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Find tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes, debate the merits of veg/vegan products, and get tips on vegetarian/vegan options for BBQs, toddlers, dinner guests, and more.

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quick vegan dinners for 2

by Rory 11 days ago

I'll be cooking every day just for one other person who is fine with soyfoods, any ideas for quick healthy vegan dinn...

patricium commented about 1 hour ago

NYT Martha Rose Shulman's Most Popular Recipes

by MplsM ary 4 days ago

I get the daily New York Times cooking emails and lately they've had a few vegetarian and vegan stories and recipes. ...


Steve commented about 6 hours ago

Costco's Ghirardelli brownies

by Bottomless_Pit 4 days ago

The brownie mix contains milk, so they aren't strictly vegan. Yet, I love this brand, I tried substituting the eg...

Ttrockwood commented about 17 hours ago

Rice + leafy greens -- what else?

by glify 17 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to put together a good brown rice plus (varying) leafy green dish that I actually look forward to. Can...

MplsM ary commented 1 day ago

Lazy vegan pancakes

by Bottomless_Pit 17 days ago

Hey, one of my favorite foods are pancakes. I also want to be vegan. I am quite possibly the laziest chef alive to...


Steve commented 4 days ago

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease

by tazia about 1 year ago

I picked this up at my local vegan grocery (SO lucky to have this) and am wondering if anyone else has used it/has op...

MplsM ary commented 5 days ago

Veg*n Fish Sauce

by frumgirl1 about 1 month ago

I keep hearing rumors of the existence of store-bought vegan/vegetarian fish sauce, but have never run across any at ...


MikeG commented 5 days ago

Your best lentil, split pea or bean loaf, please

by MplsM ary about 1 month ago

Hi all, Target had Amy's dinners on sale last week, so I picked up my favorite: meatloaf. Holy wow, I love the fla...


Rory commented 18 days ago

Rave over kale over?

by HariGhotra 4 months ago

I'm not sure if it's me but it seems the rave over kale seems to have fizzled out? Are people still cooking/eating it...

tcamp commented 20 days ago

Fresh organic turmeric root

by erinlola about 1 month ago

Any idea where I can find fresh organic turmeric root or a juice bar that sells fresh (not pre-bottled) turmeric root...


MikeG commented 23 days ago

Non Dairy Milk Update

by Ttrockwood about 2 months ago

The few years there has been such a huge variety of non dairy milks added to store shelves it's bard to keep up! I re...


Steve commented 23 days ago

Aesthetic vegetarian dishes

by Bottomless_Pit 2 months ago

One of my first experiences trying to get people to eat a vegetarian dish was a green smoothie. I learned quickly ...


Bookwich commented 24 days ago

best cities/areas for vegan eating on the East Coast?

by noya about 1 month ago

Returned recently from the Woodstock/Kingston area, and was so delighted with the many, many vegan options at non-veg...

Science Chick commented 28 days ago


by alc about 2 months ago

Has anyone cooked with canned jackfruit in brine? I tried a recipe for bbq jackfruit in the crockpot. The recipe wa...


blinknoodle commented about 1 month ago

Help me up for Vegan caterers and restaurants (California)

by jhony32 about 1 month ago

I am about to start a new project on vegan caterers and restaurants. For that I need to know your experiences at vega...

Ttrockwood commented about 1 month ago

farinata/faina chickpea flour flatbread

by lagatta 2 months ago

This is the version from Liguria (northwestern Italy along the coast, largest city Genova). http://memoriediangel...


lagatta commented about 1 month ago

Veggie Burger Woes-new here

by MommyMac1581 about 2 months ago

I tried a veggie burger recipe (quinoa and black bean as the main ingredients) with a little spice, veggies, herbs an...


scunge commented about 2 months ago

Anyone one ever feel like they need to supplement B12 or Iron?

by PutSomethingTogether about 2 months ago

I am not a vegetarian/vegan, but over the years I experimented with it for awhile. I still can't have meat 7 days a w...


Rory commented about 2 months ago

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How to make Spinach with Garlic Oil?

by mahmoudfouda about 2 months ago

Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds baby spinach leaves 2 tablespoons good olive oil 2 tablespoons chopped garlic (6 clove...

Can you be a Vegan or Vegetarian without using Soy products?

by MarianneB88 about 3 years ago

I am one of those people who can't have soy of any type. I have been told by people who have been vegetarians or vega...


Rory commented about 2 months ago

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