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Anolon Nouvelle Copper--Anyone Know What's Inside?

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

Hi, All: Saw this line advertised in a magazine last week.


Angelus2013 commented 5 days ago

Stacked Pyrex stuck

by pyrofemme 11 years ago

I have two 2-cup/1pt Pyrex measuring cups that were stacked on top of each other and now are stuck together. I've tr...


seefoo commented 5 days ago

le creuset vs Riess?

by razz90 7 years ago

So basically i burnt the bottom of my 24cm le creuset casserole, and left it with my mum who scrubbed at it (with ste...


kaleokahu commented 5 days ago

New gas range recommendations?

by anyam 13 days ago

I’m remodeling my kitchen and need recommendation on good gas range, looking for great simmer and high heat range of ...


mobiledynamics commented 6 days ago

What are the cooking temperatures of your slow cooker?

by Hank Hanover 8 years ago

I have a Rival slow cooker. I was rather shocked to find out that the difference between high and low is the time it ...


poodleglue commented 6 days ago

My Tramontina Triply has a very thin aluminum layer

by Hawashingtonian 2 months ago

I noticed from the pot rims that my 3 tramontina tri-ply pieces (Walmart) seem to have a thick outer stainless steel ...


Hawashingtonian commented 6 days ago

Caramelize an onion in carbon steel to help quickly build up seasoning...

by Tereleczek 7 days ago

"I've been told that Chinese cooks just caramelize an onion in their woks to help build up seasoning fast. The sulphu...


kaleokahu commented 6 days ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Electric Slicer

by dcrb 7 days ago

While not a piece of cookware (any more than a knife is) I do use an electric Rival slicer that is decades old. And ...

Viking stove oven problems??

by OCEllen 11 years ago

Has anyone else experianced problems with their Viking stove oven 'preheating'? The rods heat up and glow but the ...


AmyPS commented 7 days ago

Heat Tolerance of Parchment Paper

by Velda Mae 8 years ago

I have a roll of Wilton parchment paper that says it's safe up to 400 degrees. Does anyone know what happens to the p...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 7 days ago

New (to me) Omelet Pan--Who Woulda Thunk It?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

So there I was, wasting time on eBay, and I see this thick aluminum omelette pan. I mean T-H-I-C-K, even thicker tha...


MacGuffin commented 7 days ago

32CM - Manf. will create what the market will bear

by mobiledynamics 5 months ago

I suppose anything heavier, higher, larger than a 32M skillet in shape can get a -tad- heavy. Just blurbing outlou...


MacGuffin commented 7 days ago

Kotai hibachi vs Lodge Sportsman (or both?)

by bloodboy 9 days ago


rasputina commented 7 days ago

Never Break skillet

by tcamp 8 days ago

Can anyone provide some history on this steel item? The picture is a rando from the internet - the skillet I picked u...


alexrander commented 8 days ago

Sale on Hestan Skillet

by ReeseLee 10 days ago

Just in time for holiday entertaining. NanoBond's 11" skillet on sale until December 31, 2018. Savings of $80.00, shi...


gooster commented 8 days ago

Water filter

by EmmaJoyce 4 months ago

Hi guys, I need some help with finding the best way to install a water filter in my kitchen. I got recommendations...


OliverTwist77 commented 8 days ago

Blender that will pulverize Frozen Coconut Chunks

by bmorecupcake 6 months ago

A few years ago, I remember reading a recommendation for a blender that would perfectly blend frozen coconut chunks (...


NDbaker commented 8 days ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware vs. Duparquet

by Politiceaux 14 days ago

All, I'm considering one of the above for a christmas gift - likely a saute. Both seem to be very fine pieces of cook...


Hiracer commented 8 days ago

Pillivuyt Bakeware

by penrichardson 14 days ago

I am looking at buying a couple of new pieces of bakeware, primarily for casseroles and was looking at the Pillivuyt,...


GH1618 commented 8 days ago

Cleaning Grime on a CU Tin

by mobiledynamics 10 days ago

The Scum Line that develops on the interior of a pot when making stock. On SS, I don't even bother soaking. A little...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 9 days ago