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Chowlunch at Sichuan Jin River - Report

by Steve about 15 hours ago

Eight Chowhounds got together for a Columbus Day lunch at Sichuan Jin River in Rockville, MD. Some favorite dishes a...

luckyfatima commented about 14 hours ago

Football loaf (the luncheon meat)

by Bill on Capitol Hill about 9 years ago

Near as I can tell, this childhood fave is a Michigan regional cold cut, but I thought I'd take a shot: Has anyone se...


ChazMD commented about 17 hours ago

Food festival list!

by chefonism 2 days ago

I love food! This time of year there are tons of international food festivals, I neeeed to know where, I've been to t...


brian4625 commented about 21 hours ago

Pre dinner drink in Friendship Heights

by sf415 4 days ago

Having dinner at range tonight. Any thoughts where to grab a drink beforehand?


Steve commented 1 day ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Baltimore Caterer

by sundancer 10225 1 day ago

I hope this is the correct community for my inquiry. I am looking for a wedding caterer and would like to hear peopl...

Masseria by Nicholas Stefanelli Italian near Union Station

by Worldwide Diner 2 days ago

This newcomer by the former chef of Bibiana came in as the third favorite in Tom Seitsema's 2015 fall dining guide. ...


Steve commented 2 days ago

6 Days in D.C. Area in October 2015

by dr s 17 days ago

I am looking for restaurant recommendations. I will be in the DC area from Oct. 6th through Oct. 11th. I am open to...

hill food commented 2 days ago

Society Fair Market in Alexandria - Report

by Steve 9 months ago

My first time in this market/counter/cafe on Washington St. below King in Old Town Alexandria from the same restauran...

monkeyrotica commented 3 days ago

Cowboy Cafe

by dcs almost 8 years ago

The Cowboy Cafe in North Arlington is under new management. There are new folks running the kitchen and they are try...


Steve commented 5 days ago

Why is pasta so expensive?

by daves_32 10 days ago

I joined the gf on a work trip to nyc this weekend. We had a great time and I will offer my reviews at a later time. ...


sugartoof commented 5 days ago

Cantonese Moon Cakes

by hibye about 1 month ago

I'm looking for authentic Cantonese moon cakes. I prefer someplace in DC or Montgomery County but will go to Virginia...

Mulan commented 10 days ago

Opening of the new Bob's bakery Rockville

by cfoodie about 1 month ago

Had the opportunity to check out Bob's bakery today in its opening. With Bob's noodles location sold off, Bob is ont...


cfoodie commented 10 days ago

Need Baltimore style kidney stew recipe

by AlLipscomb almost 6 years ago

Kidney stew and waffles were a staple for breakfast during the late 40's and early 50's, at least in my neighborhood....


Debie commented 11 days ago

Cheesemaking supplies in the close-in VA 'burbs?

by tcamp 27 days ago

There is brewing supply place in Manassas that has what I need but I'm looking for somewhere closer to Alexandria. Ha...

articshark commented 11 days ago

Looking for Best Bibimbap

by Arquatus1 12 days ago

Chowhound's "Best Korean food in DC" post is six years old. time to update?? My absolute favorite place for Bibimbap...


Steve commented 11 days ago

Kapnos Taverna

by ambergersa 7 months ago

We went to Kapnos Taverna on Saturday and I was duly impressed. I really like Graffiato, so I was worried that my ex...


Steve commented 12 days ago

Stout Craft Beer Lovers in DC this November

by littlecmad about 2 months ago

Is there a tap finder for stouts in DC? Or can anybody recommend certain bars/restaurants that will have some good st...


foodslut commented 12 days ago

Restaurant Eve Old Town Alexandria Asian Tasting Menu

by Worldwide Diner 21 days ago

Restaurant Eve has been doing an Asian (mainly Filipino) inspired tasting menu for $65, with beverage pairing for ab...


Bart Hound commented 13 days ago

NorCal Hounds need feedback on kid-friendly DC trip plan

by smiles33 24 days ago

Our family of 4 (including 2 daughters, ages 6 and 9) are planning a brief extended weekend trip to DC and looking fo...


wineo1957 commented 14 days ago

The Return of Bombay Curry Company - Del Ray

by Steve 17 days ago

Bombay Curry Co. reopened in Del Ray over the summer, after a long period in search of a new home. It had been a reli...


Steve commented 15 days ago

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