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Good Recipe For Cast Iron Pot Pie?

by DGFly 5 days ago

The weather has just started to turn where I live, and I'm increasingly in the mood for a piping hot pot pie, but have never made one. I have a Staub cast iron skillet and that seems like the perf...

Your Family's Top 10 Favorite Meals

by MidwesternerTT 6 years ago

Many of us have a list of Top 10 Family Favorites we refer to when otherwise uninspired, pressed for time, or wanting to make a comfort/treat meal for a spouse or child. What dishes are on your...

Can I freeze an egg white frittata?

by lisaleira 8 days ago

I read in chowhouns that it’s not advisable to freeze cooked egg whites. What about an egg white frittata? With a small carton of egg whites, just one yolk, veggies and evoo and cheese (goal was to...

6 inch cheesecakes

by Lexioh 5 days ago

I have the recipe down, I am just curious about cooking time. I want to bake two 6 -inch cheesecakes at the same time! Any ideas?


Prep lasagna ahead of time?

by foodiehousewife89 5 days ago

I was watching a food network cooking competition and one of the contestants had to make lasagna in 30 minutes. One of the judges said ”I have never made a lasagna and served it same day. I always...

What a difference a good cooker hood/extractor fan makes...

by am47 23 days ago

Yesterday I finally had an electrician come by the house to install a new extractor fan/cooker hood in our kitchen. It's a Neff, which I'd bought primarily after reading a very positive review in W...

For those who leave their butter out on the counter

by Skip2 8 days ago

I was encouraged by an experienced home chef friend of mine to do that, but I'm having mixed results. I make my own butter and am pretty diligent about rinsing out all of the buttermilk. I store it...

Your preferred Risotto pan/pot?

by CHSeifert 15 days ago

A recent post in another thread by Damiano made me rethink this. Damiano mentioned a popular chef, who argued that ECI cast iron would make a very nice pan for making risotto for the home amate...

Preheating cookware

by damiano 10 days ago

So, the topic of preheating cookware has come up. There seems to be a dispersion in how people preheat their cookware, even among experienced home cooks. My question is: (how) do you preheat yo...

America's Test Kitchen: The Feed Fruitcake

by Minervaowl26 7 days ago

I am trying to find the recipe posted on the Feed by Americas's Test Kitchen for fruitcake. I made it a couple of years ago, but have lost the recipe and it is not coming up when I search. Can anyo...

Boston-style Chinese Food recipes

by Hytzipky 12 years ago

[NOTE: We've moved this discussion from the thread at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/329906# -- The Chowhound Team] We moved to S. Florida about 10 years ago and the Chinese food is awful. B...

Chocolatier Magazine Recipe Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte

by SGrau 6 days ago

Hello! I'm looking for the issue of Chocolatier Magazine that has a recipe for a Grand Marnier Chocolate Cheese Torte. I had copied a page out of a friend's issue ages ago (early 90s) and it's a ...

November 2019 COTM: Myers+Chang at Home & Now and Again

by ad7yn 17 days ago

Welcome to the November 2019 Cookbook of the Month! We will be cooking from two books: MYERS+CHANG AT HOME: RECIPES FROM THE BELOVED BOSTON EATERY by Joanne Chang and NOW AND AGAIN: GO TO RECIPES, ...

Messermeister Knives???

by aburkavage 12 years ago

Does anyone have experience with Messermeister knives? I've read, on more than one website, that their quality surpasses that of Henckels and Wusthof. If you use these knives on a regular basis...


by granjan 8 days ago

I 1st had these cookies 50 years ago in NYC at an empanada stand! I've eaten them everywhere I find them and have baked lots as well. But none of the recipes stand up to the ones sold at The Pasta ...


by ad7yn 17 days ago

Welcome to November 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of MYERS+CHANG AT HOME: RECIPES FROM THE BELOVED BOSTON EATERY: F...

why is my mustard bitter?

by zorgclyde 13 years ago

I tried making some mustard from the yellow mustard powder I got at the Indian grocery today by mixing it with cold water, vinegar, and some salt. However, it was bitter beyond belief - comparable ...

Low to Medium

by ScottinPollock 20 days ago

Why is it that all aluminum and stainless cookware recommends only low to medium heat, but so many recipes using said pans say to start at medium-high and high?

Can I use slimy carrots for stock?

by lisaleira 12 days ago

I bought baby carrots and literally the next day they are slimy!!! Can I use them for stock? I don’t know what the slime means. Is it fungus or bacteria or just some physical issue like condensa...