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Help! bitter mole

by lorelei1261 8 years ago

Hi- Made Rick Bayless mole recipe last night for party this evening and the mole is bitter. Must have cooked the chi...


BlueGlassDragonfly commented 16 hours ago

Knife Peeps, What Say Ye About the Ken Onion Work Sharp Knife Sharpener?

by pinkmagnolia921 3 days ago

Knife Folks, what Say Ye About the Ken Onion Work Sharp Knife Sharpener? Does it work with your HRC 62+ Knives? All ...


drrayeye commented 17 hours ago

What are you baking these days? September, 2018 edition! [old]

by buttertart 3 months ago

September, month of back to school and one hopes a solid period of cool(er) weather. Please make it so... Spied fir...


skleg commented 18 hours ago

September 2018 COTM DINING IN: Fish and Meat

by islandmermaid 4 months ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters from ...


LulusMom commented 18 hours ago

Which 1 Copper Piece?

by Iluvcooking 10 months ago

I have saved up to buy my first piece of Mauviel or Falk and am wondering where I will see the most difference? What ...


Angelus2013 commented 1 day ago

Chomette Favor 32cm Saute Pan with Helper Handle Added by Brooklyn Copper Cookware

by pinkmagnolia921 5 days ago

Finally! Here are pictures of my Chomette Favor 32cm Saute Pan that I sent to Brooklyn Copper Cooware in July to have...


OaklandGal commented 1 day ago

Breville Control Freak on sale for next few days on MD

by santiagodraco 4 days ago

For those interested in a premium induction cooktop the Breville CF is on sale on Massdrop for $400 off.... I've o...


OaklandGal commented 1 day ago

Vintage Cuisinart DLC 7 Super Pro

by Linsky 2 years ago

I have a vintage Cuisinart DLC7 Super Pro, made in Japan, that I've never used as I cannot remove the work bowl from ...


medlar commented 1 day ago

Lost recipe

by Suzanne3469 1 day ago

I am looking for Meta Givins cheesecake recipe my Mom used to make. Mom is gone now and unfortunately recipe is lost ...


meatn3 commented 1 day ago

Chocolate Recipes from Bon Appetit in the late 80's

by Rachelhind 10 months ago

Subject: Mini Chocolate Liqueur Delights Help me find this recipe from Bon Appetit in the 80's. (87-89), which cont...


soozz commented 1 day ago

Your favorite no-bake Christmas cookies?

by coll 17 days ago

I find myself without a working oven for the time being, and won't be able to get a repair done until after the end o...


coll commented 1 day ago

SCONES & BISCUITS – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, September 2016

by masha 2 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our September Dish of the Month. This month we will be baking Scones and Biscuit...


masha commented 1 day ago

December 2018 COTM BREAD TOAST CRUMBS: Bread

by islandmermaid 14 days ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapter of ...


EllenCooks commented 1 day ago

Anyone Have a Brava?

by kaleokahu 4 days ago

With all the technophilia about "smart" appliances, I'm wondering why praise for this isn't sung from the rooftops. ...


Angelus2013 commented 1 day ago

Loooong forgotten beef tenderloin roast

by CookingChemicalEngineer 3 days ago

Hi All, I found in my deep freeze a ~ 4 pound beef tenderloin roast dated about 3.5 years ago. It looks to have a bi...


CookingChemicalEngineer commented 1 day ago

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Refocused Cooking leads to Sitram

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 days ago

My first post & question: Following a 2017 diet change focused on whole, minimally processed foods and cooking oils, ...

Double Chocolate Cake

by kobewright79 3 days ago

This is my second go at this delicious double chocolate cake and my first try on piping rosettes. A few of them didn’...


kobewright79 commented 2 days ago

Cast iron skillet identification

by Kodawolf 5 days ago

I have two unmarked number 8 cast iron skillets that belonged to my grandmother and I would like to inquire if anyone...


medlar commented 2 days ago

Air-drying a whole chicken in the refrigerator: safe or not?

by AngeloSc 3 days ago

Hi guys, I am following Thomas Keller's recipe for roast chicken, where he suggests to air-dry the chicken in the ...


fourunder commented 2 days ago

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Electric Slicer

by dcrb 2 days ago

I have a decades old Rival electric food slicer with a 6 inch blade. On occasion I could have used a larger blade. I...