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pumpkin bread pudding/other thanksgiving dessert recipes

by lani 15 years ago

Hi. I'm looking for a truly great pumpkin bread pudding recipe. Although I'm an avid cook, I've never made bread pudding and would like to do so for my family thanksgiving celebration, so I need on...

OY! Another brining question: possible to brine AND make pan gravy?

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

This may have been tangentially covered in previous threads, but I wanted to ask this very focused question now that countdown to T-giving is here. I've decided that I'd like to brine and oven ro...

Steak & Kidney Pie

by JS 15 years ago

Are there any Brits out there who have a good S&K recipe? I've tried various recipes online that all fall flat on flavor.

Interesting/unique fried rice recipes?

by King B 15 years ago

If anyone has any bright ideas for fried rice, please throw them my way...I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. Oh sure, I'll toss in the typical ginger, garlic, scallions, peas, etc. with some mint on occa...

Pot Roast Question

by Norm 15 years ago

After making a pot roast, I strained the cooking liquid (gravy) and refrigerated it. This gravy separated into three different layers: 1. top layer of white fat 2. middle layer that is milk cho...

What New Cookbook Do You Want For Holidays?

by Anna 'Boo' Carroll 15 years ago

Some people give and get cookbooks for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Chanuka/Kwanza holidays. I just bought Frank Stitt, Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson's new cookbooks. Which cookbook wo...

Need quick baking advice

by Sylvia G 15 years ago

I have a very easy - and good - chocolate cake recipe that I always make in a tube pan. When baked, it fills my 9 inch tube pan. Now I need to make a layer cake for use as a birthday cake, and I ...

Thompson Turkey - anybody tried this?

by Ilaine 15 years ago

Today's NY Times mentions it. I've found the recipe on several websites using google. Is it for real? Link: http://www.mom-mom.com/the_thompson_turkey.htm

New Kitchen!

by chowfreak 15 years ago

First, great new board. I am moving into a nice, new apartment with a pretty nice kitchen. I am a novice chef who never had the space to really practice, and utilize the kitchen (also, lived w...


by sbudick 15 years ago

Hi, I was planning on making salmon with Fesenjan, the Persian walnut pomegranate sauce, for a dinner tomorrow night. Does anybody have a Fesenjan recipe that they like and/or have experience adap...

senor pie - recipes?

by frustrated mom 15 years ago

The Washington Post food section reommended fruit pies from Senor Pie in Albuquerque. The flavors sound incredible - peach habanero and chipotle cherry. Does anyone have any recipes for spicy fruit...

help for twinkie-like cake?

by PYKipperbang 15 years ago

I've been obsessing with cake batters lately, but would now like to figure out how to "fill" a cake with frosting. I've been working on a nice french vanilla bundt that would be perfect with an an...

How to prep a pork rack for crown roast

by Arlene 15 years ago

Does anyone know how to prepare a pork rack for crown roast? Is the pork cut the same as spare ribs or a whole chop rack? Thanks much.

Barbeque mops

by RUBulldog 15 years ago

Where can I buy a good barbeque mop?

duck eggs

by miss kensington 15 years ago

I found some fresh duck eggs at my local co-op this afternoon. (hooray for local co-ops) What are the best ways of preparing them to bring out their specifically ducky goodness?

Southern Comfort Sweet Potatoes

by Michelle 15 years ago

I made these last Thanksgiving but I lost the recipe. They were a huge hit - it was made with baked and then mashed sweet potatoes, not canned, and it was somewhat sweet but not overly so. And it...

Great Potato Oven Fries

by Frank 15 years ago

From Cook’s Illustrated and Julia Collin Davison comes this great Potato Fri Recipe. Preparation Under 40 minutes. Preheat oven to 475, About 28oz russet potatoes peeled and sliced into wedge...

Pork Tenderloin

by Ronaldinho 15 years ago

A very quick question from a novice cook, but an experienced eater...I've prepared a wonderful pork tenderloin marinade, but i'm at a loss for how long to cook in the oven...It's about 1.0 lbs, and...


by Todd 15 years ago

A friend gave me about five pounds of moose the other day. Other than just pretending it's venision, I have no clue as to how to cook it. Suggestions would be highly appreciated. Things I've con...