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Get tips on where to buy coffee beans or loose-leaf tea, how to make the best espresso or chai, who has the best afternoon tea or cappuccino, and other caffeinated topics.

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How does one make a decent cup of coffee in Paris?

by hychka 6 days ago

We will be in Paris for a month with friends in an apartment in the 2nd. Morning coffee is an issue. Which system sho...


Ptipois commented 1 hour ago

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Weaver's Coffee & Tea Peaberry Reserve Coffee: What makes it so cool?

How do I make iced green tea like the kind at Panera Bread?

by MrsD 9 years ago

When I make iced green tea at home it never tastes like the kind at Panera. I would love to know how to duplicat...


kismine7 commented 2 days ago

Red Whale Coffee Bar | San Rafael

by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

Last month I stopped off in San Rafael to caffeinate on my way north. Red Whale has a coffee bar and lounge in front ...

Melanie Wong commented 2 days ago

Loose leaf tea

by Sadistick 2 months ago

Wanting to delve deeper into the world of loose leaf tea, however not wanting to commit to ordering large amounts onl...


PrincessStress commented 4 days ago

Best Coffee for a Percolator?

by NoFixedAddress 8 years ago

I just purchased a lovely stainless steel Cusinart Coffee Percolator as a gift to MOI:) My question: in your opi...


twigbranch commented 9 days ago

$18.00 High Tech Cup of Coffee

by zackly 19 days ago

Saw this article today in the NY Post about the pricest cup of coffee in NY. The brewing machine is called "Steampunk...


poser commented 18 days ago

Kelly’s French Bakery and Verve Coffee (Santa Cruz)

by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

During our recent stay in Santa Cruz, we were based in Pleasure Point, not far from Verve Coffee. I had the chance...

Melanie Wong commented 22 days ago

McDonald's Sweet Tea -- Not as Sweet?

by alkapal 9 years ago

Should I panic? I haven't had this tea in about two months. Just got some today, and it tasted less sweet, and more...


wbell56 commented 22 days ago

Vev Vigano Vespresso Stovetop Coffee Maker malfunctioning

by AlexNerbs 24 days ago

I bought a fancy 4-cup Vev Vigano Vespresso stovetop espresso maker a few weeks ago. I had to upgrade from a Bialetti...

Ttrockwood commented 23 days ago

Problem with stove top espresso maker

by katspjs 8 years ago

I bought a stove top espresso maker and when I first began using it things were great. But after the first few weeks...


KidCube commented 23 days ago

Keurig Coffee = Stomach upset ??

by Buddernut 8 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this? I bought the Breville Keurig Coffee thing and shelved my Capresso ...


Merc commented 23 days ago

Avoiding static with a burr coffee grinder

by ponyboy 10 years ago

Is there any way to do this? I got the Starbucks Barista Burr Grinder as a gift and I love it except for the fact tha...


khaimong commented 24 days ago

Review: Imperial Tea Court - Ferry Building location

by operagirl 8 years ago

Ugh. My SO and our friend were seated at the table in the very front -- the big hard sofa-looking-thing with a ra...


poot commented 28 days ago

Nice Coffee Maker made in the USA, France, or Italy

by rores28 4 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a quality coffee maker that is preferably not made in China. I need it to be able to make ...

drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Only in California? A cancer warning on my new coffee mug

by Glencora 6 years ago

I recently bought a coffee mug at a school fundraiser. It's one of those cheap white ones made in China and decorate...


missthe70s commented 1 month ago

Best HK Milk Tea SF?

by doubledeuce80 2 years ago

Just got back from first trip to HK and Shanghai and I have fallen hard for HK milk tea. I drank it every day on the ...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Ran vinegar through my Keurig coffee maker and can't get rid of the smell

by ebchower 3 years ago

I cleaned my Keurig with white vinegar per the instructions. I rinsed the reservoir and have run a couple of reservo...


TastyReuben commented 1 month ago

HOT coffee maker recommendations, please....

by kmlmgm 4 years ago

My parents want a new coffeemaker, I would like to surprise them with one. Their only stipulation is that it makes HO...


dhammack commented 1 month ago

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