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Wine Tasting/Class in Bergen County

by villager21 1 month ago

Interested in taking a class on French or Italian wines. Are there recommended local spots that offer this in Bergen ...


ELA commented 4 days ago

Savennières - what do you serve with excellent dry Chenin Blanc

by collioure 18 days ago

After 14 years here in southern France I finally put my hands on a few bottles of good Savennières (from Damien Larea...


Simon commented 5 days ago

Need wine suggestion

by WINDELLA 12 days ago

I'm not much of a wine drinker but my family and friends are.I'm having a sandwich and salad bar party and would like...

Ttrockwood commented 8 days ago

Suggestions for slightly sweet red wine?

by lisamos 8 years ago

I've recently become interested in wines, however at this point I don't know much about them. I'm interested in a sli...


shelton123 commented 11 days ago

Wine Prices in European Restaurants

by zackly 1 month ago

We are having a discussion on another thread about wine prices in US restaurants. Some of us think that 300+% or more...


olasek commented 13 days ago

Alcohol-Free Wine

by yeoyeo 8 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alcohol-free wine that might actually be tasty? Preferably white.


juiceimporter commented 13 days ago

One More Vineyard/Winery

by panchy 16 days ago

Hi All! This is far in advance but I plan on visiting some vineyards in Sonoma/St. Helena area for a day in July. I h...


offtoanywhere commented 14 days ago

Lafon Volnay

by sam16 26 days ago

I'm planning an anniversary dinner to showcase the wine we had on our honeymoon - a Lafon Volnay-Santenots. I see roa...


collioure commented 18 days ago

Advice on Wine Glasses Please

by Seitan 23 days ago

I don't entertain that often, and currently don't have any wine glasses. But if I were to get just two kinds of wine...

Gussie Finknottle commented 19 days ago

Best Wine Shops in Vegas?

by anewton 27 days ago

My wife and I will be in Vegas for a few nights in May. We are then driving to Moab/Monument Valley area for 1 week w...


anewton commented 20 days ago

Barons de Rothschild

by anndillman 24 days ago

I have a 1996 bottle of Bordeaux reserve special. Should I save this or is it drinkable now or is it garbage?


anndillman commented 22 days ago

Wine Be the first to comment

The Journey of the Chardonnay Grape from Old World to California

by gregorymboelter 22 days ago

California Chardonnay has gone through a transformation over the years. It was the Judgement of Paris in 1976 that pu...

Wine pairing with smoked fish?

by Wahooty 7 years ago

I'm no sommelier, and I'm not an expert at wine pairings, but I know the basics and am usually pretty successful. Ho...


Simon commented 23 days ago

Baby/Toddler Friendly Wineries in Napa County

by kachoo 1 month ago

Hi, we have some friends visiting from Norway (2 couples) in April and would like to take them through wine country. ...

LulusMom commented 24 days ago

Keeping Port

by tim irvine 28 days ago

I have never had a wine fridge until now. My house is kept fairly consistently in the 72ish range. I have heard it s...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 26 days ago

How many wineries are reasonable to visit in a day?

by scully4er 7 months ago

I'm curious as to opinions on how many wineries it is feasible to visit in a day while in the Napa Valley. In the pas...


cortez commented 28 days ago

Help me pick a food/wine pairing and Olive Oil tasting in Napa/Sonoma

by tishkb 1 month ago

Hey fellow foodies, Looking for feedback on a food and wine pairing while in Napa next week. I have made a res at...


tishkb commented 28 days ago

Wine Pairing with Lobster Bisque?

by stneal 1 year ago

We are hosting a multi course wine pairing dinner and I am not sure of the best wine to serve with lobster bisque (fi...


Jetjouster commented 1 month ago

Why pay over $50 for a $15 wine

by chefearl 1 month ago

There is perhaps nothing more galling than flipping open a restaurant’s wine list to find a $15 bottle that you know ...


collioure commented 1 month ago

pairing with mussels and frites?

by polly parker 8 years ago

What is a good wine to pair with this food? also, roasted chicken? what is a good pairing for (in general) french r...


collioure commented 1 month ago

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