Chicken breast: It's lean, it's inexpensive, it's boring. Could our challengers step up? We were intrigued by Ultimate Chicken Stevie, tempted by Ponzu Roasted Chicken Breast. But in the end, simple—though not boring—stole the day.

And the winners are ...

Meredith Arthur, in chicken-tasting mode.

Fiendishly Simple Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

 By kinda4

We like simple, and we are drawn to fiends. This dish won despite our feeling that it needed accompaniment; its ultimate fiendishness would be achieved if it were wrapped up in a warm piece of lavash and slathered with hummus and cucumbers.

CHOW editors say ...

Love the parsley, garlic, lemon combo.
Fiendishly delicious.
Stick this in a pita with hummus and you've got yourself a real winner.

Pollo Platanos

 By PaulaT

PaulaT strikes again.

CHOW editors say ...

There's chicken in this dish? I only taste plantains.
Looks pretty but really plain.
Great contrast between spicy and sweet.

Asian Spring Chicken Salad

 By mededitor

We liked the spice and the creative use of random canned items, although some said it was perhaps too random.

CHOW editors say ...

Light and refreshing delivery of the chicken breast.
A solid take on a classic salad.
Nice ratio of vegetables to chicken.
Good crunch; a little rich and oily.
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This contest ended on Friday, May 02, 2008, 5PM PDT.