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Stainless Steel and Stockpots

by penrichardson 7 days ago

I have started replacing my old cookware with Demeyre 5 Plus. I need a new stockpot but have read not to spend a lot...


GH1618 commented 1 day ago

Do you save empty cookware boxes?

by nikkib99 8 months ago

I think I'm looking for a sanity check from you guys, but I wanted to know if you all saved your empty product boxes....

GlassOfCab commented 1 day ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...


jonny4417 commented 1 day ago

Which saucepan?

by cameronreddy 3 days ago

Here are 4 alternatives for copper 16 cm pans. Since you guys got me pretty clear on a saucier, thought I’d run this ...


Hiracer commented 1 day ago

Pyrex Safety (Freezer/Fridge to oven)

by who_me 10 years ago

I'm trying to save dinner preparation time by assembling a casserole the night before and then baking it when I get h...

kaleokahu commented 1 day ago

Can I put my Stainless Steel Clad cookware empty into a 450 degree oven without damage?

by MarleneDietrich 4 days ago

Hello, I recently bought a Silga teknika stainless steel clad 5qt casserole. Can I preheat this in a 450 degree ov...


am47 commented 1 day ago

Le Creuset - skinny rectangular skillet - huge black chipping

by MozartToMetal 3 days ago

(Feb 21 - Edited title to say "black chipping" instead of "enamel chipping" based on responses received) Good day,...


alexrander commented 2 days ago

Silicone - what's in your kitchen?

by mobiledynamics 3 days ago

The only Silicone items we have is a single Silpait, a large and very small turner, a couple of spatulas, and 2 Silic...

tim irvine commented 2 days ago

Help! My Cuisinart is Stuck!

by OneJayneDoe 11 years ago

Has anyone run into a problem with their Cuisinart Food Processor? The last few times I've used it, I've had a big p...


prettyviolet60 commented 2 days ago

Best price on Miyabi 5000MCD 67 series?

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

I'm looking for online shops in the US and Europe, that have good prices on the Miyabi 5000 MCD 67 series of knives ?...


mobiledynamics commented 2 days ago

Nakiri vs Large Chefs Knife for winter squashes

by sliverstorm 9 days ago

I nicked my finger pretty good last night splitting a kabocha squash. Never again! I was foolishly using a 6" chef, b...


mobiledynamics commented 2 days ago

"New" but I think it was used/returned

by photocat 4 days ago

So I finally decided to replace my 4 or 5 year old 11" inch non-stick Fissler fry pan with a new one. I tried a few...


OaklandGal commented 2 days ago

Small saucier: Atlantis (Silver 7) or Faulk?

by cameronreddy 5 days ago

Great prices right now on these two pieces. Sur La Table has the Atlantis for $149, and Falk currently offers the 18c...

drrayeye commented 3 days ago

Lo-Heet Cookware

by Vivi50 3 days ago

I'm taking a shot in the dark here considering the time that has passed between the postings regarding "Lo-Heet" cook...


Vivi50 commented 3 days ago

Flaxseed coats only over clean stripped surface?

by jemcpi 25 days ago

Can you put on a new flaxseed oil layer (whether oven or stovetop method) as you go along cooking with your pan, in o...


jemcpi commented 3 days ago

Help Identyfing Thick Copper Pans

by Vinomattic 7 days ago

Hello. I've been reading for years, but don't post much online. Thanks for all of the great information and entert...


Vinomattic commented 3 days ago

Sauciers on Induction

by Robenco15 17 days ago

I love my copper Matfer Bourgeat Saucier, but when I switch to induction I'm going to have to leave it behind and go ...


am47 commented 3 days ago

Wanted: Over oven built-in Convection Oven (not microwave)

by chezron 7 years ago

I know there are a preponderance of above-oven convection microwave ovens. I do not wish to have a microwave. I have ...


acgold7 commented 3 days ago

Help identifying

by littlemy22 20 days ago

Hello, We have acquired some “antique” copper from France, but have no idea how to tell the value. Can anyone help?

TJFRANCE commented 3 days ago

Oven; No bottom element

by 3MTA3 1 year ago

Brother in law so proud of his gift to his wife. Glass top...So I look inside and notice electric coil element on top...


alexrander commented 4 days ago