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Thiers Issard cleaver vs CCK

by bloodboy 9 days ago

From what I've read, CCK seems to be the best for cleavers and TI produces very good knives but I haven't seen any threads here discussing Thiers Issard (TI) cleavers. So, I was wondering would you...

Favorite curved sauce pan

by SognSpatula 11 days ago

I'm looking for a curved sauce pan in the 2.5 qt range. Do you have a favorite to recommend? I realize they're called all sorts of things, but the two I have my eye on are the Demeyere Conical ...

KitchenAid ice cream attachment

by hollerhither 12 years ago

Just bought the ice cream maker attachment for the Artisan mixer (which is also new). Has anyone had trouble fitting the plastic piece (what the churn rests on) over the mixer housing? I seem to ...

Bamix Swiss in USA

by bloodboy 11 days ago

https://www.chowhound.com/post/explanation-bamix-models-766794 I've been reading up on the best Immersion Blender and it comes down to Waring and Bamix. The Waring blender is now MIC but Bamix i...

Brandani Cast Iron Pan

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Found at TJ Maxx, wondering if anyone has any input on use, performance and care. Thanks!

My Silicone Baking Mat Is Greasy, Part 2

by sbbodcderf 3 months ago

This subject has been discussed before. I purchased some AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mats. They work fine so far, but cleaning them is an annoying chore. I do a thorough job with dish soap,...

LG refrigerator: How do you get the glass shelf out of the metal frame?

coney with everything
by coney with everything 8 years ago

We have a not very old LG French door fridge (model 20512), and I'm trying to clean the glass shelves. It appears that the glass is not easily removed from the metal frame...the owner's manual is o...

Best searing pan - Falk 2.5 copper VS De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel

by CHSeifert 20 days ago

What do you copper and carbon steel experts prefer to sear a large juicy rib eye steak in? Falk 2.5 stainless steel lined copper or De Buyer Mineral B thick carbon steel? Please state why you...

Origins of Manufacture. Do you care?

by FlamBay 4 months ago

I got into a debate with a friend of mine who is an engineer and an ardent fan of Falk Copper. In the debate I referenced All-Clad because I thought the Tri-ply would suit his copper conductivity ...

Veggie Steamer

by penrichardson 1 month ago

I am wanting to steam small amounts of veggies. I have a couple of older pots (Revere Ware Copper Bottom 2 and 3 qt. ), that boil water pretty quickly. I found several stainless steel steamer ins...

Chef jacket from crookedbrook.com?

by bloodboy 12 days ago

Does anyone have any experience with this company? I am looking to purchase a complete uniform with them (jacket, pants, and apron) and was attracted to the fact that they are the only company I ca...

Everything I make taste Like ....crockpot...

by jefpen2 6 years ago

Crockpot. Maybe I have an old one. Maybe it's broken. It's just seems like it tastes...metallic .. tinny.. I'm just not sure. I want to love this technology, just like all the others. Do I need a ...

Wok still sticking?

by leeh88 2 years ago

Hello, I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice, this question has probably been asked a 100 times in the past, and If so apologies in advance. I recently purchased a 14 inch uncoat...

What is happening with this cast iron pan?

by JohnTalbotWannabe 4 months ago

I've been using this cast iron pan for about a half decade, and multiple times a week, almost primarily for meat. Cleaning of this is limited to giving it a very fast rinse with hot water right af...

Wok on an Electric stove

by TomBenson 4 months ago

Anyone have any hints? I hesitate to go out and buy a flat bottomed wok but even with a ring my wok is hard to keep level while I am cooking.

It Is Impossible to Find a Functional Stainless Steel Steamer Basket.

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 7 years ago

It's time for my every-other-decade replacement of my stainless steel steamer basket. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a Progressive steamer basket for about $8. As I took it out of the ...

Immersion Blender Miniature?

by BUDWIG 5 years ago

Im looking for a miniature immersion blender for very small batches of mixing. The typical kitchen immersion blender is just too big and cumbersome. Im trying to emulsify small batches of about 6 ...

Best boning knife (ability to sharpen?)

by bloodboy 14 days ago

I'm looking to add some more knives to my niece's collection. I seem to recall her mentioning a boning knife in passing one day so I am looking for the best one available. Currently, she has this o...

Cast iron problems!

by Chandler114 14 days ago

Alright, long story short. I'm stupid. I was making Salmon, (an orange, honey, garlic salmon) Baked in the oven, in a cast iron comal at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Pulled out of oven and GOOD L...

A Copper Artisan’s “Rememberance of things Past”

by alexrander 18 days ago

I found this delightful story while browsing internet images. I was intrigued with the photo of what was likely a thin copper pot simmering with an aluminum plate beneath it, as a sort of heat tame...