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Wine choice with venison

by collioure 1 day ago

I am tasked on New Year's Eve with preparing the plat de resistance. If I can get them, I am thinking of Venison Med...


HoosierFoodie commented 6 hours ago

Cab of note

by tim irvine 9 days ago

I rarely drink cab (more of an Oregon PN or sparklers type), but the other day I had a meal that seemed right for it....


HoosierFoodie commented 4 days ago

Italian Red Wine for Luncheon

by zackly 3 months ago

I’m hosting a Christmas lunch party for about 30 guys @ a local “red sauce” Italian restaurant. Set menu, prix fixe, ...


zackly commented 10 days ago

Can I leave wine in cold car?

by zackly 2 years ago

I have a case of $12.00 Chilean Cab in my car that sits outside most of the time. I'm going to be giving it to the ne...


ferret commented 11 days ago

Wine shipped as gift to Auz PO box?

by LulusMom 13 days ago

I have a good friend who lives in Australia and uses a PO box for his mail. I'm wondering if I would be able to send ...

LulusMom commented 12 days ago

Help: newbie wine drinker at restaurant

by cgrant_corkguru 23 days ago

I'm new to wine drinking and do not know how to pick wine from a restaurant list. How do you pick?

Gussie Finknottle commented 18 days ago

Slight drop in SAQ wine prices

by lagatta 1 month ago

Nothing monumental, but there seems to be a general reduction (of about 50 cents, sometimes more) on a range of wine ...


lagatta commented 26 days ago

Wine Be the first to comment

Willamette Valley named 2016 wine region of the year

by stevewi 26 days ago

See the attached link... We've come of age after, what, 30 years. No pinot better anywhere! Hoo rah! -- sw

Why Weed Pairings Are the New Wine Pairings

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"...Fischer’s wine and weed pairing advice is: kush with cabernets, and any old-school strong strains like Maui Wowie...


SeaEagle commented 1 month ago

Wine flights in YVR?

by mlgagnon 1 month ago

I ill be in Vancouver for three days later this month. I am interesting in wine tasting and wonder which restaurants...

grayelf commented 1 month ago

2012 wines - your best picks to hold for 5, 10+ years

by jen223 1 month ago

The traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit/flowers, and my idea this year is to give my husband some great wine...


jen223 commented 1 month ago

Wine Mark Ups

by Faim 1 month ago

I recently paid $70 for a bottle of Barbera D'Alba at Per Se , I later paid $15 for the same wine at my local wine s...

Motosport commented 1 month ago

I am a cheapskate and do not want to buy a restaurant's wine or their flights of wine

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 1 month ago

This is more of a hypothetical question. Hypothetically, you have a budget conscious couple on a date at a "destinati...

Midlife commented 1 month ago

Weird Alcohol Allergy: Are there other people who suffer from this?

by parkrangerolivia 8 years ago

Hi chowhounders...I was recently diagnosed with this weird GI disease (eosinophilic esophagitis) that makes my throat...


Allergicman commented 1 month ago

where can I get wines used during the mass (catholic)?

by fiery 13 years ago

I would like to know if anyone can order wines used during the mass (catholic)? I am not a wine drinker; however, I...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

Great Argentine Wine

by jane21 2 months ago

I need to bring a "great" bottle of Argentine Wine to a fundraiser for the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Does anyone have an...


forestd commented 2 months ago

Wine pairing for duck a l'orange

by sgilliga 2 months ago

Hello all, looking for some suggestions for wine to serve with duck a l'orange. I prefer white, but if that's a total...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Can you buy the Spiegelau Superiore wine glasses in the U.S.?

by malebe 2 months ago

Hi, winelovers. I had some lovely crystal glasses made by Spiegelau, but it seems like maybe Riedel bought them and h...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

Restaurant Stemware - Do You Even Care?

by Bill Hunt 6 years ago

When I review a restaurant, it is very likely that I’ll be having wine(s) with my meal, and will also review the rest...


CTeater commented 2 months ago

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