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by dill 15 years ago

I have a metal steamer that I currently use to steam dumplings, but I would like to get a bamboo steamer and compare the results. I understand some of the pros (a different, perhaps better, flavor...

galleygirl pear tart and Marcella's peach tart

by Smokey 15 years ago

So, I checked Marcella says... out of the library yesterday and was reading it in bed last night. On page 360, there's a peach tart recipe that is shockingly similar to galleygirl's friend Laurie'...

Hand Make pasta

by Newman 15 years ago

I have a party of 30+ for Friday night and I plan on making some hand make pasta the night before. Will the dough keep over night in the frige? I'm using 00 Farina flour and eggs. Any recomendations?

Potatoes Dish with Bacon

by Roxy 15 years ago

I need help with a valentine dinner I am planning. I am going to make a quiche with Brie cheese and Canadian Bacon. Before I read the recipe I bought just regular bacon so had to go back and buy ...

Help on tasting menu sequence

by Alice Ringer 15 years ago

I'm making my honey a 5-course Valentine dinner, and I'm not sure of the sequence (soup before cold appetizer? before hot appetizer?) Here's the menu, comments on sequence (as well as dishes) are...

Chocolate dipped strawberries

by Spencer 15 years ago

Do you just melt some bark and dip them in? Help me out here- I'm trying to be romantic! Spencer

In search of recipe for butternut squash soup

by lqf 15 years ago

I just purchased a stick blender and would like to inaugurate it with a silky batch of butternut-ginger, butternut-orange,or similar soup using the squash and a bright, balancing flavor. Recipes a...

Flourless Chocolate Cake

by dw 15 years ago

Which brand of chocolate do yall prefer to use when making a flourless chocolate cake. Made one once before and remember being told that certain brands are better than others for this task, but fo...

What to do with leftover braising liquid/sauce?

by Tom from Durham 15 years ago

A few days ago I braised short ribs in wine, stock, some vegetables, and some spices. When the short ribs were done, I reduced the braising liquid by about half and used it to sauce the ribs. Now t...

I like to play with my food!

by ChiliDude 15 years ago

When you prepare food, do you religiously follow a recipe or do you innovate. I belong to the "What If..." school of cooking. This penchant for innovation drives my wife bonkers. She says that if...

Butternut squash sauce for ravioli

by Doreen 15 years ago

Looking for a great squash sauce to use for home made ravioli (cheese style). Any other suggestions besides roasting the squash.....some roasted garlic, shallots??? pureed??? suggestions would be ...

Pasta Fagioli

by gaby 15 years ago

I would love to master this dish...anyone with a great recipe? Thanks!

Charity event recipes sought

by Greg Spence 15 years ago

I'm catering a party for a charity event next month in Austin. The menu will be centered around a Mexican parillada (sp?) or mixed grill. I'll be grilling shrimp, chorizos, kid goat, fajitas and ...

Curry Powders

by tina 15 years ago

Can you or have you ever combined two different brands of stroe-bought curry powder to put in a dish? What would be some of the concerns if I do?

What I ended up doing with my duck legs

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I posted yesterday about a prep for duck legs that took less time than braising. I ended up with a sear-steam-broil method that worked quite well. To start, I seasoned the duck liberally with sal...

Ceviche - w/ white fish and green olives

by WildSwede 15 years ago

Had a version of Ceviche when in Chicago that was out of this world!! Wondering if anyone has a recipe for it? Thanks! Lisa

Simmering yogurt mystery-- can you or can't you do it?

by Spade 15 years ago

I've read never to simmer yogurt as it will seperate. I'd already confirmed this independently with a couple of Indian recipe disasters. However, I constantly see recipes that have you bring yogur...