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Why don't grocery stores sell green tomatoes?

by mushroomaffairs 2 days ago

I've never seen green tomatoes sold in any grocery store or farmer's market which is kind of odd considering how insa...

hill food commented 5 hours ago

Winter Cooking From the Garden

by dfrostnh 2 months ago

It's closing in on the end of December in NH - zone 5ish. It's been unusually warm but I have pulled the last of the ...


dfrostnh commented 6 days ago

Baking Soda to Reduce Acidity of Tomato Sauce

by Funwithfood 11 years ago

Has anyone used baking soda to reduce the acidity of tomatoes in either tomato sauce or tomato soup? What was the ...


scunge commented 1 month ago

San Marzano tomatoes - cook and freeze?

by michaeljc70 2 months ago

I like to use San Marzano tomatoes when I cook and need to use canned tomatoes. They are quite a bit more expensive t...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Canned Tomatoes; check to make sure Calcium Chloride is NOT an ingrediant!!

by ryan 12 years ago

What do you guys and girls think about Calcium Chloride? My vauge understanding of canning tomatoes is as follows: t...


scbbc81 commented 2 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Toronto: Organic green tomatoes available

by freshnwild 3 months ago

Hi, Toronto folks, I recently asked my wonderful CSA peeps for "a few pounds" of green tomatoes (for chutney and minc...

Gardening Be the first to comment

I wish that y'all state your location and describe your soil when you post.

by Vinnie Vidimangi 3 months ago

Auckland, New Zealand, yellow clay, under the remains of what the developer scraped away. YANCBASMNSTYH.

What are some low potassium substitutes for tomatoes and dried beans/peas/lentils?

by magnoliasouth 3 years ago

I have been switched to a low potassium diet... that I absolutely hate. Every food I love is high in potassium. :( ...


gilfaethwy commented 3 months ago

Sugar-free, salt free tomato ketchup for canning?

by RandalOulton 1 year ago

Anyone have any tomato ketchup recipes, no added salt or sugar, that are suitable for home canning / preserving/ bott...

RandalOulton commented 3 months ago

Help! Added too much salt to tomato sauce

by SarahKC 8 years ago

Can you please help me? By accident I added too much salt to a tomato sauce I was using to make lasagna. Any ideas?


SBerges commented 3 months ago

Troubleshooting - Green tomatoes brought inside to ripen all turned brown

by sasha1 4 months ago

This year, we planted 11 tomato plants - a little late - because we had trouble getting the starts ready. We had a t...


Chowrin commented 3 months ago

Has Anyone Planted "Ketchup & Fries"?

by kaleokahu 8 months ago

I was startled last week when the checker at my local nursery told me that Potato-Tomato (aka "Ketchup & Fries") graf...

cayjohan commented 4 months ago

Tomatoes and Rice: What to Do?

by BerkshireTsarina 4 months ago

I have about two cups of leftover cooked rice and four kumatos starting to show their age. I also am so tired I can't...

BerkshireTsarina commented 4 months ago


by caiatransplant 2 years ago

Hi all. I don't know what I was thinking, but I put in 4 cherry tomato plants (1 Sun Gold; 1 Sweet 100s; 1 Yellow Pe...

DonShirer commented 4 months ago

SAN MARZANO (DOP) TOMATOES. What's the big deal?

by Mr Taster 4 years ago

Hello Italian Tomato 'Hounds I remember hearing once about the problem with DOP tomatoes, in that there are restri...

coll commented 4 months ago

Seeking bulk plum tomatoes in Bucks County

by famdoc 5 months ago

Looking to make a second batch of sauce (gravy, for those of you from Jersey), my current source of juicy plum tomato...


gsElsbeth commented 4 months ago

Various Brands of San Marzano Tomatoes

by prio girl 3 years ago

I would like to hear CH's opinions on canned San Marzano tomatoes. 1) Costco carries the brand Nina and the label sa...


chefkeithsnow commented 4 months ago

Learning experience Update

by Berheenia 5 months ago

We planted our first garden in years in late June. The delay was due to a late spring with everyone behind. Everyone ...

Berheenia commented 4 months ago

Bushels of tomatoes for canning

by pistachio peas 6 months ago

Any tips on where in Toronto I can get good tomatoes for canning, and at a decent price? Thanks.


helenhelen commented 5 months ago

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