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Happy National Seafood Bisque Day!

Our creamy Cognac shrimp bisque is just filling enough without being heavy, with plenty of tender pieces of sweet shrimp.

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Link to High Hat recipe

by Middydd 13 years ago From today...

corn tortillas- how long do they last frozen?

by Absonot 13 years ago

I bought some fresh corn tortillas about ten months ago and only used half of them. The rest I double-wrapped and hav...


Pork Butt commented 13 years ago

Chocolate chip cookie recipe wanted

by Suburban Chowhound 13 years ago

Hi fellow chowhounders! I am in search of the best chocolate chip cookie recipe - either those that stay soft and ch...


Suburban Chowhound commented 13 years ago

What to do with persimmons?

by V.H. 13 years ago

I was given a crate of about 20 persimmons at the grocery store yesterday. They are each about the size of a lemon. ...


Dave commented 13 years ago

Am I imagining this cookie recipe??

by Ms. Ghost 13 years ago

It seems like not too long ago there was posted a link to a recipe that had chocolate chips, white chocolate chips an...


Richie commented 13 years ago

Best method for re-warming frittata?

by lqf 13 years ago

Leftover frittata will be coming directly from the refrigerator for re-warming to a good bit warmer than room tempera...


Karl S. commented 13 years ago

Nutritous Valentine's Day Snack

by Free Wilma 13 years ago

On Monday, I am tasked with bringing the morning snack to my son's preschool class. The only rule can't be ...


p.j. commented 13 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Vietnamese Cockle Clams

by Candy 13 years ago

I live in a Seafood challenged area and frequently have to buy frozen stuff. The local seafood buyers think that chow...

Making dough with Kitchenaid - am I killing Martin?

by Sonia 13 years ago

My Kitchenaid stand mixer's name is Martin... don't ask. Martin's about 3 years old and gets very light use (I'd say ...


Linda W. commented 13 years ago

Shrove Tuesday - how did it go?

by Krissywats 13 years ago

Thanks ChrisVR for enlightening us. This is what we did for dinner: crepes with a multitude of filling choices: sp...


krissywats commented 13 years ago

swiss chard vs. collard greens

by krissywats 13 years ago

I'm cooking with a lot of new ingredients since I joined a CSA. I also happen to have a new french cookbook my husba...


JudiAU commented 13 years ago

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Chinese New Year)

by ChiliDude 13 years ago

Cook something Chinese tonight. A good stir fry will do it...or you can order out.


Candy commented 13 years ago

Need help with a SIMPLE Korean Duk Bok Gee recipe!

by nooodles 13 years ago

Hi all, So my Korean friends have all claimed that duk bok gee is a no brainer. Ha, yeah right. To ensure that I do...


Alice Ringer commented 13 years ago

Substituting yogurt for milk in cake recipe

by farmersdaughter 13 years ago

I am asking all of you experimental bakers out there for help--I am making a lemon cake--the ingredients are sugar, o...


Candy commented 13 years ago

chicken livers - frozen at different times..

by anu 13 years ago

So each week, I roast 2 or 3 chickens. When I do so, I toss out the livers, even though we enjoy them. I figure, t...


nearsighted lady commented 13 years ago

Japanese soup question?

by twodales 13 years ago

I have a rather picky child that likes Asian food (go figure). She does not like soup except for the soup that teppa...


ricepad commented 13 years ago

gumbo advice

by beaumont 13 years ago

i just bought the fixins (oysters, crab & shrimps) to make my first gumbo. okra looked good so i am using fi...


RobinCovington commented 13 years ago

"Japanes" Golden Shrimp or Shrimp with Egg Yolk Sauce

by twodales 13 years ago

This is probably a pointless exercise but it's been a while since I've searched for this recipe. I've looked for yea...


cornflower commented 13 years ago

So which of these two recipes makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies?

by Mariko 13 years ago

The entertaining food blogger Amateur Gourmet just had a post about the best chocolate chip cookies ever. He used a r...


madajb commented 13 years ago

Pecan Prailines recipe?

by JJ 13 years ago

I made some from a very simple Paula Deen recipe. The only ingredients were heavy cream and brown sugar. They came ou...


Dorothy commented 13 years ago