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1-banana recipe?

by TanQ10 15 years ago

Help - i have *one* medium half-rotted banana, a dozen eggs, a ton of flour & sugar, some vanilla essence, baking powder and a can of ghirardelli cocoa mix. What can i make tonight (i.e. before ban...

biscuit kneading

by todd 15 years ago

I've been making Bill Neal's recipe for buttermilk biscuits. He says not to the knead the dough too much (and even specifies 10 times as the amount of kneading). However, I noticed when I strictly ...

Chili Recipes

by Coyne 15 years ago

Please share your best Chile recipes.

superbowl sunday ideas

by fitzhammer 15 years ago

Help!!!! My husband is going away with his buddies for a superbowl sunday weekend. He has promised them that I will make something fabulous for them to have for dinner one night. Any ideas??? I ...

Authentic Irish Scone Recipe

by Roxy 15 years ago

Would love to try to make scones for my mother's birthday. Her absolute favorite. Does anyone have an authentic recipe for a very novice baker. Would love to try to make with directions on how ...


by Richie 15 years ago

I am looking to make this for the 1st time for a valentines dessert party. Does anyone have a recipe they have tried? Thanks,Richie

DaMimmo Veal Chop Recipe

by Lowbar 15 years ago

Just thought I would share this recipe from Baltimore's DaMimmo restaurant. I am lucky enough to be treated to this dish once a year on my birthday, and they had put the family recipe up on their ...

Anyone - especially the Brits - have a good fish pie recipe

by rkn 15 years ago

I am looking for something that is not bland and doesn't have all the same white/tan color. I have never made fish pie - please share your tried and true recipes. Other ethnicity's (sp?) versions...

ISO - the best pizza recipes

by Keely 15 years ago

Many people have mentioned making pizza this week. I am searching for new ideas of topings to put on my pizza.

Induction Cooktop/Stove Users?

by cafe21g 15 years ago

Hi everyone, I am researching the pros and cons of cooking with induction and am looking to speak with people who have had experience with the technology. If you live in or around the Boston area a...

chicken stock expiration?

by rabaja 15 years ago

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help...I made chicken stock about five days ago and since have reboiled and strained it and it is sitting in my VERY cold refrigerator. My question is, how lon...

Any good Albacore recipes out there?

by blackbookali 15 years ago

I have a thick Albacore steak and I was looking for some good recipes to prepare it. I am most likely going to grill it and was wondering about any good marinades . . . but I'll take any suggestion.

Sweet Shrimp

by applehome 15 years ago

Carry-over from the Boston board - question was how to cook sweet shrimp. My opinion: COOK??!!! My God! What a waste! What do others think?

Duck fois gras sausage

by Keely 15 years ago

I went to my grocery store today and bought duck fois gras sausage. Any ideas what I can do with it now? I don't want to over cook it or put too much sauce and possibly ruin the taste. Please help.

What to Serve with Turkey Sausage?

by Lila 15 years ago

Hi. I bought some great homemade turkey sausage at the farmer's market about a month ago, which I am defrosting and cooking tonight. It's great pan-cooked in a little olive oil, but I'm not sure ...

Making a mediterranean dinner tomorrow- help!

by Sony 15 years ago

Hello- 2 issues at hand for a dinner I am making for tomorrow... 1. Does anyone have a delicious moussaka recipe they'd be able to share? I have tonight and all of tomorrow morning to prep. 2. ...

ok to use metal utensils on all-clad stainless

by S.Kim 15 years ago

is it ok to use metal utensils on all-clad stainless cookware? i just bought the stainless fry pan (it is NOT non-stick) and used a metal spatula on it after washing, i noticed slight scratches...

Whole wheat cinnamon raisin bun?

by Lee 15 years ago

Could I have a good recipe for this, please, preferably one that you have used. I'd rather use baking powder than yeast, if possible. Thank you!


by fatcat 15 years ago

What are your favorite recipes with artichokes--besides steamed or stuffed. Looking for some inspiration. Thanks

Oven Rack Position

by srf 15 years ago

Different recipes usually require different rack positions, say, upper middle rack, lower middle rack, bottom rack, top rack etc. What is the rationale behind this? Tx.