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Help! Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

by Samantha 15 years ago

In practice for Thanksgiving (this is the first one I am responsible for the turkey), I made a turkey last Sunday. It was HUGE and now my husband and I have major leftovers. Any recipes out there...

need dip ideas!

by Janie 15 years ago

Kinda transferred this from general board....need some really good ideas for sour cream based dips to go with crudite...I can't seem to think of anything exiting...can't use any blue veined cheeses...

seasonal quiche

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I am drawing a blank- what seasonal goods can I use in a quiche? thanks!

Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey?

by Natalie in Los Angeles 15 years ago

Has anyone ever tried this? I'd love try it this year but am not sure how to go about it. I think it would be best on a charcoal grill (as opposed to gas) but then again I don't know if I could ke...

Orka basting brush..any good?

by Richie 15 years ago

Hi, Just was looking in the latest Betty Crocker cooking catalog and I saw this hollow silicone basting brush that looks like a squid. You can suck up the liquid into the handle and slowly let it...

leftover pheasant

by Pius Avocado III 15 years ago

I roasted a largish pheasant and now find myself with a bit of breast meat and both legs left. Any tasty uses for this modest yet delicious pile o' goodness, beyond eating it on its own? Any idea...

Food grinder recommendations

by texasmensch 15 years ago

Chowhounders - I would like to buy a grinder to grind chicken/beef livers and to make baby food. Any recommendations? I'm not sure I will use this very often, so I'm staying away from the $99 ...

Accidentally frozen yogurt

by Pat Hammond 15 years ago

I absentmindedly put almost an entire quart of whole milk yogurt into the freezer. When I discovered what I'd done, I thought it'd be ruined. But I'm here to report that after thawing it was per...

leftover cajun chicken

by chardgirl 15 years ago

I've got many yummy cajun chicken breasts left over from an event, I've given away as many as I'm able, with the bounty I'm thinking of making a BIG pot of bean/chicken/vegetable soup. Any other id...

ISO Fondue Pot

by Ellen 15 years ago

I want a fondue pot for Christmas. I am mostly interested in making cheese and chocolate fondue. Should I ask for a ceramic/electric model and avoid the sterno complications? Which model would you ...

Whirlpool Microwave/Convection Oven---Recommend?

by Christine 15 years ago

I'm considering replacing the circa 1979 microwave (enormous but still works perfectly) with a combo microwave/convection oven because our upcoming kitchen remodel is going to leave us without a re...

food processor- which brand is best?

by Absonot 15 years ago

I need to buy (my first) food processor and am a bit confused on where to start. What brands should I consider? I don't need a large capacity, although I want to be able to make pizza dough every...

Waffle Makers...I found trhe answer!

by RSMBob 15 years ago

Anyone here like waffles? Ok, now who likes waffles and tries to make them at home, only to be disappointed every time because they don't cook consistently, they are like lead weights with no ta...

Left over oil and what to do

by Zoe 15 years ago

Have two cups of cloudy canola oil from the frying last night (eggplant). Strained it but it is still dark. Can this be used again - or lightened some way? Is it OK as is.

Catastrophic Turnip Crop Success

by Bill Pisarra, Jr. 15 years ago

My fall turnip crop is a catastrophic success. I usually grow a modest amount. I like to put them alongside a roast, I like to do a cream of turnip soup, and a saute of the greens in olive oil...

Need a good recipe for country ribs.

by Steve Harrington 15 years ago

I'm gonna buy 'em in a grocery story. I'm not looking for a crock pot, outdoor grill or smoker solution. Any suggestions?

What's the best blender?

by ChefShell 15 years ago

i'm a chef and need help finding a good blender. i don't care if it's glass or plastic. plastic is more lightweight but i could deal with glass. at least a 400 watt motor and removable blades for c...

Cranberry Relish

by Michele Cindy 15 years ago

I was just given 2 lbs. of cranberries I thought I would make a relish. Does anyone have a good simple recipe. I'd prefer one without nuts. Also how long will it keep in the refrigerator? Thanks

I just made the best chicken salad from leftovers

by Eric Eto 15 years ago

I had leftover chicken from Casa de Pollo Peruano (a Peruvian chicken joint in Queens, NY) and decided to make chicken salad for sandwiches the next day. I added the usual salt, pepper, mayo (I us...

recipe for wine that has turned

by JBS 15 years ago

The wine wasn't awful, just slightly more acidic and fizzy than it should have been, so rather than dump the whole bottle down the drain, I figured I'd marinate some meat in it. Got me to wonderin...