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An open note to refrigerator manufacturers... [moved from Home Cooking]

by Dylan 12 years ago

Well, there are a few things that drive me crazy about residential refrigerators. Nothing seems to be changing so I t...

NYchowcook commented 11 years ago

Kitchenaid Woes

by axesbowledaslove 11 years ago

Melodramatic title notwithstanding, here's what's happening with our Kitchenaid mixer. We were given an "Artisan" for...


rainey commented 11 years ago

Staub La Cocotte vs a crockpot

by BangorDin 11 years ago

If I have a crockpot, do I need a different pot for braising? I think a long slow simmer is accomplished by both, ri...

Candy commented 11 years ago

palm peeler

by Pat Hammond 11 years ago

My sister sent me this nifty little peeler, and I had to try it right away. It works great. Just slip your middle f...

Pat Hammond commented 11 years ago

Meat Thermometer vs. Probe Thermometer

by ozzygee 11 years ago

I need a good thermometer for cooking roasts (especially with the holidays coming up) and I am torn between getting a...


oarnura commented 11 years ago

Need suggestions on organizing my cooking utensils

by La Dolce Vita 11 years ago

As I've become more adept at cooking, I've amassed a collection of utensils. I don't just have a few silicone scraper...

LindaWhit commented 11 years ago

Need a Waffle Iron Rec

by sivyaleah 11 years ago

Yesterday I was reminded while watching Alton Brown reruns that I have lost/misplaced my waffle iron through various ...


maureen commented 11 years ago

KitchenAid Rotor Slicer & Shredder attachment: Recommend? When do you use them?

by FoodFuser 11 years ago

I passed on these at a thrift store a while back, and have been wondering if there are some tasks for which one of th...

Chocolatechipkt commented 11 years ago

Right now -- refurbished Kitchenaid mixer for $100 on Amazon

by Pupster 11 years ago


seriph commented 11 years ago

A Meditation on Tupperware

by Slow Foodie 11 years ago

I can’t stop looking at the Tupperware cupboard. Kitchen cleaning and organization was a part of my Yom Kippur presc...


rainey commented 11 years ago

Flat pronged double skewers

by Pate 11 years ago

I could have sworn I read in Cooks Illustrated a review of kebab skewers where they recommended a type of double-pron...

LindaWhit commented 11 years ago

All Clad HU

by RichardM 11 years ago

I know a lot of people feel All Clad is expensive (overpriced?) but incase you are interested Williams-Sonoma has the...


RichardM commented 11 years ago

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Dansk Graves cookware?

by bxgirl 11 years ago

Any thoughts on, or experiences with the Michael Graves line of cast iron, enamel cookware by Dansk? I understand tha...

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by TCB 11 years ago

Does anyone know of a Canadian glassware manufacturer? Not someone who does small custom orders but a company that c...

Seeking Info On Blue Star Cooktop [Moved from Not About Food]

by micki 11 years ago

Niki, can you please give more information about the Blue Star cooktop. I've never heard of the brand. I'm thinking V...

ted commented 11 years ago

is my aluminum mixing bowl safe?

by missmasala 11 years ago

I have a very old kichen-aid mixer that is from a garage sale. the bowl is aluminum and sometimes rusts a little at t...


Kelli2006 commented 11 years ago

portuguese cooking equipment [moved from Home Cooking]

by hlbones 11 years ago

A while ago I saw reference (somewhere) to a Portuguese pottery cooking pan, which seemed to me to be something like ...

PBSF commented 11 years ago

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Great Value in Cookware

by johnb 11 years ago

For any of you who have access to a Restaurant Depot or know someone who does (it's only open to those in the trade w...

Deep saute pan (large)

by shopgirl 11 years ago

Looking for a deep saute pan for braising. A fry pan, basically, but with straight edges and a domed lid. I seem to...


shopgirl commented 11 years ago

AeroPress - anyone tried it?

by Caitlin McGrath 12 years ago

I'm sure this is old news on dedicated coffee message boards, which I don't read, but I just learned of the AeroPress...

SteveTimko commented 11 years ago

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