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Stylin' pies

by curiousbaker 12 years ago

Okay - I posted a question before about freezing pies for a pie buffet at my wedding, Now I would like suggestions for making fabulous-looking pies. I can thing of a million things to do to make a ...

thai bird chilies

by dimsumgirl 12 years ago

I bought a bag of thai bird chilies and there are about 60 of them in the package. I have used a few but what to do with the rest? Can I freeze them? Dry them? What to do with all these chilies?

Now this IS Lisa Garza for sure.

by Withnail42 12 years ago

About 6:30 into this. http://www.wfaa.com/video/?z=y&nvid=259433&shu=1 I'm not saying anything.

Providence Chef MC on Iron Chef America

by russkar 12 years ago

Today Sun, July 6th, 9pm on Iron Chef America Chef Cimarusti vs. Chef Morimoto. No clue who's going to win but it should be interesting.

Food Mills - Rosle

by chefwong 12 years ago

Has anyone personally seen or used a Rosle Food Mill ? Looking to add a food mill to my stash of tools. Not alot of reviews on the Rosle Food Mill....and was looking for some feedback,

Pistachio gelato--shouldn't it be sweeter?

blue room
by blue room 12 years ago

Tried David Lebovitz's pistachio gelato recipe (it's on his blog, not in his ice cream book) and was very disappointed. I'm wondering if anyone else has made this dessert and liked it. I was expe...

What to do with a ton of mushrooms?

by operagirl 12 years ago

I work as a personal chef and housekeeper, and sometimes one of my clients' friends will drop off organic produce from his family farm. This week, I've got about a pound of shitake mushrooms, a...

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips

by rworange 12 years ago

First ... I'm neither a potato chip expert or even much of a fan. So you can take this recommendation with that in mind. However, I really liked the bag of Uncle Ray's potato chips I had today....

i think i might have messed up seasoning my first cast iron pan

by shirlotta 14 years ago

i just purchased a lodge grill griddle - being new to the cast iron thing, i wasn't quite sure how to season it, and for some reason decided to go against the packaged instructions and try a method...

what do you add to your congee?

purple goddess
by purple goddess 12 years ago

I have a hankering for congee. I've been poorly this week, and can't taste a thing, so I reckon congee is the answer. What are your favourite additions to congee? What are the MUST haves in my...


Chew on That
by Chew on That 13 years ago

I'm curious how many Chowhounders out there visit Tastespotting.com on a regular basis. Do you submit your photos to Tastespotting too?

US now allows import of smoked meat

by VivreManger 12 years ago

The US Customs Regulations now allow the import of Montreal smoked meat. Goat and lamb remain forbidden, but beef and, apparently all other meats and poultry, except for chicken from Saskatchewan ...

Bourdain, Keller, And That French Place Where You Wash Clothes...

by Caroline1 12 years ago

Watched Tony Bourdain "do" The French Laundry a couple of nights ago and found the program enchanting. It was fun watching Bourdain, who is usually only warmly enthusiastic (in my opinion) and som...

pescatarian baby shower menu

by hotsauce28 12 years ago

I'm hosting a baby shower for about 15 women and the majority are vegetarians and pescatarians. Being a carnivore, I have no idea what to serve besides a couple of different salads and a ceviche. ...

japanese knotweed

by rebs 12 years ago

i just learned that this stuff is edible. apparently it is rich in the antioxidant resveratrol. has anybody cooked with it? i read that it's best to eat the shoots in the springtime. we just ri...

Any notable differences in All-Purpose Flour brands?

by dippedberry 14 years ago

Out of curiosity, are there any differences in the different brands of all-purpose flour? In my efforts to up the quality of my baked goods, I have upgraded from regular butter to Plugra (and unli...

Michael Cimarusti of Providence on "Iron Chef" [moved from Los Angeles board]

by alison 12 years ago

Watch Michael Cimarusti vs. Chef Morimoto on Food Network tonight 6/6/08 at 6 PM , to be repeated at 9PM.

Empanada Recipes

by JenBoes 12 years ago

My friend and I are going to try making empanadas this week. I got a recipe for the dough from the 1080 Recipes cookbook but would anyone mind sharing favorite recipes for filling? Also, are there ...

Alternative to Kitchenaid Pro Mixer?

by dipsy 12 years ago

I've started doing a lot of baking and my basic Kitchenaid just isn't strong enough (I think it's the 325 wat model). So I bit the bullet and got the Pro Mixer, brought it home and made a batch of ...

Bakewell tart

by tweetie 12 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for this lovely confection? It combines 3 of my favorite things, pastry, almonds and raspberry jam. I've googled and found a variety but would love one that you like rat...

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