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Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

by BeeRich 3 years ago

Hi folks. Had some excellent Chinese green tea at Wok & Roast and realized the type I'm purchasing is sub-standard. So I wanted to ask to see what I should be buying for that Jasmine aromatics. ...

Where in NYC can I find Mariage Freres tea?

by Bluecrabaddict 2 months ago

Hi, I’ve been purchasing the tea online but would like to know where it’s sold in NYC? Preferably Brooklyn or Manhattan. Thank you!

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Interesting espresso interview from 2018/2019

by Eiron 13 days ago

I was looking for info specifically on pre-infusion and came across this article. I was glad to hear his description of the process matches what my Heat Exchange boiler machine provides, but also f...

Bidding on Cup of Excellence coffee beans

by eugenep 1 month ago

I read that Cup of Excellence awarded beans were pretty much off limits to the normal purchaser bc you have to buy it in bidding auctions where only big time roasters bid for hundreds of pounds. ...

Cheez-wiz in coffee

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

I read recently in a book on marketing that Cheez wiz is marekted and used as a coffee flavoring in Puerto Rico. can anyone confirm or deny?

How "pretty" do you like your espresso?

by Eiron 3 months ago

I think James' comments are missing the correlation between visual (and audible) cues and flavor. Without the computer-regulated controllers (e.g., temperature PIDs) now commonly available on espre...

Anyone heard of Hyakunen-Cha tea?

by ClarissaW 8 years ago

I'm doing some market research on the elusive hyakunen-cha tea. It's huge in Japan but hard to come by in the States. From their box: “Hyakunen-Cha Tea is an authentic reproduction of an origin...

Photos: I took apart my fully auto-espresso maker Gaggia

by eugenep 4 months ago

My grinder wasn't working. Youtube videos said it's just stuck grinds (but it could be a broken motor?). I bought a new Jura instead and was about to discard my Gaggia but dissected it to see what ...

Nabob Orange Pekoe tea bags-are they discontinued-don't know where to post?

by selena03 10 years ago

I can't find these anywhere-they usually come in a red paper box. I live in Vancouver, BC but am willing to ship them over from anywhere really. Does anyone know where I can find them? Sorry for po...

Celestial Seasonings Pelican Punch Tea

by Teague 6 years ago

I've been wanting this tea, Mom gave it to me as a kid in the 70s. Celestial Seasonings doesn't make it anymore :( - anyone know of something similar? It was really good, had carob I think, and ...

Recs for Bubble tea /boba tea on Bloor or south of Bloor

by prima 7 months ago

So many choices. Which are your favourite shops for bubble tea? What are your favourite orders? I've enjoyed some passionfruit bubble teas, royal milk tea bubble teas, and a mango bubble...

Why are traditional tea cups so small?

by RicRios 14 years ago

We bought recently at auction an Imari teapot with six cups and saucers. If auction catalogue is correct, from first quarter 18th century. I'm amazed at how small (and beautiful, by the way) these ...

How do I make iced green tea like the kind at Panera Bread?

by MrsD 13 years ago

When I make iced green tea at home it never tastes like the kind at Panera. I would love to know how to duplicate it at home. Any tips? Is it the brand they use or something they have infused...

Reborn Coffee | Corona del Mar - Orange County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

On the first morning of my September getaway to the OC, I rolled out of bed a bit late to wander over to Reborn Coffee, the neighborhood’s roaster. Still, I did get dressed, unlike the lady in the ...

Coffee tasting at Red Rock in Mountain View

by ssfire 10 years ago

Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View holds a coffee tasting about once a month, and I attended the one yesterday. It's limited to 8 people, costs $25, and lasts about 2 hours. The tasting includes 4 ...

What is the real cream used in coffee?

by villageidiot 10 years ago

A very long time ago, I remember people using "real cream" in their coffee. Several years ago after staying at a 5 star hotel, "real cream" was brought to the table for our coffee. It was unbelie...

Best Coffee Maker for two

by Naina 8 months ago

My husband and I have coffee roughly 4-5 times a week. It’s just the two of us. Before quarantine we used to have our coffee fix at work but now I’m starting to miss it. What coffee maker would you...

French Press Advice

by lizberg310 7 months ago

I want to get my husband one for father's day. Glass or stainless steel? Bodum or Frieling? What is the "best" french press? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milk Not "Off" But Clumps in Coffee?

by MMRuth 11 years ago

This has happened to me several times over the past year. I pour milk into coffee, and it sort of congeals/clumps up in the coffee. I then smell and taste the milk itself, and it's still good. I...

Store green coffee in freezer to kill ants?

by bloodboy 8 months ago

The missus was given about 6 gallons of raw green coffee beans in a big plastic bag for free. She put them on the floor in a corner somewhere in the kitchen. She has no experience with roasting cof...