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Find tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes, debate the merits of veg/vegan products, and get tips on vegetarian/vegan options for BBQs, toddlers, dinner guests, and more.

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Vegetarian dinner party menu for night before Thanksgiving

by velvetdc1 3 days ago

We are having friends over for dinner the night before Thanksgiving. We (and several guests) are vegetarian. What is ...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

"Vegan" cookbook that uses butter

by frumgirl1 3 days ago

A while ago I ran across a "vegan" cookbook that, in the intro, talks about using butter and possibly cream. I think ...

ninrn commented 1 day ago

Vegan Processed Foods, use or avoid?

by mwk 24 days ago

So I'm fairly new to the vegan lifestyle. I'm trying a Whole-Food, Plant-Based diet plan for health reasons (I'm not...

nannygoat commented 3 days ago

V&V What's For Dinner? The Fall Fell Edition

by Ttrockwood 1 month ago

Suddenly soup sounds appealing again and mulled wine season is just around the corner.... If dinner was vegetarian or...

nannygoat commented 3 days ago

Vegan Cheese

by 512window 13 days ago

I'm looking for help identifying a vegan "cheese" that I can substitute for Parmesan cheese in a recipe for Tday. I'...


frumgirl1 commented 3 days ago

Best non dairy milk for gravy

by MommyMac1581 9 days ago

Im not quite a full blown vegetarian yet but am working on it. I am a breastfeeding mom with a son who has dairy sen...


FluffyKiwiFruit08 commented 7 days ago

"Ethical" milk?

by anonaz 17 days ago

The way by which we get to buy cow's milk is very disturbing. I would like to buy cow's milk obtained by "stealing" ...

MplsM ary commented 8 days ago

Is "Chinese Fried Rice" really vegetarian?

by shrines 17 days ago

I had been eating it for many years as a vegetarian, but stopped after one day asking, just for fun, how the rice is ...

MelMM commented 10 days ago

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes NY Times + Others

by MplsM ary 20 days ago I know this sounds odd, but i...

hotoynoodle commented 11 days ago

NYT Martha Rose Shulman's Most Popular Recipes

by MplsM ary 2 months ago

I get the daily New York Times cooking emails and lately they've had a few vegetarian and vegan stories and recipes. ...


magiesmom commented 19 days ago

Advice on veganizing a Thanksgiving stuffing recipe

by sourcherry 21 days ago

Hi. I have been a little unsatisfied with vegan bread stuffings. They just don't have the texture I want. So I was t...


Steve commented 19 days ago

V-Note closed!

by pbjluver 24 days ago so sorry to see this wonderful vegetarian restaurant close.

Ttrockwood commented 22 days ago

Vegetarians cheat when drunk

by Florida Hound 2 months ago

I thought this research was worthy of Chowhounds' consideration:


small h commented 1 month ago

quick vegan dinners for 2

by Rory 2 months ago

I'll be cooking every day just for one other person who is fine with soyfoods, any ideas for quick healthy vegan dinn...

nannygoat commented 1 month ago

Costco's Ghirardelli brownies

by Bottomless_Pit 2 months ago

The brownie mix contains milk, so they aren't strictly vegan. Yet, I love this brand, I tried substituting the eg...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Rice + leafy greens -- what else?

by glify 2 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to put together a good brown rice plus (varying) leafy green dish that I actually look forward to. Can...

MplsM ary commented 2 months ago

Lazy vegan pancakes

by Bottomless_Pit 2 months ago

Hey, one of my favorite foods are pancakes. I also want to be vegan. I am quite possibly the laziest chef alive to...


Steve commented 2 months ago

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease

by tazia 1 year ago

I picked this up at my local vegan grocery (SO lucky to have this) and am wondering if anyone else has used it/has op...

MplsM ary commented 2 months ago

Veg*n Fish Sauce

by frumgirl1 3 months ago

I keep hearing rumors of the existence of store-bought vegan/vegetarian fish sauce, but have never run across any at ...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

Your best lentil, split pea or bean loaf, please

by MplsM ary 3 months ago

Hi all, Target had Amy's dinners on sale last week, so I picked up my favorite: meatloaf. Holy wow, I love the fla...


Rory commented 2 months ago

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