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Tough wine pairing

by offtoanywhere 18 hours ago

So I'm hosting a couple for dinner that primarily drink red wine. Easy right?? Yes, but I invited them on a Friday d...

hotoynoodle commented 2 hours ago

Bottle of Red for 45 Day Dry-Aged Prime Ribeyes

by PMurfree 5 days ago

Hi, everyone. I'm in the process of dry-aging a big (12.5 pounds) 4-rib roast. When it's done, I will be having a din...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 23 hours ago

My Expensive Wine Collection needs to be sold any suggestions?

by kckeshond 11 days ago

I have 16 bottles of wine some are Staglin 2005 and many Rubicons. All are Reds and Cabernet Sauvignon. Also a Palm...


sedimental commented 7 days ago

Driving Oakland to Sacramento -- suggestions for wine tasting on the way? Possibly SE Napa?

by TexMcIdaho 8 days ago

In March, some friends and I will be driving from the Oakland area to Sacramento. On the way, we would like to stop ...


bclevy commented 7 days ago

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Let's talk about Sancerre

by Monica 7 days ago

Wines from Sancerre have become my favorite wine to drink all through out the year. A good bottle has a nice balance...

Wine Be the first to comment

Loic - wine bar report

by CaptCrunch 11 days ago

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I had a friend celebrating his birthday at Loic in Saint-Henri the other week and I th...

Wineries with Tasting Room and BYOF?

by littlecmad 21 days ago

Went to a Winery in NJ recently that had a greenhouse set up with a band at one end and a "bar" at the other end. We ...

CindyJ commented 13 days ago

Josef Friedrich Riesling

by trufflehound 2 months ago

I tried this in Maine and my better half loved it but haven't been able to find it. I'm in Metrowest and I would be ...

Schnowzer commented 14 days ago

Favorite Boston-area wine shops for Champagne?

by MC Slim JB 2 months ago

I need to buy a special bottle of bubbly or two, so I'm wondering what retail outlets local Hounds favor for their br...

BostonBestEats commented 14 days ago

On Wine. A Tragedy

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

This. A thousand times, this. "...Please do not assume that your new found knowledge is somehow absolute. Don’t as...


olasek commented 17 days ago

Wines Til Sold Out website - anyone use it?

by Abacus 9 years ago

Hi there, I have recently subscribed to Wines 'Til Sold Out - - each day they send me an em...


DuarteAyala commented 17 days ago

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Thermador Wine Column Mold issue

by OaklandGal 17 days ago

I have had mold issues in the past few months in my year old Thermador 18 inch Built-In Wine Preservation Column. The...

Your Favorite Winery

by howefortunate 2 months ago

Do you have a favorite winery that you like to visit? I'd love to hear about it.


collioure commented 23 days ago

Opinions needed: in which order to serve these 2 wines?

by EatinginAustin 24 days ago

Hello! I am hosting a Burgundy wine dinner and need some assistance on which wine to serve first: the chardonnay, or...


collioure commented 23 days ago

Can I drink this or should I sell it?

by harpoon 25 days ago

Hey all, I just received two bottle of wine and a bottle of cognac from my dad. He found them in a corner of his b...


harpoon commented 23 days ago

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Arizona Wines are Coming of Age

by GasperTheWineGuy 27 days ago

I was never a big fan of Arizona wines until a recent trip to Willcox, Arizona. I not only found the wines drinkable...

ISO, Soft Red Wine, Inexpensive

by zackly 1 month ago

I'm looking for a nice, inoffensive "soft" red wine in the under $10.00 range but preferably around $5.00. Soft to me...

knowspicker commented 30 days ago

Dry Sack Sherry - Opinions [Moved from Spirits board]

by kare_raisu 8 years ago

This seems to be the only Name protected Jerez sherry at the local safeway...any opinions?

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

Sonoma - Healdsburg Suggestions

by elycohn 4 months ago

I am going to be in Healdsburg this week. I need some help in two areas... 1. I'm trying to decide on Vallete or B...

howefortunate commented 1 month ago

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s?

by Hershey Bomar 7 years ago

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s. Does anyone remember this stuff and have any info on it? I guess it was the drink ...


bclevy commented 1 month ago

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