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Obscure stuff

tim irvine
by tim irvine 1 month ago

We always talk about rondeaux, Japanese gyutos, and disc bottomed pans, but what about the less common stuff? Anyone here fancy a tamis or a larding needle, maybe some canele molds or a pate en cr...

Crust for Tarte Tatin

by pindert 1 month ago

I want to make a Tarte Tatin for Christmas. I haven't selected my recipe yet, but I want your opinion on the crust. In my freezer right now, I have one raw single-crust of Sour Cream Pie crust (s...

Turkey Panini!

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 1 month ago

Trader Joe's "Simply" Roast Turkey Breast Trader Joe's Mango/Ginger Chutney Trader Joe's Sliced Smoked Gouda Spinach/egg white omelet Shake of red pepper Portuguese Bread The combo of Mango...

Find the "quiet" model of Kitchenaid mixer

by Skip2 1 month ago

I have a 30--year-old KSM5 mixer. It is a tank, one of the ones manufacturers right after Hobart sold to Whirlpool but beef Whirlpool started to cheapen them. Mine has a nice, comfortable sound it ...

Electric tea kettle recs?

by MonicaMadeIt 1 month ago

Any positive or negative recommendations on electric tea kettles? Here's why we need one: My husband and daughter love tea (not I), and make it by boiling water in a pint glass in the microwave...

Is my canning recipe safe?

by Katie17050 1 month ago

I just canned 24 jars of marinara sauce as Christmas gifts, but now I'm questioning my recipe. After reading more, I'm seeing that I should have added a little citric acid or bottled lemon juice to...

Good Food Processor Biscuit Recipe?

by zackly 1 month ago

I never made a good buttermilk biscuit. Yesterday, I made a batch in a food processor. I cut in the chilled butter/Crisco into the dry ingredients (AP flour, sugar, salt, buttermilk powder, baking ...

Falk Culinair Coppercore Vs Falk Signature/Mauviel 250 series

by KevPang 1 month ago

Hi guys, I am a ardent reader of Chowhound and I have seen various reviews. However, I like to seek some opinions from folks out here. I like to know if anyone has actually compared the Falk Cu...

Choosing Rondeau

by raya_sc 1 month ago

Hello, I'm thinking of getting a rondeau but I have a few questions: 1) What size would be ideal for 2 adults and 2 small kids (maybe more kids in the future lol)? Occasionally I do cook for more ...

Another new knife heading out for the holidays!

by Eiron 1 month ago

This 6" santoku sports African mahogany with dark blue metallic mosaic pin fill. Up close (macro shot) the wood grain looks like it came right off a weathered sailing ship! The front is metal stamp...

Identify vintage Sabatier & Carving fork

by Smitty_in_CT 1 month ago

I recently inherited my father's knife roll, he was the Chief Steward on Air Force One from Eisenhower to Nixon. Any help would be appreciated

Weight of aluminum

by Angelus2013 1 month ago

I have two aluminum pans that weigh weirdly. I have a Cook's Essentials 9.5 inch hard anodized frying pan that's approximately 3.5mm thick and somehow it weighs the same as my All-Clad 10.2 inch ha...

Broiling with an electric oven

by blulady20 1 month ago

I recently read somewhere that if you have an electric oven you should broil with the door ajar {it has a built-in stop that allows it to stay open about 6 inches.} The reason is to keep the heat e...

Chocolate truffles—to mold or not to mold?

by ninrn 1 month ago

My niece and I make great chocolate truffles that we give as holiday gifts. We have always molded them by hand and rolled in cocoa so they look a bit like actual truffles. This year, we thought we’...

January 2021 Cookbook of the Month NOMINATIONS

by islandmermaid 1 month ago

Good evening, Cookbook of the Month community! It's time to start reflecting on what we would like to cook together in the new year! What will be simmering, baking, and bubbling in our kitchens on ...

Looking for fresh Lo Mein Noodles in Washington D.C. region

by phishie 1 month ago

Title says it all :) I'm searching high and low to buy fresh lo mein noodles in the DMV area to cook with at home. I came across Twin Marquis as a producer that claims to sell at La Mart and New...

Adding lobster tail meat to paella

by normalmode 1 month ago

So my contribution to the Christmas Eve dinner is lobster tail meat to add to my mom's paella. I see many recipes saying that the seafood should be cooked ahead of time before added to the paella. ...

Is a mixed pot roast possible?

by GabeHD94 1 month ago

I love the beefiness of short rib and the texture given by the shank, could it be possible to make a pot roast with both? Because of the cooking times I’ll probably have to throw in the the short r...

Help Finding a Bon Appetit Soup recipe published 1990-2000

by Kmand1986 1 month ago

Every fall my uncle raves about a Curried Butternut Squash Soup recipe he used to make out of a BA magazine. He lost his magazines when moving in the early 2000's and has never been able to find th...