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Fish Soup

by tsgarlin 12 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a good fish soup? Not too fancy, but hearty?

Need Authentic Ragu Bolognese sauce from Grandma in Italy

by nbermas 12 years ago

have a craving, never made it but reading in Saveur there are so many variations but want yours from Grandma or Grandpa please. What pasta do you use with this type of sauce?. I am looking to mak...

Weird Corn Starch trick

by Phaedrus 12 years ago

http://ellen.warnerbros.com/2008/02/steve_spangler_do_not_try_this.php Can someone explain this?

red bull cola

by someyoungguyy 12 years ago

anybody tried it yet??? reviews??? does it taste like piss water??? thanks.:)

Apple Crisp/Crumble/Cobbler for a crowd

by lesterj2 12 years ago

I have been asked to prepare an apple crisp, or crumble, or cobbler serving 150 people. Two requirements: It must use canned apples, and it must use margarine rather than butter (it's for an elde...

A Duck Recipe that I don't understand - Some help would be great

by medicinejar 12 years ago

I am making duck this weekend and I found a recipe that looks great. It can be found here along with the picture: http://www.bromelakeducks.com/Recipes/BreastSlicedSmokedMagret.html One part...

Kaffir lime leaves (Thai cooking) restricted?

by KyMikey 12 years ago

Just found out by calling one of the biggest foodie oulets in the Midwest (they have EVERYTHING) that kaffir lime leaves are for the most part unavailable now because they are on the FDA-restricte...

Dinner party for 10--easy. Make ahead?

Henrietta Stackpole
by Henrietta Stackpole 12 years ago

I'll be having a dinner party for 10 in mid-June and would love your recipes for easyish dishes. Seasonal suggestions are good, and I live in a multi-ethnic area so I have access to a wide variety...

French-style macarons

by KJN1783 12 years ago

I'm trying to make the real French "macarons" at home. Any suggestions?

Latest addiction

by seedove17 12 years ago

I seem to go through food "addictions" fazes where I constantly crave one particular food. I will wake up in the morning with the thought of the food in my head. My recent past addiction have b...

Ginger beer, who has the best and

by nbermas 12 years ago

i recently bought some ginger beer syrup from a Caribbean market but I want to make some ginger beer and was wondering do you think if i just added selter water that might work or something else? ...

Staub Steal Alert

by vvvindaloo 12 years ago

Amazon is currently offering Staub's 8 qt. Cocotte (enameled cast iron dutch oven) in Grenadine for more than half off ($169). I am not sure how many they have left. I hesitated at first (bc it's s...

Any savory pie/dessert ideas?

by ncbonano 12 years ago

Our office tradition is to bring in a cake for the next person's birthday. I celebrate mine and then I have to bring in for the next person's whose birthday it is. It so happens to be my boss, wh...

Made bread...forgot the salt

by pigtowner 12 years ago

I made some regular white sandwich bread yesterday and only realized this morning when I had my first piece of toast that I forgot to add salt. You can imagine that it's not very tasty - even slath...

another taco truck in the news

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 12 years ago

A rather lighthearted look at the potential effects of losing taco truck: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/05/30/DDF610U6UC.DTL "This may seem like a frivolous campaign, but...

French Laundry at Home blog on TV?

by Firegoat 12 years ago

I checked in on my favorite food blog and was happy to see that she was approached to make a demo for a TV show. The blog is French Laundry at Home and is my favorite all time food blog. Great proj...

I need help with my green frosting

by Clarissa 12 years ago

I'm making a frog cake, which is new for me. The first fluffy white frosting I found is sort of a meringuey one, with raw eggwhites cooked to 160 degrees. Ordinarily I'd be comfortable with that,...

OK to freeze cooked ribs not yet grilled?

by dropdeadcookie 12 years ago

Vegetarian here! I supposedly make "the best ribs" according to my meat-loving friends. Have no clue how they taste but that's not why I need help. My dilemma is that I want to be sure that ...

AWESOME description + recipes for Vietnamese curries (including an article on Viet curry goat/Cari De!!)

by Mike Tyson 13 years ago

==South Vietnamese Cuisine== Thanks due to the Indian as well as the Champa Kingdom influences in South Vietnam, curry has become a staple in many Vietnamese households. Often the meats chosen fo...

NYT: Fast Food's Portion of Parents' Dollars

by goodhealthgourmet 12 years ago

"The average mother of a child under 15 spends more on fast food every year than on books, music, movies and video games combined..." http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/02/business/02drill.html

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