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le creusete

by beamont 15 years ago

does anyone know of any discount sources of this fine cookware? i am trying to find a good price on a 7 quart round dijon caserole. anks!

menu challenge--high-protein, low-carb veggie dinner

by JenniferG 15 years ago

We have business colleagues staying with us in a couple of weeks. They live in Seattle and are vegetarians. My husband, on the other hand, is an Atkins guy. Can you recommend some dinner ideas for ...


by dzime 15 years ago

where is the best place in or near SF to shop for a few really good kitchen knives. Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to brands? I'm looking for a chef/french knife and a few others....

Baby Food Cookbook?

by SAJ 15 years ago

I thought since I've been made making a variety of vegetable purees for years that I didn't really need a cookbook on baby food. Then, recently, I read things like "don't give your baby homemade pu...

How do you make choc chips stay gooey in cookies...

by danna 15 years ago

...after they're cool? I think it has to do w/ temperature, my friend thinks it's the type of chip. What's the answer? TIA

Chinese Dinner Ideas?

by Cyndy 15 years ago

I plan to cook chinese on the weekend. I have homemade dumplings in the freezer already, so we will include a few of those. I am looking for something really interesting and spicy and wonderful a...

biscuit recipes

by Cyndy 15 years ago

Someone on the Not about Food board wanted biscuit recipes. I have two to share. Dead easy :-) Mom's Biscuits 2 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 to 1/2 cup butter, dep...

Please help me with my dry snapper

by Mr. Taster 15 years ago

Hi Hounds I made Alton Brown's "Red Snapper in Papillote" last night, substituting the whole head-on fish (recipe calls for 2lb whole fish) for about 1.3 lbs of thawed fillets I got from trader j...

Whole Wheat Pasta

by shameless 15 years ago

My wife and I just went on a diet that allows us to eat as much pasta as we want as long as it is whole wheat. YUM!.......NOT Does anyone know of a good brand of whole wheat pasta or some good c...


by dzime 15 years ago

I've been trying to replicate the fogaccia served at Da Flora's Restaurant in San Francisco and nothing I've tried so far comes close to having the soft, salty, slightly crunchy crust and toothsome...

Where to find a cassoulet dish?

by EP 15 years ago

Anyone know of a website or mail order place where I can find one? Not much luck on my internet searches so far. I believe it is called a cassole, true? (Moderator - sorry about first posting to th...

dinner menu for inlaws -- challenge

by fatcat 15 years ago

I need to put together a dinner menu for my inlaws. The thing is, they have a lot of eating restrictions. Also, we will be going out during the day so I want to make things that for the most part c...

Food-related wedding favors?

by LB 15 years ago

Hi. Does anyone have any ideas for food-related wedding favors? It's a big wedding - over 200 people - so I don't forsee myself hanging out in front of the stove for 10 days. But, maybe something l...

Black Bean Cake?

by jen maiser 15 years ago

A 90-year old neighbor of mine had a dessert over Christmas. It was a sweet dessert cake that had black beans as an ingredient, as well as chocolate. She is searching for the recipe -- Has anyo...

Splenda--have you baked with it?

by Cakegirl 15 years ago

I find it hard to believe that anything baked with Splenda, or even a sugar/Splenda blend, can be as good as baking with only sugar. But they're really pushing it, ad-wise, as a sugar substitute in...

Corn bread

by chewychow 15 years ago

I'm looking for a killer corn bread recipe- you know, with chile pepper and corn. Anyone got a fave?

Ramekins - purchase and usage....

by ShinyACM 15 years ago

The lure of making individual desserts is too much, I must get some nice ramekins. The problem is, there are a few options to choose from (note: this is besides from being a useful mis-en-place too...

dinner for a crowd

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I am looking for ideas for dinner for 12. It has to be casual, as we do not plan on having seats for everyone. I want to do something other than spag and meatballs- any ideas?? But one pot dishe...

What's this kind of ladle called?

by Caviar 15 years ago

I have this weird ladle I picked up in Chinatown - it's perfect for basting. I'd like to recommend that others buy one, or possibly buy more. I've tried searching for "basting ladle", "basting sp...

Calling Boston hounds! B-Side baked gouda

by tallullah 15 years ago

I'm trying to recreate the yummy Baked Gouda from the B-Side Lounge. The menu description says "Baked Gouda in a skillet w/roasted garlic cream" I'm pretty certian it has shallots as well...Has any...