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It's National Southern Food Day!

Down-home Southern cooking can be pretty heavy on the meat, but it is possible to make deliciously authentic vegan versions of all the classics, from biscuits and gravy to pecan pie.

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Tart Dough help needed

by Tracy L. 13 years ago

I made the tart dough for the Pinenut Rosemary Tart from the Last Course. It rolled out beautifully after refrigerati...


Carb Lover commented 13 years ago

Stuffed acorn squash

by Buttercup 13 years ago

Picked up some nice golden acorn squash at the market this morning. I want to stuff them with something including gro...


Buttercup commented 13 years ago

Seeking inspiration for fancy Thanksgiving dessert

by eel 13 years ago

I’ve scoured Epicurious, poured through The Cake Bible, but still have a mental block! I’m trying to come up with a...


Buttercup commented 13 years ago

Hazelnut Cardamom Cookies (by request)

by GG Mora 13 years ago

GretchenS requested this recipe: Hazelnut Cardamom Cookies 8 whole cardamom pods 1 c. whole hazelnuts, skins on 1...


GretchenS commented 13 years ago

Treacle Trouble

by Murray 13 years ago

I was supposed to pick up a package of chewy, smooth, delicious black treacle candy for a friend who loves the stuff ...


Charlieboy commented 13 years ago

My 2 month old KitchenAid mixer broke, how's their cust. service?

by Gemma 13 years ago

I have used my nre KitchenAid stand mixer about 10 times total. I tried to grind meat in it for the first time last n...


Gemma commented 13 years ago

Microwave buying advice

by Olga 13 years ago

Hello, My old microwave has been slowly but surely dying and now it is taking over 3 minutes to boil a small cup of...


Richie commented 13 years ago

Homemade Food Gifts

by GretchenS 13 years ago

Talk of holiday baking made me think of last January’s great thread on Homemade Food Gifts You Gave (linked below) wh...


GG Mora commented 13 years ago

Salt Mills

by squirrel 13 years ago

CTeam, Sorry, I still don't have a handle on what goes where...guess I thought this was more recipes than equipment....


Nina W. commented 13 years ago


by potato head 13 years ago

Help!!!!!! I need all of you chowhounders to back me up on my mashed potato technique. Annoying brother in law insis...


Mrs. Smith commented 13 years ago

nonstick frying pan

by Carrie 13 years ago

Since our Calphalon nonstick frying pan has started peeling, we’re in the market for a new nonstick frying pan. What...


Mrs. Smith commented 13 years ago

Thai chicken coconut soup recipe?

by JessicaSophia 13 years ago

Does anyone have a great recipe for that Thai soup that has coconut milk, chicken, lemongrass, chiles and mushrooms ...


bernalgirl commented 13 years ago

Creamy key lime pie

by Pia 13 years ago

Hi all! I am looking for a key lime pie recipe that has a creamy filling with a strong lime flavor. I had something s...


curiousbaker commented 13 years ago

cookbooks for great salad recipes

by elise h 13 years ago

What is your favorite cookbook for salad recipes? Doesn't have to be an all salad cookbook. Thanks in advance.


curiousbaker commented 13 years ago

lemon dust

by Bearzie 13 years ago

There was a recent suggestion regarding lemon dust. How long and what temperature should the oven be to make this?


ChefShell commented 13 years ago

Japanese cook books

by Peter Rossi 13 years ago

Can anyone recommend a definitive Japanese recipe book? I have bought the recent Harumi's Japanese Cooking and am dis...


ricepad commented 13 years ago

brining turkeys

by jen kalb 13 years ago

Re this process, just a note - I have now been brining my thanksgiving turkeys since - well - the first Cooks Mag rec...


Krissywats commented 13 years ago

Thanksgiving appetizers and finger food

by ruth 13 years ago

I am having a small thanksgiving this year. I would love to have some little bits and appetizers laying around for pe...


Mrs. Smith commented 13 years ago

Puff Pastry vs. Phyllo

by Pupster 13 years ago

Is there a difference between puff pastry and phyllo? Or are they interchangeable? I'm trying to make an apple stru...


PZ commented 13 years ago

persimmon desserts?

by Sir Gawain 13 years ago

I have recently "discovered" persimmons and am smitten. Any amazing dessert recipes you'd care to share? P.S. So f...


Caitlin McGrath commented 13 years ago