Offer advice on cookware, appliances, and kitchen gadgets, including knives, blenders, rice cookers, frying pans, toaster ovens, and roasting pans.

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What appliances, cookware, and tools do you love to use?

by drrayeye 12 days ago

Unlike commercial facilities, home kitchens can be personal as well as practical. Here are some things I love in mine: Small appliances: Vollrath mirage portable induction unit with elabor...

How to resurface a plastic cutting board

by VFish 10 days ago

Okay, so I want to smooth out the surface of a couple of my cutting boards. We do not have a planer or some such. My husband set me to task with an 80 grit sander. It has worked some, but now I'...

Electric tea kettle recs?

by MonicaMadeIt 8 months ago

Any positive or negative recommendations on electric tea kettles? Here's why we need one: My husband and daughter love tea (not I), and make it by boiling water in a pint glass in the microwave...

Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

by zackly 12 days ago

I see on my Facebook page advertisements for Ooni pizza ovens. Chowhound gave one away in a promotion awhile back. Anyone have any experience using this brand or any others? I would only buy a mode...

Help me find baking (half sheet) pans that do not warp

by kimeats 8 years ago

Exactly what the title says. I've tried various types and thicknesses from the restaurant supply store as well as brand name manufacturers. They seem to all warp, even the thickest ones. Is the...

Insight on misc. cookware items

by VFish 16 days ago

Hi, I have been coming across some things that I was wondering "if the same five people" might be able to shed some light for its purpose. First up is this pot that has a rack inside, but I am w...

Advice on Wusthof Classic Ikon knives

by RickBehl 11 days ago

Hi, Would anyone have any advice about the Wusthof Classic Ikon knife set? I am a serious foodie who loves to cook and am looking for a good value set which will last me for a good few years. M...

ISO of The Magic Quartz, or something like it.

by foodluvngal 14 years ago

Back in the late 1970's, my parents had a counter-top broiler called "The Magic Quartz." It was a simple broiler with a rectangular quartz heating element on top and an adjustable tray beneath it. ...

Garage sale Revereware skillets

by Nyleve 14 days ago

So I picked up 3 skillets at a garage sale yesterday for $5. Very heavy copper bottom Revereware - two 12-inch with glass lids and one 10 inch without a lid. I haven’t been able to find anything li...

Legit Dehillerin?

by justin89k 1 month ago

I just landed my first job post graduate school and I'm finally making big boy money. I'm looking to reward myself with a piece of cookware and wanted to get the opinions of some of the copper houn...

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 2 years ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

Falk Copper Lid Polishing Issue

by lisinka1 16 days ago

I have several Falk 2.5mm pieces and I have never encountered this issue with any piece other than this one. I cannot get one of the lids to go from the orange patina/oxidation back to its origina...

Why Does Boiling Water in Oven Take Higher Temperature Than Stove?

by westes 1 month ago

I am boiling water in a decent quality saucepan that is three-ply, with thick sidewalls. The pan will bring water to boil on a low-end induction plate set to 275F. But if I put the same pan wit...

Rival model #4356 Rice Cooker/steamer

by dav936 8 years ago

I have an older Rival cooker that I've lost the instruction book for. Does anyone know where to find instruction books online for older Rival equipment?? dave

Berkeley's Three Stone Hearth needs its Mason jars back

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley that prides itself on sustainable packaging for its food products has put out another call to try to get its Mason jars back and refund customer deposits. The nationa...

Tell me about your kitchen utility knives

by drrayeye 21 days ago

The biggest difference between the pros, and home cooks like me is that we use utility knives--and they don't: at least, not on the job. I probably use my utility knives for more than half of m...

COVENTRY COPPER cookware to buy....

by NORMNESS 9 months ago

I'm looking to BUY a "Coventry Copper" pan and pot...used or new?

Michael Symon's Copper

by kaleokahu 20 days ago

So, yesterday Wahine was streaming a show (I think it was Symon's "Cooking Out"), and I saw him using a bimetal copper saucepan on his Weber grill. He didn't say it needed insulated sidewalls. Th...