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New Haven Pizza Sauce?

by zackly 6 days ago

Does anyone know what the Big 3 (Pepe's Sally's & Modern) use in their sauce? Is it simply hand crushed San Marzano tomatoes and some dried herbs or are there other ingredients? Cooked or raw? Anyo...



Calamari Challenge!

by ricepad 7 days ago

[Before you read on, it may be helpful to check out the link to Episode 484 of This American Life: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/484/doppelgangers/act-one] There is an allegation/urban legen...

Favorite not too sweet cookie recipes?

by meerastvargo 7 days ago

Please share your favorite not too sweet cookie recipes - any texture is welcome! I love baking and I love cookies but most are too sweet for my taste. I'm also baking for a toddler now. Especia...

What recipes are you repeating?

by EllenCooks 10 days ago

What are you cooking that you’ve made before? Sort of an opposite COTM and DOTM. I’m trying to repeat recipes more often partially so I can cook more without recipes. My norm is to try new recipes ...

Smith and Clark Cast Iron

by jammy 10 days ago

I'm trying to find information on Smith & Clark cast iron cookware. I saw a cute pumpkin cocotte at Homesense that looked well enough made, but I can't find much information on the product line. ...

Lamb Breast - Can I use for birria?

by Amandarama 10 days ago

I recently came into a couple small lamb breasts (maybe 3-4 pounds total, if that). Searching online, I have come across one stew recipe (a Jacques Pepin one). If it is fine for that application,...

Flat Bottomed Wok?

by zackly 10 days ago

I'm considering getting a wok. I've had a few over the years but I don't like using a traditionally shaped, round bottomed wok on a western gas stove, even using a wok ring, they just don't recover...

Which dish is better before air travel?

by aafiak 11 days ago

I am going to Umrah next month, I am really confused about which dish is better for this Travel because last time I had bad vomiting during air travel it very disgusting. Help me if someone have su...

From All-Clad TK to Hestan Insignia.

by Angelus2013 11 days ago

Explains why All-Clad TK had been discontinued and reintroduced as All-Clad Collective. Chef Thomas Keller is now collaborating with Hestan to have another line of cookware. Unlike All-Clad TK, how...


by 3MTA3 11 days ago

Outside of Frederick MD is Hemps Meat. They make sausage, sell country hams, sliced meat... also scrapple and pudding. While I'm familiar with scrapple, I bought a pound of pudding to try. One frie...

Cooling hot soup

by sophia519 12 days ago

How long to let pot of soup cool before refrigerating?

Large Portions... Swamp the Appetite?

by kaleokahu 12 days ago

Over the course of my life, I've noticed that very large portions of food can have a negative effect on appetite even before the first bite. My elderly parents, for instance, each had an instant v...

Twinings Earl Grey Tea Leaves

by walker 13 days ago

I've been buying this for years; I brew about a pot a day, steep for 4 minutes. For about a year, I've really noticed a big decline in quality. Tea is full of dust/bits, not nice tea "strings", r...

What Do You Do "From Scratch"? What Won't You Do "From Scratch?"

by ricepad 13 days ago

sandramrma's recent thread about 'convenience buys' (https://www.chowhound.com/post/convenience-buys-1097857) got me thinking about what I do and don't do WRT food preparation and how that's change...

Thanksgiving 2021

by dkennedy 13 days ago

I'd like to start the ball rolling early this year. What are you thinking in terms of Thanksgiving? Do you have a set menu? Are you eyeing new recipes? We will be hosting somewhere in the range of ...

The weight difference between "Fruit dried in the sun" and "Fruit dried with a dehydrator machine"

by xidir 13 days ago

I want to dry fruits for my shop. As you know, the weight of the Dried fruit is different in these two methods: "Fruit dried in the sun" and "Fruit dried with a dehydrator machine". Unfortunatel...