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What wine with butternut squash soup?

by jmills 1 day ago

We are serving roasted butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving dinner. It has a little cinnamon and curry in it. What ...


jmills commented 19 hours ago

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when to open bottle of port from cellar

by cleopatra999 21 hours ago

I found a bottle of Barao De Vilar Colheita 1990 in our cellar. I don't recall when or where we bought it, and I didn...

HELP: My Mom's Awful Taste in Wine

by mexicaliblues 6 days ago

My mother loves bargain basement, rot-gut pinot grigio. This despite my parents being financially very healthy / soun...

sunshine842 commented 4 days ago

Best California Zinfandel or Cab $10 and under?

by violet42 3 years ago

Hello, Posting once again about searching for a wedding wine. I'm a pretty big wine drinker and am picky, but for...


HoosierFoodie commented 5 days ago

Travel to French wine country in December, HELP!

by PinotPlease 8 years ago

Hi Hounders, my hubby and I are thinking of traveling to France in the winter (Have to be in the UK for Xmas and want...


collioure commented 6 days ago


by troglodyte 14 days ago

Hello, hounders! Does anyone have recommendations for wineries in Mendoza? Thanks so much!


eickenho commented 9 days ago

Beer ‘better for food pairing’ than wine

by zin1953 5 months ago

'Beer writer and champion sommelier Jane Peyton has also encouraged those wishing to indulge in ale appreciation shou...


sedimental commented 16 days ago

Question regarding "fruity" wine

by dallarose23 1 month ago

I'm just starting to get into learning about wine and figuring out what kinds I actually like to drink. Can someone ...


ferret commented 17 days ago

Small (but good) Sonoma winery recs?

by akmike 2 months ago

Maria Lorraine, I hope you see this, as you have given me great advice before, and I think we have similar pallets. ...


akmike commented 21 days ago

The great Brettanomyces taste test

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"...While 91 of the tasters declined to name a favourite, fewer than a quarter of the people who did have a preferenc...

Midlife commented 21 days ago

Has anyone been to Reid Family Vineyard in Napa?

by scully4er 23 days ago

A colleague mentioned that they love the Reid Family Vineyard in Napa. However, this particular colleague does not li...


scully4er commented 22 days ago

How many wineries are reasonable to visit in a day?

by scully4er 2 months ago

I'm curious as to opinions on how many wineries it is feasible to visit in a day while in the Napa Valley. In the pas...


goldangl95 commented 29 days ago

What is the one winery experience in Napa not to be missed?

by scully4er 1 month ago

I have my personal favorites when I'm visiting Napa, but I'm planning a new trip and I'd like to see what others pref...


zunzie commented 30 days ago

Chardonnay--no oak

by alsky 8 years ago

My mother is a chardonnay drinker but is tired of the oaky chardonnays that she keeps buying. She is looking for a fu...


ceekskat commented 1 month ago

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Too High-Brow For Beer Chugging? Try The Chambong At Your Next Dinner Party

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

" . . . Seriously though, the team confessed on their site that they originally conceived the Champong to be the bong...

Willamette Valley Wine Tasting (Dundee/McMinnville-Eola Amity Hills/Yamhill-Carlton)

by McDrewber 2 months ago

Hounds, Traveling to Willamette Valley for first time. Midwesterners w/ party of 4 that likes a mix of PN and Cha...

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

Who makes the best Zin in Napa Valley?

by scully4er 2 months ago

I'm curious as to opinions on who makes the best Zinfandel in Napa Valley. Thoughts?

zin1953 commented 1 month ago

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Oregon Wineries Post Trip

by bubblechick 1 month ago

Sorry, but this post is way past due. My friends and I visited the beautiful Oregon wine country in late August, sta...

WSJ: "Why Winemakers Don't Just Put a Cork in it"

by ipsedixit 3 months ago


olasek commented 1 month ago

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