different materials? Which is best??

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