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Find tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes, debate the merits of veg/vegan products, and get tips on vegetarian/vegan options for BBQs, toddlers, dinner guests, and more.

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V & V What's for Dinner, Back to the Light

by patricium 2 months ago

Solstice dinner: a sunny-colored onion, carrot, and potato soup, livened up with some sherry vinegar, smoked paprika ...


Rory commented 9 hours ago

Do you have a vegan or plant-based menu that you serve to omnivore guests? Just brainstorming...

by Full tummy 2 years ago

So, I had some omnivore friends over tonight and was thinking about what to feed them. We don't generally eat meat, d...


Shinnam commented 20 hours ago

vegan cheese suggestions

by noya 7 months ago

This week I've been having great success with cashew cheese. Some truffle oil really made it fantastic with crackers,...


blinknoodle commented 11 days ago

Where can I buy the salad dressing used by genuine Japanese restaurants?

by scherz0 13 days ago

The salad dressing used by Japanese restaurants, such as Shiso Tree Café (Victoria Park & Steeles) where I ate: 1...

PoppiYYZ commented 13 days ago

Vegetarian & Vegan Be the first to comment

Cactus Salsa Recipe

by Rivenrock 13 days ago

All of the ingredients can be adjusted for taste. Ingredients: two pounds of cactus prepared and diced a lot of...

vegetarian/vegan recipe goals/adventures for 2016

by Mouver 1 month ago

I'm starting out the year thinking of goals and recipes that I haven't had the guts to try yet, or were just curious ...

nannygoat commented 17 days ago

Ramen, Ramen and more Ramen

by Rory 19 days ago

Got snowed in with packages of Ramen. Now I must have it...but I'd rather make it. Anyone with recipes? I would love,...

Ttrockwood commented 17 days ago

Vegan Cereal?!

by JiffLeDarno 2 months ago

Hi, my vegan friends recommended that I try becoming vegan. I'm starting out with cereal. Check out my unboxing/revie...


Steve commented 23 days ago

How Do You Feel About A Company Offering Plant-Based Meals Now Introducing Meats?

by ashleyg 1 month ago

I've got a question about my company that will deliver healthy meals every week to people. The meals will be plant-ba...

nannygoat commented 25 days ago

Vegetarian dinner party menu for night before Thanksgiving

by velvetdc1 3 months ago

We are having friends over for dinner the night before Thanksgiving. We (and several guests) are vegetarian. What is ...


PickledTinker commented 25 days ago

Looking for an interesting veggie sushi roll recipe

by taylorlynnfoodie 1 month ago

Here's the deal! So I enjoy eating meat and love seafood but decided to take a little break and have been going the v...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

Vegan Tapas Ideas

by GEC 2 months ago

I'm interested in making some all-vegan Spanish tapas, and I'd like to collect ideas. Things already on my list are:...


GEC commented 1 month ago

Ah, this Porridge is just right!

by brooklynsabra 2 months ago

So for the past several months I have been making like Goldilocks...ISO of porridges that are just right. It all star...


brooklynsabra commented 1 month ago

Vegetarian & Vegan Be the first to comment

Eggs from "no kill" farms in San Francisco

by jdd243 1 month ago

Does anyone know where to get eggs from a farm that does not kill the chickens near San Francisco?

"Vegan" cookbook that uses butter

by frumgirl1 3 months ago

A while ago I ran across a "vegan" cookbook that, in the intro, talks about using butter and possibly cream. I think ...


femmevox commented 2 months ago

V&V What's For Dinner? The Fall Fell Edition

by Ttrockwood 4 months ago

Suddenly soup sounds appealing again and mulled wine season is just around the corner.... If dinner was vegetarian or...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Best packaged vegetable stock!

by josephnl 1 year ago

OK, I know that I am lazy and that it's easy to make great vegetable stock. Is there any packaged vegetable stock tha...


mwk commented 2 months ago

Best non dairy milk for gravy

by MommyMac1581 3 months ago

Im not quite a full blown vegetarian yet but am working on it. I am a breastfeeding mom with a son who has dairy sen...


magiesmom commented 3 months ago

Vegan Processed Foods, use or avoid?

by mwk 3 months ago

So I'm fairly new to the vegan lifestyle. I'm trying a Whole-Food, Plant-Based diet plan for health reasons (I'm not...

nannygoat commented 3 months ago

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