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Afternoon tea in Wisconsin

by Samama 21 years ago

Does anyone know of a place that serves nice little sandwiches etc. in Wisconsin? We're going to be in southern Wisconsin (Lake Geneva area) next week and I've been craving that sort of thing. I ...


by Paul 21 years ago

The Best coffee in NYC is a tiny little store on 9th ave called empire coffee & tea co. knocked my socks off. Link: http://www.Empirecoffeetea.com

Coffee Houses?

by Marla 21 years ago

Just moved here from Ohio left behind a beloved coffee house...any around with flavor?

Bubble Tea

by harry 22 years ago

Does anyone know who manufactures the ingredients for bubble tea? In particular, I am looking for the tea mixtures and tapioca pearls. Furthermore, can anyone tell me the way you make the diff...

tapioca tea

by gordon 22 years ago

I read in TONY that a hong-kong tea chain called Saint Alps (?) opened up at 51 Mott between Canal and Bayard. There is a picture of that soothing, summertime drink tapioca tea; has anyone trie...

afternoon tea

by shelly 21 years ago

I will be visiting NYC this week and am looking for an afternoon tea place--in a hotel, opulent setting, leaning more to sweet than savory. I have been all over the web plus the archives of this s...

Afternoon Tea: Query

by Michael Brainerd 21 years ago

Need a place for afternoon tea (5:00PM) within 4 blocks of Lexington and 67th St.? Not coffee shop, something like a hotel preferred. Not a bad idea if wine wd be available also. Need this by AM Mo...

whats all the borscht about the russian tea room

by joe 21 years ago

Has anyone eaten there yet? let me know. My sister went 2 weeks ago and said that it was fun.. she ate, caviar, drank vodka and felt like she was part of NY royalty...but I still need more to go on

Bubble tea

by Jerry Bank 21 years ago

I saw reference to Taiwanese "bubble tea" on this message board. What in the world is it?

Tea tasting

by Barb H. 21 years ago

Went to an interesting tea tasting at a relatively new tea shop on Broadway (Rt. 9) near Main St. in Tarrytown. The place is called Silver Tips (after the buds-only "white" darjeeling). Owner was...

Russian Tea Room

by John Stone 21 years ago

I tried the RTR and found the food to be really good, but was disappointed with the size of their portions. My lobster entre was 1/2 pound at most (my wife thinks that it was more like 1/4 pound)!

Manhattan Special Soda - Not the coffee one!

by Jason Perlow 21 years ago

On perusing the web site of one of my favorite beverages, Manhattan Special Espresso Soda, it appears that they have a new line of naturally flavored sodas True Root Sasparilla True Fruit Orange ...

Coffee -- And The Meaning of Life :-)

by Tord Svenson 21 years ago

Barb said --- Hi, Tord- In Cambridge I'd give Bread and Circus a call, but if that doesn't work, Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker St. in NYC will mail you green coffee beans. I just checked their w...

Coffee Beans ?

by Tord Svenson 21 years ago

I just made a shopping trip to the Beacom Market in Brookline -- just over the City of Boston line on Beacon St. They sell a wide range of roasted coffee beans for prices ranging from $2.99 per lb ...

after-theatre coffee in midtown

by Howard 21 years ago

Any suggestions regarding a nice place or two to have coffee and dessert after the theatre, in Midtown? Something like Cafe Lalo or Edgar's, or Palacinka or the Big Cup or Sant Ambroeus? There seem...

The "old" Russian Tea Room, black bread with or w/o raisins...

by Jezbelle 21 years ago

I lived in Manhattan for about 15 years, about 15 years ago... amongst the warm & fuzzy food memories I have I reacall the black bread (or round rolls) from the old Russian Tea Room. Does anyone h...

bubble tea

by pat hammond 22 years ago

I'm back home in St. Louis after a very frenetic trip to NYC. I'm hopeful that all the food I ate will be balanced by all the miles I walked. Went out to Flushing for the first time to the Asian ...

russian tea room

by ry ny 22 years ago

any word on this restaurant/they got a bad review in daily news last week/maybe another tavern on the green

Jackson Heights -- coffee hits the streets

by Ellen and Jeremy 22 years ago

Climbing out of the subway at 74th Street, you might get worried that there's been some kind of industrial accident. People on the street are dressed in white from head to toe, with white construct...

The Best Kona Coffee & Mac Nuts

by Rachel Perlow 22 years ago

I must agree with Jason (see his post in the coffee thread on the Pacific Northwest Board) when it comes to Bayview Farms. We took a tour of the plantation when on our honeymoon, it was great and ...

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