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1000 cookbooks

by Sixy Beast 15 years ago

I thought some home cooks on this board might be interested in this little project. It does require some dedication, however, so only the truly committed should apply. Link: http://1000recipes.blo...

cast iron skillet

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 15 years ago

I've always been interested in owning one but not quite sure if I'd use it all that much. So I'm wondering what do you use yours mostly for? I see a lot of pre-seasoned ones for sale. With th...

Has anyone ever used the Shun Knives from Japan? r/o

by wondering 15 years ago

I was looking at them in Williams Sonoma and was comparing to Wustohf.

Alton Brown Leg of lamb

by annab 15 years ago

has anyone ever done the Alton Brown's grilled leg of lamb - he calls it Silence of the Leg O'lamb - in an oven as opposed to over a grill? I like the look of the recipe but am not cooking outdoors...

RESULTS: Marcella Hazan's Milk-Braised Pork

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

I made Marcella Hazan's milk-braised pork for my dinner party on Saturday, and it's definitely a dish I will repeat. However, posters are correct in that rather than a loin roast, a shoulder roast...

teach me about ROASTS

by miss kensington 15 years ago

I'm relatively inexperienced in this area, and I'm not convinced I'm making the best selections at my butcher shop. And so... wanted: recommendations for tasty, **cheap**, gristle-free, lean to ...

London Broil - Interesting recipes?

by Jibe 15 years ago

Just picked up a London Broil. Its been a while since I cooked one, usually grill it to medium rare & cut it on the bias. Are there any good recipes you know of, grilling or otherwise? Since this i...

oil preserved meyer lemons

by ton casmo 15 years ago

i just got a bunch of lemons and then saw a recipe how to preserve them. sounds good but then what? any recipes suggestions for what to do with my oil preserved lemons

scallops in a crock pot - recipe

by josephsm 15 years ago

I just had to share this recipe, adapted from Lora Brody's slowcooker cookbook, as it was simple and quite delicious: Put 2-3 tbls butter, 1 lemon cut into thin slices, a few sprigs of thyme and ...

ISO a specific type of zester ... wide pieces

by jen maiser 15 years ago

Below is a msg from my aunt, who is trying to find a specific type of zester for my grandmother. Any thoughts? I usually use an OXO peeler, but I think that she wants something specific to zestin...


by chowfreak 15 years ago

Feeling some shrimp tonight! Anyone have any simple, favorite suggestions for cooking shrimp at home? Thanks.

ISO simple ravioli filling

by nooodles 15 years ago

As usual, I am on a quest to add a new pasta dish to my repetoire. Any ideas for a ravioli filling? I've never done ravioli from scratch, but I think I have the pasta dough nailed. Now for a si...

Buying an oven

by MangiaMuse 15 years ago

I'm in the market for a new oven, and have never purchased one before. We currently have a gas wall oven, and I'd like to buy another wall oven, although I'm not adverse to converting to electri...

How to Get Rid Of Cooking Smells

by Pupster 15 years ago

Fellow chowhounders, I need your help. I have developed a funky smell in my apartment from my constant cooking that I can't seem to get rid of. Right now, my apartment has the musty odor of a dee...

le creusete

by beamont 15 years ago

does anyone know of any discount sources of this fine cookware? i am trying to find a good price on a 7 quart round dijon caserole. anks!


by tomkat 15 years ago

can any ne tell me what's the deal with refreezing? I just had to refreeze a partially thawed chicken. Is it safe to eat? are there any general rules to follow here? thanks all!

Cast Iron Questions, still

by nickdanger 15 years ago

In response to previous post re seasoning a flea market cast iron skillet, I followed recs re washing with soapy water, coating with vegetable oil and put in oven for 2 hours. When I took the ski...

peruvian salsa criollo recipe?

by dknywbg 15 years ago

One of our favorite appetizers at the local Peruvian steak house is a chicken tamal topped with salsa criollo. I'd love to serve that salsa at home--it's fabulous and it looks like it's really simp...

Marcella Hazan's Milk Braised Pork

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

Let me know if you've made Marcella Hazan's Milk Braised Pork (it's in Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking). I'm thinking about making it for a casual dinner party on Saturday night and any sugg...


by Risottos, Oatmeal, Polenta Cooking Equipment 15 years ago

Many of these recipes that I will be attempting calls for: - "heavy-bottomed saucepan"; is this a cast iron pot like le creuset or just a regular saucepan like All Clad's? - "small", "medium" o...