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Help find Welsh Ale ???

by hounddog 11 years ago

Years ago I found this great ale at trader joes called welsh ale. It had a very simple lable,imported from wales. Wen...

JessKidden commented 11 years ago

canadian beer that tastes like mexican beer

by 2equis 11 years ago

Of the hundred canadian beers available in the beer store, is there one that is close to Sol? I'm trying to find a c...


newJJD commented 11 years ago

Summertime Saisons

by erikka 11 years ago

I'm a big fan of the Dupont Farmhouse Saison and would like to try saisons from other breweries. Had Smuttynose's las...

warrenr commented 11 years ago

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Heads Up For Southern Beer Hounds

by ChinoWayne 11 years ago

There is a thread going on now on the South board about the availability of beers for shipping from Vintage Cellar, i...

So Happy I live in San Diego

by Pancho 11 years ago

Just stumbled on this site, and thought I'd share my happiness and pure luck of having SD as my home town - Stone, Al...


Phoo D commented 11 years ago

Portland Oregon Micro Brew scene

by MarkG 11 years ago

i read in the NY TIMES that Portland ore is a micro brewery and micro brew mecca. what are the best micro breweries a...


awyeaboyee commented 11 years ago

Sam Adams Black Lager

by Josh 11 years ago

Just saw this today at the grocery store, figured it'd be worth a shot. It's not bad, certainly, but it's also not Ko...


Suppandi commented 11 years ago

What Beer to go with Chinese food?

by wanderlustre 11 years ago

Hey guys, I'm looking for beers to pair with Chinese food. I work a bar in a Chinese restaurant and I've been bringin...


PapaT commented 11 years ago

Seeking a very beery apple beer

by Pei 11 years ago

Most things labelled apple beer are too sweet for me to consider "beer". And while I love a good bottle of French app...

Josh commented 11 years ago

Sixpoint Craft Ales

by erikka 11 years ago

I've noticed them popping up around Brooklyn and have only tried the Sweet Action (excellent summer beer and an easy ...

efdee commented 11 years ago

McNeil's K├Âlsch availability?

by itaunas 11 years ago

I have always been a huge fan of McNeil's and it is distributed here in Massachusetts by Craft Brewer's Guild. I hav...

MaineRed commented 11 years ago

kolsch style beer by any other name...

by mr mouther 11 years ago

I love kolsch style beer but find it hard to track down in the states (southerncal specifically.) I've heard it can g...


LStaff commented 11 years ago

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Holiday Wine Cellars (San Diego)

by Josh 11 years ago

Just went there this AM for my bi-monthly beer re-stocking trip. They've expanded their selection considerably! Hu...

Beer cocktails like the beer Bloody Mary

by rworange 11 years ago

So this question is coming from a discussion about a Mexican beer cocktail called a chevela - 1 part Clamato; 2 parts...

Clifford commented 11 years ago

WSJ: Czech beer tour

by Sir Gawain 11 years ago

There's an article in today's WSJ about beer tourism in the Czech Republic, highlighting several small and microbrewe...

mtampoya commented 11 years ago

Favorite English bitter?

by monkeyrotica 11 years ago

After avoiding ales for most of my adult life, I've developed a taste for Redhook ESB. Tried the IPA and found it too...


brentk commented 11 years ago

Does anyone know if you can get Staropramen in Southern California?

by mattesq 11 years ago

I had it all through europe last summer and it was amazing. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

MVNYC commented 11 years ago

Bluebird Bitter from Coniston

by joypirate 11 years ago

Is delicious. I just thought you all should know. It's smooth, summery, perfect hop-balance. Ideal for sitting on a d...

Scott V commented 11 years ago

FIrestone Beer at Costco

by kellithina 11 years ago

I was in the Westlake Village (CA) Costco yesterday, and was very pleased to see cases of Firestone Lager (my fav) an...


mkel34 commented 11 years ago

Michelada mixes?

by rworange 11 years ago

Has anyone tried MicheMix to make a Michelada? If so, do you have a preference for the flavors - Salimon, Origina...

Das Ubergeek commented 11 years ago

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