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Cool Stuff En Route from Dallas to Austin

by Jim Leff 3 months ago

I'll be driving from Dallas to Austin (and back again) in November, and want to take a long circuitous route and try ...

Jim Leff commented 1 day ago

White Castle in Houston?

by tom in austin 8 years ago

At lunch today, a friend mentioned that a White Castle had opened in Houston on 1960. I wasn't sure if it could be...


emmakay555 commented 6 days ago

Houston Help

by klebb 19 days ago

I'm heading to Houston with my family between Christmas and NYE to visit my grandparents. I think we are staying d...


James Cristinian commented 13 days ago

Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich in Houston

by smcbelle 11 years ago

My husband and I watched the Indy 500 yesterday. We became a little homesick for some good Hoosier comfort food. I...

brucesw commented 17 days ago

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Angelina County Airport Cafe (in Diboll, near Lurkin)

by Jim Leff 18 days ago

I've spent the better part of the evening researching small town joints in East Texas. And one curious name keeps com...

Birthday dinner for kids

by Girl Friday 24 days ago

We are visiting San Antonio with our group of four adults and three kids. My twins will celebrate their 4th birthday ...


saeyedoc commented 22 days ago

Norwegian Lutefisk Dinner in Cranfills Gap - First Sat. in December

by TroyTempest 2 years ago

So, has anyone ever been to the annual Lutefisk dinner in Cranfils Gap? I was on a road trip going through Hamilton ...


BubbaElk commented 25 days ago

Calabacita squash: no wiki?

by DLovsky 1 month ago

Calabacita squash is rather cheap this month, about 80 cents a pound, an excellent alternative to the usual green Zuc...


Jaymes commented 25 days ago

Lunch in Austin

by gateway girl 2 months ago

We will be in Austin for a wedding and will have one free lunch. We are staying at the Four Seasons and will not hav...


hairylegshoolihan commented 1 month ago

Where do I buy brioche bread loaves in Corpus Christi?

by xcalivr 1 month ago

I'd promise a girl I'd make her honey toast(It's a Japanese desert-esque toast with ice cream on top) and the recipe ...


pete6253 commented 1 month ago

Dale's Snow Cones/Fort Worth

by eatsdc 10 years ago

I am working on a culinary history of going to neat places with my grandmother. I seem to remember a delicious shave...


billybareblu commented 2 months ago

Authentic San Antonio

by agorenko 2 months ago

Hi all - I've read the posts from the previous year and noted some of the restaurants, but was hoping to get some gui...


San Antonio Sam commented 2 months ago

Restaurant suggestions in Lost Pine (near Hyatt)

by waldrons 2 years ago

We're spending 3 nights at Hyatt Lost Pine and would like to not eat every night at the hotel. Is there anything wit...

TroyTempest commented 2 months ago

Wangchao Chinese Restaurant

by amazinc 3 months ago

Excitedly waiting for this resto to open, but after reading the reviews on Yelp, I may not have the need to try it. ...


ArchitectGirl commented 2 months ago

Czech Stop (West, TX) documentary

by brucesw 2 months ago


brucesw commented 2 months ago

Trip to Austin - must-try classics?

by kacang 4 months ago

Hi, I'll be making a 2 week foodie trip to the mid-west/southern US from HK with my girlfriend and will be in Austin ...


Jaymes commented 2 months ago

Good places around DFW airport

by annabing 8 years ago

We are new to Dallas, living in Irving. I am having 10 people come from out of state for my husband's 30th birthday....


mialebven commented 2 months ago

Trip from Austin to Brownwood

by six dower 3 months ago

Making the drive from Austin to Brownwood. Any must stops on the way. Starting from downtown early morning next week....


Rptrane commented 2 months ago

Fredericksburg Birthday Dinner for 6

by boston1215 5 months ago

Chow never lets me down! Looking for recommendations for a birthday dinner for a girls' weekend in Fredericksburg. ...


boston1215 commented 3 months ago

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Pilot Point, Denton and Aubrey

by Local 3 months ago

I'm a fairly frequent visitor to Pilot Point, stay with friends, and we eat out most of the time when I'm there. We k...

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