CHOW Reviews

CHOW Reviews cover a variety of kitchen tools, such as knives, pans, blenders, and other common kitchen appliances.

The CHOW Reviews Team is dedicated to providing thoughtful, unbiased, and accurate reviews to help readers make practical decisions about what kitchen equipment to buy. Team members test and rate all products on design and construction, performance, and value. Our Team consists of full-time CHOW editors—culinary experts with over 50 years of combined professional experience.

All products are tested in the CHOW Test Kitchen, a 1,300-square-foot facility in downtown San Francisco. Just as CHOW.com’s original recipes are designed for the everyday home cook, our facility was built to function like a home kitchen. That helps our product tests stay practical, rooted in everyday cooking situations and common sense.

The CHOW Test Kitchen also serves as the working set for CHOW.com’s multiple award-winning online video series. And it’s the place where our Food Editors create, test, and publish thousands of original recipes exclusive to CHOW.com.

The CHOW Reviews Team picks products to test based on a variety of factors, including new releases; market trends; buzz from our online community of home-cooking experts on Chowhound; and good old-fashioned intuition on the part of our experienced editors.

Objectivity is paramount in the CHOW Test Kitchen. We purchase products at retail cost, and have no marketing or promotional arrangements with the manufacturers. Each product is put through rigorous tests based on the manufacturer’s claims and what our Team believes to be a consumer’s reasonable expectations. Each test receives a letter grade; a product’s design and construction, performance, value, and overall appeal get a detailed score of 1 to 10. And a star rating of 1 to 5 offers a quick snapshot of a product’s overall ranking.

About the 5-Star Ranking System

The CHOW Reviews Team gives each product a star rating, based on a number of criteria determined through rigorous testing. The star rating is a general score that reflects an overall rating based on three major categories, scored from 1 to 10:

  • How the product is made, which takes into account its construction, durability, size, weight, and speed.
  • How the product performs, including ease of use, accuracy, any noise it makes, how it handles, and how it cleans up.
  • If the product offers good value for the money.

The CHOW Reviews Team averages the scores from these categories to come up with an overall score from 1 to 10. The overall score informs the star rating, adjusted slightly up or down based on criteria that fall outside of the tests, and according to the judgment of the CHOW Reviews Team, such as if the product meets a consumer need, or is otherwise noteworthy.