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Madrid Dining Report

by jnwall 1 day ago

We were in Madrid in November for a week, chiefly to see the Prado, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, an...


rrems commented 9 hours ago

Bordeaux or San Sebastian/Bilbao

by Monica 14 days ago

I am going to Mallorca next year Sept and want to make a quick 2 night trip before we visit Barcelona. I can't decid...

Parnassien commented 16 hours ago

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Short -- but enthusiastic -- Lisbon Report

by jnwall 3 days ago

On our recent trip to the iberian peninsula, we only had three days in Lisbon, so mostly explored the dining options ...

Good food in Barcelona (a bit north of Sant Marti)?

by lamb_da_calculus 4 days ago

I'm in town for a conference (NIPS, if you're curious). I'm staying near the area above, about a mile east/northeast ...

BCNLocal commented 3 days ago

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Lisbon/Cascais for Christmas Eve 2016

by BrianPatterson1973 4 days ago

I am looking for specific names of restaurants that might be open for dinner on December 24th, 2016, in either Lisbon...

Ibai in San Sebastian: Has anyone been? Cost?

by zizouz 4 years ago

Have read a few glowing reviews, all of which say the place is expensive, none of which bothers to define the term. A...


mrmerci commented 12 days ago

Michelin Spain/Portugal 2017

by Chadsie 14 days ago

Here are the Michelin 2017 Guide Winners http://elpais.com/elpais/2016/11/24/inenglish/1479988371_822607.html

monchique commented 14 days ago

Spain Trip Report

by turbowine 1 month ago

My wife and I along with another couple planned this trip to Spain as a Michelin-starred restaurant orgy. 12 days, 4 ...

Delucacheesemonger commented 17 days ago

Which two of Martin Berasategui, Mugaritz, Arzak, and Akelarre?

by willyum 4 years ago

Our first trip to Spain, mainly for great food and art in Barcelona and San Sebastian. Will dine at El Cellar de Can...

estufarian commented 27 days ago

Long Portugal report

by Joanie 1 month ago

I read some past suggestions and cobbled a list together and here's what we ended up with. Hopefully this helps with ...


jmoryl commented 1 month ago

Molecular gastronomy in BCN "for the masses?" Other recs?

by Lgalen 1 month ago

I'm looking forward to our trip to Barcelona and Catalonia this month, and have been reading about restos to try...

gastrocar commented 1 month ago

Help for meals in Madrid, Toledo, and Lisbon

by jnwall 1 month ago

We are headed to Madrid, Toledo, and Lisbon for 10 days in mid November. Suggestions please for restaurants. In Madri...


jnwall commented 1 month ago

Costa Brava Sea Urchin Cruise

by Lgalen 1 month ago

We'll be in this area in early November. I read an article about a sea urchin cruise (half day trip, I think), but I...

MonsieurGhislain commented 1 month ago

Best destination for vegetarians? Barcelona or Lisbon (or other Spanish or Portuguese areas)

by round2 3 months ago

I've rarely had the opportunity to travel internationally, but will get to in October using frequent flyer miles. I'm...

digga commented 1 month ago

Madrid to Madrid report, part 5 - Granada at last

by Nyleve 2 months ago

So really, the main reason we came to Granada was so that I could visit the Alhambra, never having been there. This w...


Nyleve commented 1 month ago

Madrid to Madrid report part 2 - Toledo and Caceres

by Nyleve 2 months ago

Drove to Toledo from Madrid - a surprisingly easy drive, actually. We arrived in Toledo around lunchtime and, after c...


Nyleve commented 2 months ago

Madrid to Madrid report part 4 - Cordoba and beyond

by Nyleve 2 months ago

Well first of all, I must post a short addition to our trip from Caceres to Seville (described as boring in part 3). ...


Nyleve commented 2 months ago

Our Madrid to Madrid circular trip report, part 1

by Nyleve 2 months ago

I meant to post this as soon as we got back from our trip, at the end of September, but for some reason was unable (!...


Nyleve commented 2 months ago

Madrid to Madrid report part 3 - Seville

by Nyleve 2 months ago

The drive to Seville was long and a little boring. I should have entered some more out-of-the way spots into my googl...


Nyleve commented 2 months ago

Help me refine list for 5 nights in Lisbon, please!

by erica 3 months ago

I will visit Lisbon for the first time in early November. I've been reading online guides and blogs and have come up...


shakti2 commented 2 months ago