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December / January vacations question

by TxuletonGigante 9 days ago

I'm trying to time a four week trip to Madrid this winter and would like to minimize the time when I'm there and most...


ClarisaDoval commented about 16 hours ago

Week of NYE in Spain - good/bad time to go?

by sarahinthecity 4 days ago

Is the week in between Christmas and New Year's Day a good/bad time to go to Spain? Trying to decide where exactly...


ClarisaDoval commented about 16 hours ago

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Short Barcelona Tapas Report

by kasiav 2 days ago

Briefly in BCN for 2 dinners and decided to focus on tapas in poble sec, a really great neighborhood to base out of. ...

Ramiros Reservation in Lisbon

by DolceFarNiente 16 days ago

I will be in Lisbon at the end of October and emailed Ramiros for a 9:00pm reservation. They wrote back and said the...


DolceFarNiente commented 3 days ago

What are best Tapas/Restaurants don't need Reservations in Barcelona?

by Torolover 6 days ago

What are the best Tapas and Restaurants in Barcelona that you don't need Reservations? I don't mind getting there ea...

macdog commented 4 days ago

Madrid budget Fish Restaurants

by lzhnb2 about 4 years ago

Is there anybody that can advice ? This is NOT about Mariscada but plain white fish like Cod, Turbot and Halibut. ...


TxuletonGigante commented 6 days ago

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Madrid List for a long trip

by TxuletonGigante 6 days ago

I'm trying to narrow down the list of places to try. We've been to Spain a few times and enjoyed some of these (as in...

Madrid - Gastromaquia

by bsprout about 1 month ago

We will be in Madrid in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. Can anyone tell me if I need reservations for lunch at Gastromaquia? Thi...


bsprout commented 11 days ago

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2 nights in Madrid - La Latina

by abandon 12 days ago

Hi, my partner and I have 2 nights in Madrid, arriving in the early afternoon this Sunday. We're very aware that we w...

First Trip to San Sebastián

by mla19 about 2 months ago

My husband and I are planning a five night stay for late next June. As overtired parents to young kids, our main goal...


casadetulum commented 12 days ago

2 nights in Barcelona - Eixample

by abandon about 1 month ago

Hi, my partner and I have a 2 night layover in Barcelona, arriving at 7pm on a Saturday. We're very aware that we wil...

BCNLocal commented 16 days ago

Barcelona and Madrid Itinerary (1 week, 1st time, thoughts?)

by Emily519 about 2 months ago

Couple from Chicago heading to Barcelona and Madrid for the first time. I have the tentative schedule below, but loo...

BCNLocal commented 20 days ago

Olive Oil for drizzle on hot pizza slices...

by Dirty Ernie almost 5 years ago

Friends in Spain... I am in the USA and have many fond memories of a long ago visit to you beautiful country. Of all ...


jvan999 commented 21 days ago

Tickets alternative - Barcelona

by NewNordicTraveller 23 days ago

I tried to get a reservation at Tickets for November but unfortunately failed :( Now I am trying to find an altern...


Thor2011 commented 21 days ago

Barcelona - Good lunch spot near CaixaForum/MNAC?

by Rumbaba 25 days ago

Recommendations for a good value lunch near Caixa Forum/MNAC appreciated. I know that Nectari is nearby, but Trip...


Rumbaba commented 24 days ago

Barcelona - Input on Restaurant Itinerary Requested

by JohnTalbotWannabe about 1 month ago

We are planning a honeymoon in late October, a few days of which will be in Barcelona. After the very helpful commen...

estufarian commented 24 days ago

Barcelona tapas - identify this one?

by calf about 2 months ago

I heard from a family friend that there is a seafood oriented tapas place where you can point at a display of fresh i...


calf commented 26 days ago

Discrimination at Tapas 24

by calf 26 days ago

I will simply document here that the manager thought that since we resemble typical Asian tourists, he would convenie...

petek commented 26 days ago

Tapas tour Seville

by Joez63 29 days ago

I would appreciate help finding a Tapas tour While we are in Seville. I wanted to book Azahar, but they where not av...


paddydubai commented 26 days ago

Two dinners in Lisbon & Porto

by josephnl about 1 month ago

We'll be in Lisbon & Porto next month and are looking for two terrific restaurants in each city. We are looking for f...


caviar_and_chitlins commented 26 days ago

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