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Topping for scrapple

by ChrisOC 12 years ago

What do you like to put on your scrapple? I know a lot of people like ketchup, some like maple syrup. I like mine the good old PA Dutch way - smeared with apple butter. Just had some for breakfa...

juicy hamburgers

by plash928 12 years ago

how do you make a juicy hamburger. i like my medium rare. when i make mine they are dry. help

Beef that is not processed at a large scale processing plant...

by JeremyEG 12 years ago

Hey Guys, I post a lot on Chowhound. I have just recently read Fast Food Nation and I now have several friends working for Slow Food. I cook all the time and I am looking for beef that is not only...

Chow.com on TV

by slacker 12 years ago

Last night, on L.A.'s local CBS station, they did a story on Chow.com, since CBS recently acquired CNET. The focus was on the recipes section on this board, but they showed a quick glimpse of one ...

Pig Tails of years past

by porker 12 years ago

I grew up eating pig tails as part of a boiled dinner. They would be purchased out of a brine, cooked and rinsed 3 times (to lose the salt) then added to vegetables for a one pot meal. Back then (...

Please help me doctor this failed Lemon-Ricotta Pancake batter!

by aspiringourmet 12 years ago

I'm not sure what I did wrong... This was my first attempt at ricotta in pancakes. I used this batter from epicurious, which got such great reviews. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/vi...

Gov regulation of holes in salt shakers

by shallots 12 years ago

The Brits are said to use too much salt on their fish and chips. The solution in Gateshead is a regulation that mandates the number of holes in a salt shaker. The government is even providing rep...

Breakfast Bread

by chowmel 12 years ago

I'm looking for a breakfast bread that needs to keep a couple days. I'll need to make it on Thursday for eating Saturday. Quick break, coffee cake, yeast bread - any suggestions ? thanks!

lemons .99 ea. in Hunterdon County NJ...

by pfarrell 12 years ago

Yesterday I was in my local supermarket (Flemington Shop Rite) and saw lemons were priced at .99 each. Wondering how much you are paying (or not) for lemons in your neck of the woods...' And if yo...

Wolfgang Puck Soups Now Part of Campbells

by Phaedrus 12 years ago

http://philadelphia.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2008/06/30/daily21.html?b=1214798400^1662348&ana=e_abd Never tasted the soups but it looks like Wolfie get more millions. I wonder if Ca...

Apple Peelers

by bakerboyz 12 years ago

Do they work well and do they save a lot of time?

At My Farmer's Market Today...

by brendastarlet 12 years ago

I woke up before 7 and decided, "I'm going to run down to the Farmer's Market!" (Ours is Wednesday-Saturday.) Here's what I brought home: the last of our local strawberries, the first of our local ...


by maisonbistro 12 years ago

Looked so hot in tonight's episode - relaxed and actually enjoying what he was doing. Ummm Christina, when you say, "I prefer the stripes", well, ummm, you get stripes. Matty or Jen, who woul...

Crockpot newbie needs help adjusting cooking time for smaller roast

The Oracle
by The Oracle 12 years ago

I'm planning on making a pork loin roast today... it's my second adventure with the slow cooker and I need help! The recipe I'm basing it from calls for a 4 pound roast - cooked on high for 3-4 ho...

Ed Mitchell @ Big Apple BBQ [moved from Manhattan board]

by porker 12 years ago

I spoke to most of the pitmasters and had generally a great time (we drove down from Canada - I think it was the only fastpass sold outside the USA; had to jump through hoops for that and thank you...

HK-The Italian chef

by Withnail42 12 years ago

In last nights episode Petrozza was given a hard time by Gordon's executive chef at his Parisian restaurant. An Italian guy he did not like Petrozza's paring of steak and risotto Ramsay spoke very ...

Looking for an easy Thai style stir fry....

by javaandjazz 12 years ago

with chicken,vegetables, coconut milk and curry. Does anyone have an easy recipe? Thanks, Richie

What is the cake that I'm thinking of?

by so_hungry 12 years ago

I’m not typically one for sweets, but I went to a chinese wedding recently and had the best cake EVER! Not the typical wedding cake... It was light, not too sweet, and it basically tasted like ...

Sesame Chicken Wings (Re: dimsumgirl)

by hannaone 12 years ago

Korean Sesame Chicken Wings Ingredients 1 pound Sectioned chicken wings (substitute sliced, cubed, or rough chopped chicken thigh or breast) 1/3 cup potato or corn starch 1/2 cup milk 1 te...

recipe for xiao long bao?

by fara 12 years ago

i live in a state now with no soup dumplings, but plenty of asian groceries for supplies. i would be willing to make these from scratch, can anyone help out? thanks!

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