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Wilton Armetale Silver - did I ruin it?

by AmblerGirl 14 years ago

I recently bought a beautiful (and expensive) set of Wilton Armetale silver serving trays - the kind that can even go in the oven to keep your food warm. Well, I was very dumb and did not read the...

Swedish Princess Cake

by arp29 4 months ago

I have a milestone (!) birthday coming up and I'd like to make a Swedish Princess Cake as part of my celebration. Does anyone have a recipe that they like or even just a recipe from a reliable sour...

Calling all San Diego area Chowhounds! Does anyone know the recipe for Board & Brew sauce?

by FORRESTMAN 8 years ago

I'm new to Chowhound and I heard this would be the best place to come for help figuring out their recipe. First, has anyone been to Board & Brew? There are a few from San Clemente, CA to San Die...

Ebook Deals of the Minute 2020

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 9 months ago

Here’s the place to share those great deals that come up for ebook versions of cookbooks in various formats this year. Fair warning that these deals can come and go quickly, so a sale might be over...

Can a metal 3-Ply Clad Dutch oven withstand high oven temps?

by soccermom13 1 month ago

My daughter's husband is in the military and was transferred to a new location. It has taken them much longer to find a home to purchase than they expected and they are currently living in an Airb...

October 2020 DOTM (Dish of the Month) - Nominations

by LulusMom 1 month ago

It’s nomination time here at Dish of the Month. What dish sounds especially exciting to cook together this month? Fall is in the air for most of us, and warming, autumnal dishes may spark our creat...

October 2020 DOTM (Dish of the Month) - Voting Thread

by LulusMom 1 month ago

Thanks to those of you who contributed to the nominations thread. Two dishes (both former bridesmaids) stood out: Tarte Tatin and Arancini, both of which sound delicious as the cooler weather close...

Links to Home Cooking DOTM reporting threads

by herby 7 years ago

LNightshade provided links to the previous DOTMs and I thought that the list below in a form of individual posts with links to previous DOTM will be easier to maintain as well as useful to all DOTM...

Best Knife Sharpener In SF?

by DavidT 29 days ago

Any recommendations? The Town Cutler shop on Bush St. has closed. Has anyone been to Columbus Cutlery lately? Is it still any good?

How Much Pasta to Serve for 15 people?

by Jodi B 11 years ago

I'm having a party for my boyfriend's birthday this Saturday. I plan to make bruschetta pasta with chicken. I also plan to serve a Caesar salad and of course garlic bread. For an appetizer we are h...

Any actual users of Hexclad skillets have feedback?

by sweet100s 1 month ago

Any actual users of Hexclad skillets have feedback? I've had my eye on these, and Costco has them on special. Reviews are mixed.

Radiant electric glass cooktop/range. Am I crazy?

by anniette 2 months ago

I have had a 36” 6 burner Viking range for 30 years. I would never have considered even looking at an electric range; I thought them a hindrance to good cooking. And yet, here I am at a beach co...

Sticky Buns (from Mr. Otto, Williamsport PA)

by glaforme 14 years ago

Stumbled on this site this a.m. and read some postings from folks from the Williamsport area. Fondly remember the Village Tea Room and MR. Otto and of course Tags! Does anyone have a recipe for t...

Authentic Green Chili recipes needed please

by EAF 15 years ago

I want to make authentic green chili (not salsa verde)out of some leftover pork and was hoping you could help me out. No one here in New England seems to have the faintest idea what I am talking ab...

Denver/Boulder Green Chile Sauce Recipe

by sparkyr 11 years ago

There has been NUMEROUS posts relating to this topic but have yet to find any recipes that do this topic justice. I grew up in the Boulder area but do not live there anymore so I need to learn how...

I generally enjoy “Poor Man’s Cuisine” the most

by Smokeydoke30 9 months ago

I got to thinking, what were some of my favorite dishes to eat? Pinto beans Rice in every way; fried rice, jook, plain, rice pudding Pulled pork Dal Chili Roasted chicken Pizza Noodles,...

Recipes that make organ meat taste less like organ meat?

by ninrn 1 month ago

I want to start eating more iron-rich organ meats (so, liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, as opposed to brains, sweetbreads, intestines), but I get a strong gag reflex at the taste and texture. Can any...

September 2020 DOTM (Dish of the Month) - Voting

by LulusMom 2 months ago

The nomination thread had some interesting ideas, and we’ve narrowed it down to three: arancini, empanadas, and tarte tatin. If you vote for tarte tatin, feel free to add in the comments (don’t rep...

ISO Stainless Steel Balti dishes around Vancouver

by berga_mot 1 month ago

Has anyone seen these stainless steel shallow bowls w/ handles? i have found the larger serving size on S Main, but i'm looking for the individual, 5" (ish) in diameter. thanks very much for any le...