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FIrestone Beer at Costco

by kellithina 13 years ago

I was in the Westlake Village (CA) Costco yesterday, and was very pleased to see cases of Firestone Lager (my fav) and Ale for $20.99 a case. They said they were testing it to check the sales volume.

Michelada mixes?

by rworange 13 years ago

Has anyone tried MicheMix to make a Michelada? If so, do you have a preference for the flavors - Salimon, Original and Original Picante? http://www.mexgrocer.com/6401.html Or do you have ...

Fat Tire on the East Coast, specifically NYC...

by subinai 13 years ago

On the Fat Tire website it says its not being shipped to the east coast. I read in another post that its been spotted in a bodega in the East Village. So, my question is has anybody seen it on t...

mexican beer

by zach 14 years ago

I discovered a beer in Mexico this week that was really very high quality for a mass produced beer. Victoria Negra, better than any other Mexican beers I have had.

Desperate for Information-Do you recognize this Saki? [moved from Wine board]

by mrspvr 13 years ago

Hello, I tried to use Google but can't get a thing. The name of the Saki is Okunomatsu and it's a Zenmai Ginjo. Does anyone know anything about this damn bottle of wine????

More on Three Floyds

by joypirate 13 years ago

I was at the fancy packy (http://www.fooderybeer.com) here in Philadelphia scouting out the Sam Adams Patriot pack (they don’t have it yet) and came across a few of the Three Floyd’s Beers mentione...

Looking for something comparable to Fuller's Chiswick Bitter

by lambretta76 13 years ago

I'm looking for something comparable to Fuller's (in my opinion) Chiswick Bitter. It's an excellent young, malty bitter with a nice amount of hoppiness. Apparently they're bottling it now, but I ha...

A Note About The Beer Board

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

Hi Folks- Just wanted to clarify something, if you are planning a visit to any given region in the world, and would like information about local brewerys or brew pubs, please do post your query on...

anyone try sam adams patriot collection yet?

by mrnyc 13 years ago

i am very interested in this four pack of beers made as authentically as possible from favorites of our founding fathers, all of whom it turns out were home brewers: a brief article about it: h...

Dumb question: How long can you store bottled beer?

by dippedberry 13 years ago

Let me preface by saying I'm a beer idiot. Don't like it, don't drink it. That said, I bought some cases for a party a while back and have since stored the leftovers, still in cases in the back of ...

Your Regulars - Winter and Summer?

Bob Martinez
by Bob Martinez 13 years ago

The first post on the new Beer board! The urge to leave my footprints in the fresh snow is overwhelming. Winter beers - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brooklyn Lager. I like hoppy beers so Sierr...

Portland, Oregon Beer Thread Moved

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

The thread previously post on this board has been moved to here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/306587 since it was not discussing beer in general terms, but the poster was looking for recomm...

Heinekin Light

by MEalcentric 13 years ago

I'm usually the first hater on all light beers, but Heinikins is actually decent. Has anybody else tried this? Thoughts?

What about sake?

by Akatonbo 13 years ago

I used to think sake was a distilled spirit, but recently learned that the process is more similar to making beer - so is this the board where we discuss sake? If so, I'd like to find out what sake...

Bottled beer for effete draft beer snob

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 13 years ago

I've gotten so spoiled by the great draft beer available in my area that most bottled beer now tastes bad to me. A couple of exceptions are Hoegarten and Guinness in the the trick nitrogen can. Any...

Is Tinkoff available anywhere in the US?

by Maya 13 years ago

On a recent trip to Russia I discovered the Tinkoff Brewery in St Petersburg, with several different drafts (my favorite being the "White Nights," but they were all good). Since returning I have re...

Three Floyds

by Bobfrmia 13 years ago

My first post on the new site. Fits that it is about beer. No replies to my earlier post about Three Floyds brewery. Anyoe know if they're being sold? What's going to happen to the current lineup...

Where to Purchase Sake

by K2daP 16 years ago

Anyone know where I can purchase sake (within the $15-$30 range)in Chicago> Somewhere in the Lincolnpark/Lakeview area would be convenient but anywhere will do. Thanks again

Where to Purchase Exotic Beers in Seattle

by KB 17 years ago

For a dinner party, I need to purchase some German beer. Any recommendations on where to buy, and what kind? (It is a German theme dinner). THanks!

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