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Jello Recipes

by curiouscook 12 years ago

My wife stocked up on fruit flavored jello for our one year old and wouldn't you know, he doesn't like jello. I hate to let it go to waste. Does anyone have any interesting uses for fruit flavore...

Country ham help!

by saticoy 12 years ago

I've looked through this board, but still have some questions....help me out, hounds! I brought back three things from Bigham's Country Meats in Tennessee...center cut thinly sliced country ham, co...

Help with Ribs

by Husker23 12 years ago

I plan on serving some pork ribs for the 4th of July and was wondering if you can grill them the day before and somehow keep them overnight to re-heat and server the next day? With a favorable outc...

Could I first grill, then braise boneless short ribs?

by wearybashful 12 years ago

I have those Costco boneless short ribs. Once I followed an old recipe of first boiling the meat then grilling it with barbecue sauce, but I'm wondering if i could retain more flavor by first grill...

Extra Tortillas: What do you do?

by AndyGanil 12 years ago

I have about 30 extra corn tortillas left over and I can't eat them all. Any recipes that call for them , not like soft tacos or the usual. I need something rich, something thats really........ Or...

Anyone have a recipe for Chicken Pa Nang?

by sophia519 12 years ago

I need a good recipe for chicken pa nang, including which curry paste to use. In a prior post, someone recommended red curry paste, and another person recommended a paste that said "pa nang" on the...

Top Chef-Favorite and Least Favorite Challenges

by Phaedrus 12 years ago

OK, so I have been thinking, always a dangerous proposition. What are the best and worst challenges in the four seasons of the show? I am thinking about the surefire best, not the great ideas wit...

Hosting a Makaria - What Must We Have?

by Siobhan 12 years ago

We are hosting a makaria - a Greek post-funeral lunch - for a friend. We will have Metaxa but have a few questions: 1) Can we serve another main course along with the fish for those who are not...

Making a mini-cake

by mocro 12 years ago

I was looking at the darling two-layer mini-cakes on the Cake Money website and wondered if I could do myself for a small dinner for 5 people. Instead of buying new pans, I was thinking of making ...

Julia Child Crepe Lined Vegetable Terrine

by Bazel 13 years ago

Many moons ago I remember seeing Julia Child (on PBS) make a layered vegetable terrine. She used a pan/mold that was probably 6-8" around at the base and flared to about 10" at the top. The pan was...

Best BBQ sauce recipe?

by ketchupgirl 12 years ago

Hello, Smoking, pork, brisket and chicken this weekend and would like to make a bbq sauce that compliments all of them. The Dinosaur bbq recipe is ok, but I'd like some new suggestions, please. ...

What is" low country cuisine?"

by suse 12 years ago

...besides shrimp and grits? I had a friend ask me this question the other day after I returned from Charleston and I had a hard time answering his question because I ADORE shrimp and grits and its...

Need yellow birthday cake

by redthong 12 years ago

My firstborn turns 18 on Wednesday. He wants a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I've got a great chocolate frosting recipe, but I'd love to try a new yellow layer cake. Ideas?

Nero Wolfe Veal Cutlet

by cblythjr 12 years ago

PLEASE HELP!!! I bought the Nero Wolfe cookbook years ago but it is in storage back in the States and I am overseas at the moment. I am desperate to get the ingredients for the veal cutlet recipe. ...

father's day

steve h.
by steve h. 12 years ago

yeah, i know it's a goofy, made-up holiday but i decided to assert myself. i'll cook a bunch of lobsters (because i like to) and deb will do the sides. sparkly wines and beers will round out the...

Honey mangoes - recipes?

by greedygirl 12 years ago

It's honey mango season, and I just bought a box for £3.50 in my local market (yay!). So what should I do with them, apart from just scoffing them as they are in all their honeyed, juicy delicious...

what to make with truffled linguine?? looking for a Main dish or what to add to it??

by drewb123 12 years ago

Hello- It's my anniversary tomm night and we decided to pick up some handmade wild mushroom linguini at the farmers market. We are prob going to add lobster to it but we also bought artichokes....

Annual Bastille Day Party Planning...

by lollya 12 years ago

Help me plan my Bastille Day annual party! This will be the first year of our new "Bastille Day" party that we will host each year. We are both French so we thought what better time to have a pa...

Fun picnic dishes that are transportable?

by galka 12 years ago

What can I make for a nice father's day picnic? The challenge is that we need to hike to the picnic place for abour 40 min- so it should be packable and not to heavy. Thank you!

Searching for a good Madras Curry recipe

by petah 12 years ago

Hey there. So I have this "Hot Madras Curry" powder, and I thought it would be fun to make some curry tonight. Thing is, I can't find a good recipe, and don't have the time to search too much more....

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