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Get tips on where to buy coffee beans or loose-leaf tea, how to make the best espresso or chai, who has the best afternoon tea or cappuccino, and other caffeinated topics.


Nespresso Capsule Alternatives?

by Steph_Kirby 8 days ago

Hi, I am looking for alternatives to the Nespresso capsules to use in my Nespresso mini machine. So far, I only know of Lavazza. Are there others available in Canada? I find the Nespresso pods...

Coffee in Paris/Whole bean

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 29 days ago

All - My family and I are heading to Paris and I'd like to get suggestions of solid coffee houses to visit. We're staying in the 1st arrondissement but I'm willing to walk a bit and metro if th...

2019 San Francisco Coffee Passport

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

Sales started this month for Broke-Ass Stuart's San Francisco Coffee Passport. Only 400 available, good till June 2020, and the $35 passport buys a coffee drink at 31 of the City's top coffee desti...

Coffee Secrets: How Do You Make Your Favorite Brew?

by treb 2 months ago

I've heard of adding a pinch of salt to coffee before brewing. Does anyone do that? Does it make a difference? I've also heard of adding a few pieces of egg shell, anyone do that? A pinch of...

What markets still sell Paradise Tropical Tea?

by rockhead 6 years ago

I used to buy Paradise Tropical Tea at Ralph's but they no longer carry it. I checked Vons/Pavillions and Albertson's and they don't stock it either. In searching on-line, it appears it may not be ...

"JW Patisserie," Richmond Hill – A brave new kid in town with the hope of de-thronging ‘DUO’?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

Around the same time frame as fans of ‘Games of Throne’ were witnessing the act of bravery exhibited by the ‘Unsullied’ and ‘Dorthraki’ in marching against the ‘Northern Night Walkers’ in the dark....

Bengal Spice Tea Recipe wanted

by Bettebet 7 years ago

Hi I love Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea. Am experimenting with making my own mixture. Any suggestions on proportions would be appreciated The label lists these ingredients: Cinnamon ...

Trung Nguyen Coffees

by Fritz 3 months ago

has anyone a source store for whole bean Trung Nguyen Coffee in Manhattan?

How do I make iced green tea like the kind at Panera Bread?

by MrsD 12 years ago

When I make iced green tea at home it never tastes like the kind at Panera. I would love to know how to duplicate it at home. Any tips? Is it the brand they use or something they have infused...

100 Cup Coffee Maker Question

by RCPilot 4 months ago

I've seen other questions on this topic but not mine so asking now. I see that all 30.6 oz ground coffee containers state that it makes 240 cups. Directions on 100 cup type makers state to add 8 oz...

Cleaning limescale from a tin lined tea kettle

by BrookeCook 4 years ago

I have a really nice English tea kettle that is tin lined. It has a build up of limescale from hard water. Normally you can use vinegar, lemon juice, typical lime remover or something abrasive. Ho...

Loose leaf tea in Hollywood area

by surfrguyla816 4 months ago

What is the best shop in the Hollywood area that has a good selection of loose leaf tea?

Seattle Coffee History question (Corona Coffee)

by pamsmall 7 years ago

I have before me a 3.5 lb glass container that has a label on it that says Corona Blend Coffee. It is a predominantly silver label with navy blue accents, and a "Juan Valdez"-like character next t...

Gritty Latte-art

Coffee Kingdom in Worcester?

by blandina 17 years ago

Years ago I used to frequent Coffee Kingdom in Worcester, where you could get bistros of different kinds of coffee, pastries, etc. I have such fond memories of the place, as it was one of the only...

Nespresso vs Iperesso - anybody have experience with both?

by marlinspike 5 months ago

I have a Gaggia classic and a Baratza grinder at home. At work the Starbucks is far but even if it weren't I hate Starbucks coffee (partly just because I don't like any dark roast). I need somethin...

Marriage Freres recommendations?

by chowchownyc 5 months ago

Hi, I am going to Paris next month and would love some personalized recommendations for Marriage Freres (I have read the general thread on what people like there but one persons awesome is another ...

Chinese tea cookie recipe needed -- NOT almond cookie

by MargotB 10 years ago

In search of recipe for big, flat, old-fashioned Chinese tea cookie. Main ingredients are Chinese brown sugar, flour, and shortening or oil. Cantonese name is something like kong siu [or sui] pa...