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Winter Squash

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What kind of squash is this?

by boogie350 9 months ago

We picked this up at our local farmer's market today for $3. It's a good 16" long and 6" thick. The kid in the booth ...


dfrostnh commented 9 months ago

bought a kabocha squash--favorite recipes, please

by noya 12 months ago

Thinking about roasting it and then adding some sauce...but open to anything delicious...

Ttrockwood commented 12 months ago

Is there still hope for these seedlings?

by sasha1 1 year ago

In 2 weeks, I went from excitement to anxiety. I'm a new gardener, and have always relied on starts from the nursery...

raytamsgv commented 1 year ago

stuffed bell pepper menu -what else to serve? acorn squash?

by mistysfinds 1 year ago

I'm making the Cooks Illustrated classic stuffed bell peppers to take to a family that just welcomed a new baby. I ta...

blue room commented 1 year ago

Winter Squashes: Is it wrong to eat the skins?

by Sunshineness 8 years ago

It is common to see "white part only" for scallions or leeks as an ingredient for a recipe. I, however, try and get a...


NickNah commented 2 years ago

How do I thicken my soup?

by JennS 8 years ago

I made a winter squash soup to serve tomorrow night and it came out thinner than I intended. I may have blended it to...

Cheese Boy commented 4 years ago

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