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need help cooking beans and lentils

by A Fish Called Wanda 15 years ago

I can't figure out how to cook beans and lentils so that they are very soft inside, but don't fall apart. Somehow their skins always break when I cook them. Cook's Illustrated had a very good len...

Hot tamales

by Ilaine 15 years ago

Anybody have a tamale recipe they want to share? My favorites are beef, and green-chile-with-cheese.

Macaroni and cheese without mustard?

by Lee 15 years ago

Almost every recipe I have ever seen for macaroni and cheese says to add powdered mustard. Who can give me a yummy recipe without any??

springform pans

by edinaeats 15 years ago

FYI- Linen's and Things has a set of three pans- 8", 9" and 10" for $9.99

Fondue Cookbook Recommendations???

by Nancy 15 years ago

I'm looking for a good fondue cookbook that includes both cheese and broth style recipes. Any help would be appreciated.

Crab and Glass Noodles

by Keri T. 15 years ago

Last year in the NY Times, there was a recipe for crab and glass noodles from the Slanted Door restaurant in SF; I've lost my printed copy of the recipe, does anyone happen to have it? I've tried ...

substitute for oil when baking

by the food guy 15 years ago

I've got a great recipe for an apple cake from The Gift of Southern Cooking that calls for 1-1/2 cups of vegetable oil. What can I substitute? Perhaps apple sauce? If so, how much oil should I use,...

Looking for Mujaddarah (or Mojadara) recipes

by JD 15 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe to make the lentil and rice version of mujaddarah/mojadara. I had some at Alfanoose's new digs in NYC last week that was really simple and still excellent, and I'd like t...

Galley Girl's Pear Tart---any ideas for making without baking soda?

by Christine 15 years ago

I'm starting a new thread 'cause I have a slightly different issue: I, too, made this cake for Christmas. I made mine in an 8-inch square silicon baking pan. Everything came out perfectly shape...


by hbgrrl 15 years ago

In an attempt to get healthy I purchased a block of this. I don't know what to do with this! I thought about adding it to soups, but all the recipes I googled, didn't seem to use it this way. ...

I want to thank Luther...

by Candy 15 years ago

I want to thank Luther for the recipe for those wickedly good rosemary spiced nuts recipe. I made them Christmas day with some raw cashews I needed to use. The guests that evening inhaled them. The...

Roast Crab Recipes/Suggestions????

by joepg 15 years ago

Am going to make Roast Crab this weekend. Any good recipes or suggestions as how to make it great out there? Thanks in advance.

What happened to my chocolate fondue?

by D-NY 15 years ago

My boyfriend was making me fondue and when he served it it was all seperated with the liquid seperate from the chocolate--and the chocolate was bumpy, not smooth at all. I thought maybe he had ove...

bored with breakfast

by luther 15 years ago

One of my resolutions this year was to wake up in time to eat breakfast at home before work. But I get bored easily with toast, bagels, and cereal. I would love to hear some quick, easy, unique ...

Boston Style Baked Beans

by Janet Calvin 15 years ago

The only recipe for baked beans I could find in my cookbook collection was a not very satisfying one in the JOY OF COOKING. I have aprox. two quarts of pot beans left over and a hamhock. Any reci...

In need of serious help finding an oven!

by DanaB 15 years ago

Hi all, So, smack dab in the middle of the holidays, my oven decided to die. I have a built in wall oven, and its *small* -- 24 in. width and 32ish height. It's a gas oven, to boot. I've searc...

Do cookie sheets have to be cool when you put dough on?

by nooodles 15 years ago

So I've recently overcome my crippling fear of making cookies. However, I still only own one cookie sheet, and have noticed that when I re-fill for my second batch, the cookies come out shaped al...

Need a fruit yogurt recipe

by Juniper 15 years ago

Hi everyone, A word to the wise, I have accidentally discovered that Astro's Smooth and Fruity line of yogurts are disgustingly sweet and gooey in texture. So now I have 11 single-serving contai...

My New-Fangled Spaghetti...(brown butter spaghetti)

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

After reading a recipe for Toasted Spaghetti with Clams in the Feb Food & Wine magazine, I was inspired to experiment. I thought I would share the results for those interested. *Funwithfood's "Br...