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Making Smoked Canadian Bacon

by JMF 5 years ago

A few days ago I started some pork loins curing to make Canadian Bacon. When they have cured for about a week I'll smoke them in my Bradley smoker. I used a basic dry cure, plus additional herbs...

Emson Pressure Smoker.

by nuraman00 6 years ago

I smoked a whole chicken a few weeks ago. I had brined the chicken for a day, seasoned it, kept it in the fridge, then put it in the smoker the next day. This is a similar process to how I make...

How long to smoke an 18 pound turkey?

by redbird 10 years ago

For Thanksgiving, I plan to use a recipe I clipped years ago -- John Ash's maple and soy-brined turkey that is smoked over an indirect fire on a covered grill. My question is how long to smoke the ...

Bacon Help - Is it ruined?

by Deputycoz 3 months ago

I had a 10 lb. pork belly that I cured in the fridge with curing salt, salt and other spices for 6 days. Yesterday after rinsing and soaking I put in the oven on a rack for 2 hours at 200 degrees,...

Need advice on Big Green Egg

by dochoch 9 years ago

What's the consensus on the Big Green Egg? My wife and I are thinking of buying one. We like to grill steaks, chicken, burgers. Would like to smoke ribs, pork, brisket. What size is best? There's j...

Grilling on electric grill

by petemare 2 years ago

The condo we are renting doesn't have a gas bbq, but there is a weber electric grill. I've never grilled on electric before, any hints? Will probably do ribeye steaks shrimp skewers and burgers, a...

How long to cook 20lb tukey in smoker and what temp???

by rarmenda 12 years ago

Hi, I'd like to smoke a 20-25lb turkey in an offset smoker this year. Can anyone provide their advise on what temperture to smoke it, as well as tell me how to estimate the amount of time required ...

Thanksgiving Time: Suggestions for Smoking a Turkey

by jrsmoltz 12 years ago

I just moved into a new place and gained access to a big Char-Griller smoker bbq grill. The first thing I smoked (that's a first in my life) was a pork shoulder with a nice spicy homemade rub/ sau...

Is all oak created equal??

by JMCa 4 months ago

We're taking down an oak tree to make way for a home addition. I have no idea what variety of oak it is, but I was thinking of saving some of the wood for the smoker. Are some varieties of oak bet...

Postcards from Operation BBQ Relief Carr Fire Deployment

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Last month I deployed to Redding, California for a week as a volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) supplying hot meals to evacuees and first responders. I bet that many of you in the Chowhound ...

Double Fry Method on Turkey

by biggy8133 5 months ago

Double Frying is a great method for cooking, especially to get that crispy skin on chicken while making sure inside is cooked all the way. I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of frying a wh...

Smoking 2 - 15 Pound Turkeys

by LockA 5 months ago

I have volunteered to have an early Thanksgiving at my house this year. With the size of the group I have gotten 2 - 15 pound turkeys. I used my electric smoker to smoke my bird last year and it ...

Ideas for using rib meat that won't be smoked

by chinaplate 6 months ago

My husband is smoking a giant slab of pork ribs today and following instructions from his new favorite cook book removed two pretty sizable portions of meat. Any thoughts on what I can do with this...

Tops Bar B Que sauce recipe

by mknight57 6 months ago

I am looking for a copycat recipe for tops sauce. Help me please.

Volunteers Needed in Wilmington NC for Operation BBQ Relief

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Operation BBQ Relief has provided 200K hot meals in the Greater Wilmington area as first responders for Hurricane Florence disaster relief. The current plan is to continue through this weekend. Yes...

Help. Smoking two small pork butts

by ptshea 7 months ago

I've got two 3 - 4 lb boneless pork butts in my Yoder pellet smoker. They've been in there for 7 hours, but the internal temp is only at 154, and has been in that range for some time. I've read tha...

Braised Reversed Smoked "San Francisco" Ribs

by sparky403 7 months ago

I have been making my ribs this way for the last dozen years or so -- always to rave reviews (or maybe my friends are just being nice and they eat all the ribs just to make me feel good:-). Anywa...

Pulled pork for 50

by hwinters 7 months ago

We are hosting a bbq on Saturday afternoon. The head count is way more than expected. I'm a seasoned home chef and won't have any issues seasoning or cooking the pork shoulder but I do have some qu...

Just have to brag about my Whole Cow cookout in Columbia SC in June

by JeffRhinoBannister 8 months ago

We did serval types of meat. BBQ, Cochon de Lait pig, Whole Cow, Fish, lambs, chickens and more.

Inexpensive Propane Grill with Smoker Drawer Built In?

by zackly 8 months ago

Does one exist? Many of the TV chefs have propane grills with a drawer for wood chips. This would make adding a little smoke to grilled foods very easy, I think. I currently use a cast iron wood ...