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Get tips on where to buy coffee beans or loose-leaf tea, how to make the best espresso or chai, who has the best afternoon tea or cappuccino, and other caffeinated topics.

where to buy green coffee beans in LA?

by naomi 11 years ago

i just recently moved to la from sf and am missing the convenience of having sweet maria's right across the bay. i pu...

Mr Taster

Mr Taster commented 1 day ago

London's best afternoon teas

by josephml1 9 days ago

Please let me know your personal list of best afternoon tea in London. Thank You all


tortoiseshell commented 2 days ago

Coffee bean sellers

by tinpanalley 10 days ago

I'm trying to find coffee bean and accessory sellers in the Silver Spring, Maryland or DC areas that sell sealed bag ...


Ttrockwood commented 6 days ago

Would like your opinion on what coffee supplies to provide for a nicer end vacation rental

by nadine3600 3 years ago

I have a rental cabin in NC and would like to upgrade my Mr. Coffee maker to something nicer. The vacation rental is...


sunshine842 commented 9 days ago

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker - Anyone tried it? I'm over my Technivorm

by wincountrygirl 3 years ago

Hi have a Technivorm Moccamaster and, though the coffee is great, I am tired of the lever in the brew basket slipping...


dk77 commented 16 days ago

Nutmeg peel

by sarahjbf 29 days ago

So if u can get the whole fruit off the tree, dont toss the peel. Leave for 24hrs after picking, then slice up half ...


MikeG commented 17 days ago

Black tea served at Boiling Point

by learntocookchinese 1 month ago

The black tea at Boiling Point (San Jose) is delicious. This is the standard black tea you get at lunchtime. Does any...


Ttrockwood commented 26 days ago

Coconut oil in coffee. Not quite "bulletproof" but delicious low-carb "breakfast"

by shanagain 3 years ago

I'm terrible about eating breakfast and stumbled across the whole Bulletproof coffee thing not long ago. While butter...


angeladbellers commented 27 days ago

Temple Coffee and Roasterie | Midtown Sacramento

by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Day 2 of my February trip to Sacramento started off with morning coffee at Temple Coffee Roasters. I went to the Midt...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 29 days ago

What kind of cookie to serve with Irish Coffee?

by blue room 5 years ago

I'd prefer not a cake or sweet bread, but a cookie. Anything traditional?


gracbrown commented 1 month ago

Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

by BeeRich 1 month ago

Hi folks. Had some excellent Chinese green tea at Wok & Roast and realized the type I'm purchasing is sub-standard. ...


elvisahmed commented 1 month ago

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Vietnamese whole bean Manhattan

by Fritz 1 month ago

has anyone a source for Vietnamese whole bean, preferably Trung Nguyen in Manhattan?

Place for tea

by ThePrettypoodle 5 years ago

I will be joining a friend for a shopping trip at Blicks (on Chestnut) for some much needed art supplies and afterwar...


cwdonald commented 2 months ago

How many tablespoons of coffee....

by mrsmegawatt 10 years ago

How many tablespoons of coffee do you use in your coffeemaker at home, per cup? I remember a time when I used to use...


Nina14 commented 2 months ago

Good beans for decaf cold brew coffee?

by kerns125 10 months ago

I've recently gotten into making cold brew at home, and although I like burnt rich chocolatey flavored coffee beans b...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Best coffee beans for iced coffee?

by Lambretta76 15 years ago

Can anyone recommend the best coffee beans for making iced coffee? I've been using an organic, Fair Trade Mexican Esp...


BeanFiend commented 2 months ago

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Best Decaf K-Cups?

by zackly 2 months ago

Any suggestions? Nothing exotic and available in supermarkets. Thanks!

Type of tea in milk tea? (Wonderful Foods)

by misahpea 6 years ago

Hello all, I've long been a browser of chowhound, and finally decided to make an account to see if my burning ques...


Knowsstuff commented 2 months ago

Spanish Latte recipe?

by goodmom8 10 years ago

I had the best spanish latte at Urth Cafe in LA. It was espresso with steamed condensed milk. So heavenly! It was the...


sbailey8441 commented 2 months ago

Japanese green tea recommendation (specific)

by david kaplan 8 years ago

I regularly drink sencha from mygreentea.com, available by mail order and at Uwajimaya (Seattle and elsewhere), but a...


gumi commented 2 months ago