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Food allergies in Spain?

by SmallGoodThings 13 days ago

Hi there, I'll be traveling all over Andalucia next month with my husband and two year old son. My son has food alle...


butterfly commented 2 hours ago

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Return to Gracia...where to next ?

by willowan 3 days ago

Evening all Back in Barca for six days next week. Staying in Gracia once more and also spending time at Primavera ...

Help with restaurants in Barcelona

by lionbear 9 days ago

Hi I will be going to Barcelona for 2 days in 7 June. Can you please help me with my choices of restaurant. Day...


lionbear commented 6 days ago

Recommendations between San Sebastian and Madrid?

by arlr106 15 days ago

Next month we will be traveling from San Sebastian to Madrid by car via Pamplona. It is a long drive for one day and...

erica commented 10 days ago

San Sebastian & Surroundings - Input on Restaurant Itinerary Requested

by JohnTalbotWannabe 4 months ago

In April of this year, we will be in and around San Sebastian for about a week. Thank you to the many of you who hav...

macdog commented 13 days ago

Spanish food bloggers?

by hoodsmom 3 months ago

We're going to Spain in April with a tour (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Arcos, Sevilla) but half the meals are...


mikedallas23 commented 14 days ago

Ribera del Duero recs?

by arlr106 18 days ago

Heading to Spain in a month. We plan to travel from Madrid to Logrono via Segovia and Ribera del Duero. Is this doa...


eickenho commented 15 days ago

Question about Tickets

by eggzlot 3 months ago

We are planning our honeymoon in Spain and part of that trip is Barcelona. I am aware its a 60 day period to make a ...


Philnom commented 15 days ago

Disfrutar, Dstage or Club ElAllard

by akhorasanee 2 months ago

Hi, I'm visiting Madrid and Barcelona and I want to do a tasting menu at one of the three places above. If you have ...

BCNLocal commented 16 days ago

DiverXO or StreetXO?

by arlr106 27 days ago

Heading to Madrid in a few weeks. We were on the DiverXO wait list for 2 months and just found out that we got a res...

hblnk commented 17 days ago

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Angolan/Mozambican/Peri peri in Lisbon

by Nii 19 days ago

Hi, I'm off to Lisbon for the first time in August and I'm really keen on sampling some Angolan and Mozambican foo...

Information on buying goods from Nuns/Convents in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona

by burgeoningfoodie 5 years ago

My wife and I are traveling to Spain in the Fall and would like to know more information about the process of buying ...


Hoc commented 20 days ago

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August Spain Dinner Help: Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Barcelona

by Margaret Santa Monica 21 days ago

Special family trip for my daughter's 21st bday - the 5 of us - and we know everything will be closed - plus half the...

suggestions for celebratory dinner in barcelona

by coookie 23 days ago

hi hounds, my wife and i are traveling to barcelona this summer. we're looking for a special restaurant to celebr...

gastrocar commented 23 days ago

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Spain Report (long)

by equinoise 26 days ago

My family and I just spent two weeks in Spain: Barcelona and several locations in Andalucia. As I try to avoid a ramb...

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Dinner w/flamenco in Granada or Seville?

by SweetObsession 27 days ago

Does anyone know if there are any great restaurants that also do a decent flamenco show in either Granada or Seville?...

Ramiros Reservation in Lisbon

by DolceFarNiente 9 months ago

I will be in Lisbon at the end of October and emailed Ramiros for a 9:00pm reservation. They wrote back and said the...


SueFH commented 27 days ago


by Rbrtsuar 29 days ago

Anyone can recommend some places in the Alentejo in the summer? Looking at Torre de Palma and L'And. How are those ...


Nyleve commented 28 days ago

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Granada restaurant ideas for a birthday dinner

by smaointe 28 days ago

Hello all. I am trying to gather up a list of potential restaurants for my mom's birthday dinner. This will be for mi...

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