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Stand mixer recommendations/advice -- from general topics

by kjhart 15 years ago

ACm posted the following on the general topics board: [I am a new (and young) baker looking for a recommendation for my first stand mixer. I've done some research about the various brands, the ma...

Glut of Kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberry) HELP!!

by Tom Hall 15 years ago

We received a flat of kiwi fruit. Any ideas? Do they keep well and, if so, how should they be stored? Thanks.

fresh ham--need side dishes

by owen 15 years ago

I'm making a fresh ham for Christmas dinner and am looking for side dishes that will be good accompaniments. Some ideas I have are: peas and pancetta wild mushroom bread pudding (such a good rec...

Confused:Learning to cook and need advice on buying cookware r/o please

by nycchic 15 years ago

Yesterday, I bought: 1. All-Clad Copper Core 3 qt saute pan for 110 - to be used for everything like frying plantains, sateing veggies, chicken, fish etc. 2, Circulon 10 inch non-stick frypan...

is chicken safe to cook?

by MPD 15 years ago

At noon, took a 7 lb fresh roaster chicken from the fridge, placed it in a freezer bag, and took to the basement to put in the freezer. In the basement, put the chicken down to do something else. ...

Eggs for a Big Group - Strata? Fritatta? Scrambled?

by Lila 15 years ago

My husband just invited a ridiculous amount of people to our house for New Year's Day brunch. What can I feed a bunch of hungover people that isn't too fussy, and will keep for a bit as people com...

Potato Press-Does one exist?

by chuck s 15 years ago

Since I have spent the better part of the past week shredding potatoes and then squeezing the liquid out of the result, I wondered if there is some kind of potato press (similar to a cider press) w...

bacalao shopping in nyc

by stefani 15 years ago

where and how should i choose bacalao in nyc? i used to see suspicious looking plastic bags of the stuff in my lower east side nabe for the hispanic population -- is this okay for italian bacalao ...

Fresh Herbs

by rudeboy 15 years ago

Maybe I'm an idiot, but over thanksgiving I had the bright idea to put a storebought bunch of parseley into a vase with a little water, like flowers. I usually buy it by the bunch, use what I nee...

Rick Stein's Bread and Butter pudding

by annab 15 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Bread and Butter pudding that Rick Stein featured on his "food heroes" show? If not, does anyone have a good, if not definitive bread and butter pudding recipe? Thanks.

Honing Oil

by dw 15 years ago

Is there a specific brand of honing oil yall use with your whetstones? I don't want to put anything too toxic on my cooking knives....

lasagna: assemble now, cook later?

by versicle 15 years ago

I'm making lasagna for an office party. If I assemble it on Sunday and bake it on Monday, do I need to precook the noodles? Or will they absorb a lot of liquid while they sit overnight? I don't wan...

How to Take My Damned Flaxeed

by Jim Leff 15 years ago

I hold in my hand a packet of FiPro Flax, specially milled cold-milled certificed organic flaxseed, from a very legitimate-sounding company called "Health from the Sun". Four tablespoons of FiProFL...

Chicken florentine lasagne with pecans recipe?

by rufus1 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for the above? I was at a lunch and the hostess made it but, would not share the recipe and it was delicious.

What is the purpose for those saute/blending spoons with a hole? nm.

by utensils 15 years ago

NO Message; just subject.

Greenbean Casserole w/o soup

by sku 15 years ago

I'm trying to find a recipe for greenbean casserole without that gloppy cream of mushroom soup (i.e. using cream and real mushrooms). Does anyone have one?

I made the Pear Cake posted below - Now the Question!

by Hungry Girl 15 years ago

I made the delicious sounding Pear Cake for my department (work) staff pot luck holiday luncheon, which is today. I peeled too many pears and ended up making pear sauce (like apple sauce)- would ...

Soliciting ideas for an excess of shrimp stock

by tbear 15 years ago

A couple months ago I decided to make some room in the freezer by making stock out of the gargantuan bag of shrimp shells I had been accumulating. Of course that didn't save any room because now I...

Filipino Ensainada

by CAthy2 15 years ago

Hi, OVer on the general topics board, there was a discussion of Filippino shops having an abundance of Edam cheese during the holidays. One use is for making Ensaimada, a brioche type roll with ...