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Happy National Pie Day!

Even the most experienced bakers will take a lifetime to perfect their pies. With Chowhound's pie crust recipes—for cookie crusts, flaky crusts, buttery crusts, and more—and a plethora of fillings to choose from, you'll be well on your way to your own signature creation. It's all about practice, and plenty of taste tests.

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Swedish Meatballs

by traci 13 years ago

Thanks for all the info on the lutefisk. Swedish meatballs sound like a nice alternative for the less daring at the ...


GretchenS commented 13 years ago

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Cumberland Sausages anyone?

by twodales 13 years ago

Am looking to make some English-style sausage rolls for a party but American sausage seems to be so coarse and wrongl...

Thanks to all the hot Czech mamas

by Spudlover 13 years ago

Thank you all for the great suggestions, very helpful and I really appreciate it. Especially to MKELaurie, who went ...


L-pie commented 13 years ago

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What to do w/ dried radish?

by Erika 13 years ago

So, I bought a bag of "dried radish" to use in my Pad Thai. But the bag is pretty big and, as much as I love Pad Tha...

A Really Good Cookie Recipe.....

by Funwithfood 13 years ago

These were published last year in Sunset Magazine--they are *delicious* (and I am not a coconut fan). I am going to...


Barb commented 13 years ago

Chicken Thighs 7% Retained Water For Stock

by Frank 13 years ago

All, I Was Making stock and noticed the White Gem Chicken sticker had a note stating that the chicken had up to 7% ...


Robert commented 13 years ago

Hoisin substitution

by Buttercup 13 years ago

I have a recipe for salmon the sauce for which calls for hoisin sauce among other things. I need to cook gluten-free ...


AGM/Cape Cod commented 13 years ago

Thanks gordon wing--I didn't toss the 'crab shmoo'

by Carb Lover 13 years ago

Thanks for your idea, which I adapted for dinner last night. We had some 'shmoo' which we saved from our steamed Dung...


Carb Lover commented 13 years ago

Ham Shank - need help with ideas

by rudeboy 13 years ago

After having a fresh ham for thanksgiving, then eating leftovers, I need to figure out what to do with the leg bone a...


Karl S. commented 13 years ago

Smoking with cherrywood

by Bobfrmia 13 years ago

I use hickory for beef, apple for pork. I just got a bunch of cherry. I love the smell of it. What are the best thing...


BigSmoke commented 13 years ago

Cleaning pasta machine

by Tom Meg 13 years ago

Any tricks for thoroughly cleaning one of those hand-cranked pasta rolling machines? Once I submerged the whole thin...


pecan pie wife commented 13 years ago

Grouse fiasco - help!

by Alison 13 years ago

Ok, here's the background: my husband and I LOVE game. We seek it out, order it wherever we find it, has buckshot? We...


muD commented 13 years ago

searing in advance

by vozick 13 years ago

Is it safe to sear meat and then refrigerate overnight to finish cooking? It doesn't sound right to me, but I thought...


muD commented 13 years ago

Pre-made Waffle mix???

by Midlife 13 years ago

I have a sudden, almost uncontrollable, urge to buy an electric waffle maker. I know, however, that I won'y use it t...


Letsplay1 commented 13 years ago

Smoked Mackerel suggestions

by Simon Majumdar 13 years ago

For Ddrawn Make a mix of thick cream ( about 1/2 a cup ) and a teaspoon of strong horseradish sauce.   Add 1/4 cup ...


drdawn commented 13 years ago

Oatmeal cookies with dried cherries and dark choc. chunks

by Alexandra Halsey 13 years ago

I'd like to make cookies like this for a party (need three dozen). I figured I'd just make the cookie recipe from the...


kitnimbus commented 13 years ago

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Need a Recipe for Cepe Mushroom Sauce

by Laurie Connor 13 years ago

I have some dried cepes and need a recipe for that classic, lightly creamy, intensely flavored mushroom sauce that ev...

Feedback on a fruitcake recipe

by SPencer 13 years ago

Anybody ever tried this fruitcake recipe? I sure would like some feedbake before I try it- it sure looks different. ...


Athena commented 13 years ago

Christmas Duck

by CurtA 13 years ago

My teen age son wants to cook a duck for Christmas dinner. He has some basic cooking experience, and the motivation, ...


Carb Lover commented 13 years ago

London Broil okay to stir-fry?

by liondancer 13 years ago

Bought a bunch on sale and am getting tired of eating it as a slab o' meat. I know some cuts are better for certain t...


Chuck commented 13 years ago