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Baking Challenge: Ideas Requested

by jstein1 5 days ago

Last year as a new year’s resolution, I decided to bake a new cake every month that I had never made before. This year I am doing the same thing but just with desserts period. This month was king c...

Favorite Noom-Friendly Recipes

by krisrishere 5 days ago

Hi everyone! It's been a handful of years since I've posted, so please be kind ;) I've been using Noom for about 2 years (minus 6 months in early 2020 for obvious reasons) and I'm down 30lbs an...


Beef and broccoli at home

by tcamp 5 days ago

Son, 20, is a decent cook and interested in food. I am interested in facilitating the habits of other adults in the house who are willing to make dinner and include a veg or two. Anyway, we made be...


Chicken Salt?

by Neurofabulous 6 days ago

Hello all, well here's an odd question; does anyone know of a specialty store that might carry chicken salt? Preferably Chook's brand? I was watching an episode of Valerie's Home Cooking in whic...


How to best stay safe when dining out?

by gutreactions 6 days ago

Are you dining out again? What safety guidelines do you follow during this time of Covid? What should restaurant venues be doing? It's been difficult all around, but we do want to stay safe and sti...


Demeyere Proline/Atlantis vs Industry on a gas stove

by simondit 6 days ago

Like many other first-time posters, I would agree that this is easily the best community for all-things food and cooking related and I thank all of you experts in advance for your feedback. So I...


California Summer Avocado Pie

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

In another discussion some were dreaming of avocado cream pie. Yes, it is a real thing. This is the recipe from the California Avocado Commission that I used to make in college. And for some reason...


Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion

by kaleokahu 7 days ago

I'm curious what the actual thickness dimensions are for this 'hybrid" line. There are a couple of ways to think about this Groupe SEB product: (1) a 3-ply SS pan body with an additional bonded al...


New Probe, Better Data, Old Topic

by kaleokahu 7 days ago

Last week, I received a new Type K thermocouple from Thermoworks. The TX-10641 is a fine wire-based contact probe that is held in place by high-temperature 3M adhesive film. I’d been looking forw...

SF Examiner: Will climate change impact San Francisco's famous sourdough?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

"...The situation is complex. While droughts are expected to become more extreme under warming conditions, climate change may actually benefit wheat, expanding its growing range, according to new r...

Infused Olive Oil for Bread

by zackly 8 days ago

I go to a local (fake) Italian restaurant run by an Albanian gentleman. The food is quite good especially their bread (brought in daily from the Bronx) and the infused olive oil they serve with it....

Stupid household names for food?

by jangibaba 8 days ago

Anyone else have any household specific (ideally stupid) names for foods? Wife and I have some stupid names that come from who knows where – one brand of veggie sausages are known as ‘guffers’ (as ...

Home Cooking Dish of the Month - February 2022 NOMINATIONS

by herby 8 days ago

Welcome to nominations thread for February dish of the month! February is the last month of winter when days are starting to noticeably get longer and the coldest days are in the rear view mirror. ...

Toronto takeout/delivery for Lunar New Year

by lilaki 9 days ago

Hi CHers, Saw this from Toronto Life and it got me thinking about dinner options for Lunar new year (which happens to fall around my birthday this year!!!). Any recommendations for takeout/...

Jarred green chile

by benne2 9 days ago

We've been enjoying 505 Southwestern Flame Roasted Green Chile from Costco. I'm curious how it compares to other convenience green chile: jarred, frozen, "Hatch". Years ago Trader Joe's had limited...

Scratched Lining in Copper Pan

by LilRedHen 9 days ago

I just bought an old copper saute pan with a stainless steel lining, but am extremely dismayed to find scratches that reveal the copper. There aren't many, but I worry about how toxic the copper m...

JHU: Food Trends for 2022 Focus on Gut Health, Mushrooms, and Kelp

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 days ago

" . . . A diet that focuses on limiting meat-based products and emphasizes sustainable food choices is known as “reduceatarianism,” a term coined in 2017 by Brian Kateman. In this trend, which emph...

Home-Cooked Special Occasion, Romantic Dinners

by masha 9 days ago

I cooked a "special occasion" dinner for my husband last evening to celebrate his birthday at home, which got me thinking about the topic in general. I'm not referring to family, holiday meals tha...

Resharp--A New Automated Sharpening Option

by kaleokahu 9 days ago

On my last trip into Ace Hardware, I spied a curious machine. At first I thought they had a new popcorn popper, all shrouded in clear plexiglass. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a slick...

Which dough hook is better?

by LilRedHen 9 days ago

I am still using the original style dough hook that came with my Kitchenaid K5A mixer. It doesn't do a very good job. Is the spiral dough hook better?