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WSJ: "Why Winemakers Don't Just Put a Cork in it"

by ipsedixit about 1 month ago

Gussie Finknottle commented about 6 hours ago

Question regarding "fruity" wine

by dallarose23 1 day ago

I'm just starting to get into learning about wine and figuring out what kinds I actually like to drink. Can someone ...


sedimental commented about 9 hours ago

How many wineries are reasonable to visit in a day?

by scully4er 5 days ago

I'm curious as to opinions on how many wineries it is feasible to visit in a day while in the Napa Valley. In the pas...


HoosierFoodie commented 1 day ago

Lamb/beef hamburger - wine pairing?

by jmills about 2 months ago

We are grilling a great special hamburger tonight for friends. The meat is a mix of lamb and beef. It is served o...


collioure commented 1 day ago

Winery visits in Ribera del Duero

by felipeochoa 4 days ago

I'm going to be in Spain in a couple of weeks, and would like to spend 1 or 2 days doing wine tastings in la Ribera d...


eickenho commented 4 days ago

Who makes the best Zin in Napa Valley?

by scully4er 13 days ago

I'm curious as to opinions on who makes the best Zinfandel in Napa Valley. Thoughts?


zunzie commented 4 days ago

Willamette Valley Wine Tasting (Dundee/McMinnville-Eola Amity Hills/Yamhill-Carlton)

by McDrewber 10 days ago

Hounds, Traveling to Willamette Valley for first time. Midwesterners w/ party of 4 that likes a mix of PN and Cha...


sedimental commented 4 days ago

Why do some wines make me drunk faster than others

by Monica 11 days ago

Don't most wines have similar % of alcohol? despite that, I know some wines definitely make me get drunk faster than...

Gussie Finknottle commented 6 days ago

Sonoma - Healdsburg Suggestions

by elycohn 9 days ago

I am going to be in Healdsburg this week. I need some help in two areas... 1. I'm trying to decide on Vallete or B...


elycohn commented 8 days ago

Small (but good) Sonoma winery recs?

by akmike 16 days ago

Maria Lorraine, I hope you see this, as you have given me great advice before, and I think we have similar pallets. ...


dinwiddie commented 12 days ago

Napa Zins

by evansaunt 20 days ago

I have a two day trip to Napa before heading down to Half Moon Bay. I have appoints at Madrigal on my arrival day, G...


cortez commented 14 days ago

Old world style wines in Napa/Sonoma

by weesa 29 days ago

My husband and I are traveling to Napa/Sonoma area for the 3rd time in October for our 9th anniversary, and we're int...


mstrblstr commented 16 days ago

"Wine snobs" only drink red?

by trolley 30 days ago

Long story short, I was told wine snobs only drink red. I have several friends in the wine industry who drink it all....


LorenzoGA commented 19 days ago

Decent, new-ish wineries in Temecula?

by Midlife 29 days ago

My wife wants to visit some wineries in the area around Temecula, down to Rancho Bernardo. We've been there several t...

Midlife commented 21 days ago

2015 Northern California Fire Reports

by ernie in berkeley 28 days ago

This fire season has given us two huge fires in the Wine country. The Valley fire in Lake County is moving towards N...


budnball commented 24 days ago

Disznóko releases single vineyard Tokaji

by zin1953 about 1 month ago

"Tokaji estate Disznóko, owned by AXA Millésimes, has released the 2011 vintage of its single vineyard Tokaji Aszú 6 ...


eickenho commented 25 days ago

Diff between Methode Champenoise vs Methode Traditionale?

by rosielucchesini almost 9 years ago

Is there a difference between the two methods? I was at BevMo last night wanting to stock up for the week and celebra...

zin1953 commented 25 days ago

Checking in wine

by cchavez about 1 month ago

DH is executive platinum with AA so we get two back of checked in luggage each. We would love to check in some wine w...

RhonelyInsanediego commented 28 days ago

How long does opened Port last?

by Rick almost 9 years ago

I have a bottle of Port that is half full and last opened about 10 months ago. It smells good, but is it safe to drink?


shawport commented 28 days ago

Jancis Robinson on wine experts versus amateurs -

by Melanie Wong about 1 month ago

"...My point is that I have gone from being a unique provider of information to having to fight for attention. Since ...


TombstoneShadow commented about 1 month ago

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