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Get tips on where to buy coffee beans or loose-leaf tea, how to make the best espresso or chai, who has the best afternoon tea or cappuccino, and other caffeinated topics.
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French Press sizes

by jayzeebee 1 day ago

Is there a reason they don't make French presses larger than 50 oz.? I've never seen one larger than that. I find it ...

Migraines: Coffee vs. Coke?

by legsdiamond12 3 years ago

A brief discussion I had on another post regarding the efficacy of caffeine as a "treatment" for migraine headaches g...


Lsdmthc commented 13 days ago

Has anyone tried Beaumont Coffee at Aldi's?

by paulispumonti 8 years ago

Another potential recession hedge manuever......Should I spend $4.99 for 34.5 ounces of this or pay the xtra $2-3 for...


Pinnah commented 19 days ago

Best Coffee for a Percolator?

by NoFixedAddress 9 years ago

I just purchased a lovely stainless steel Cusinart Coffee Percolator as a gift to MOI:) My question: in your opi...


Capra4950 commented 29 days ago

Wrecking Ball Coffee (Cow Hollow, San Francisco)

by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Wrecking Ball did indeed launch its new coffeebar on Union Street this morning as scheduled. The "open" sign was up w...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

International Delights Coffee Creamer Kahula Flavor

by 1 wiener hound 13 years ago

Cannot find IDCCKF anywhere. Man it was good in my coffee and not as expensive as the real stuff. Both cost and eff...


kahluacreamlover commented 1 month ago


by maxmillan 1 month ago

Looking for hops or hop tea in Vancouver BC. Preferably organic/non-sprayed. Not sure of varieties but heard it's an ...

Sam Salmon commented 1 month ago

Grady's coffee?

by colettenycla 1 month ago

Hi there! I'm a recent New York transplant looking for the New Orleans style cold brew I used to drink by the gallon ...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

What am I going to drink?

by soccermom13 2 months ago

For two weeks running, I've had a very hard time finding Starbucks decaf Sumatra coffee beans, which I regard as ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

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Yo El Rey Roasting | Calistoga - Napa Valley

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Yo el Rey coffee roaster in downtown Calistoga for the morning caffeine. When I order...

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company | St. Helena

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

One of the summer special coffee drinks here is "Coffee Cola". Essentially, this is an iced Americano with sparkling ...

marssy commented 2 months ago

Milk Not "Off" But Clumps in Coffee?

by MMRuth 8 years ago

This has happened to me several times over the past year. I pour milk into coffee, and it sort of congeals/clumps up...


mandybri commented 2 months ago

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker

by Antilope 4 years ago

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker . My Keurig B70 Platinum coffee maker quit working recently. I ha...


maryfernald commented 2 months ago

Keurig Coffee = Stomach upset ??

by Buddernut 9 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this? I bought the Breville Keurig Coffee thing and shelved my Capresso ...


nouredine commented 2 months ago

Alone but not lonely: Technivorm "one cup" vs. Bonavita 5 coffeemaker

by drrayeye 2 years ago

For the last 15 years, I've enjoyed one mug of early morning coffee from a $9.95 Chinese "no name" coffeemaker that h...

drrayeye commented 2 months ago

How do I make iced green tea like the kind at Panera Bread?

by MrsD 10 years ago

When I make iced green tea at home it never tastes like the kind at Panera. I would love to know how to duplicat...


Jaytherunaway commented 2 months ago

Non-coffee drinker needs to know difference between espresso & coffee beans?

by wineaux 11 years ago

I've been sent on a mission to obtain fair trade espresso beans to send to my daughter in college. The store she tol...


spark397 commented 2 months ago

Coffeehouses on Long Island (Google Maps project)

by Scott_R 2 months ago

This is the latest update to what I hope is a mildly useful reference: coffeehouses on Long Island. This maps featur...

Scott_R commented 2 months ago

starbucks green tea latte is really gross

by zorgclyde 11 years ago

It's not even like I had high (or any) expectation for this. And I was craving some tea latte kind of thing and Starb...


albertodelapaz commented 2 months ago

Keurig and freshly ground coffee

by bxgirl 4 years ago

I have been buying a variety if k-cups for my Keurig, since I got the machine about 4 years ago. I have decided to t...


elmntl1 commented 3 months ago