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RIP Chef Eric DiStefano of Coyote Cafe, Santa Fe, NNM

by ninrn 1 day ago

Sad news in New Mexico. Eric DiStefano, chef of Santa Fe's well-known Coyote Cafe, died yesterday, while at a weight...

fyfas commented 9 hours ago

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Scottsdale and Sedona visit

by ihc1215 4 days ago

My friends and I will be visiting Scottsdale for couple days then head to Sedona for couple days. We're looking forw...

sedona v flagstaff

by LauraBear 10 months ago

Hello from the Boston board. We are traveling to Sedona and Flagstaff next month and trying to decide where to stay. ...


spider commented 7 days ago

Any good bakeries in Reno? Or chocolate shops?

by Bay Gelldawg 8 days ago

Hello. Will be visiting Reno for the first time and looking for fresh baked goods and extraordinary chocolates. Any...


slalo2427 commented 8 days ago

Eloisa in Santa Fe: Second Visit

by sandiasingh 6 months ago

Yesterday's second visit to Eloisa for lunch in Santa Fe was mind-blowing. Chef John Rivera Sedlar's lifetime of expe...


newmarket2 commented 8 days ago

Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria, ABQ: real Neapolitan pizza has finally arrived in NM!

by finlero 18 days ago

So apparently 2013 was a banner year for authentic Italian food in ABQ, I just didn't find out until 2+ years later. ...

finlero commented 9 days ago

Unique food or restaurant to Scottsdale / Phoenix Area

by mikecho 11 days ago

I live in Las Vegas and we have pretty much every cuisine or major chain restaurants including SW chains. I would lik...

mikecho commented 10 days ago

Need ideas from NM cooks

by sun lover 15 days ago

Live in Canada, used to live in New Mexico. Very experienced in NM cooking, but just, for 1st time, bought a huge bag...

finlero commented 11 days ago

Arroyo Vino chef

by newmarket2 1 year ago

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Fe. Very molecular a la WD-40 with a head chef Mark Connell that I ...


mardi_foie_gras commented 15 days ago

La Roca in Nogales

by alisoninaz 9 years ago

Does anyone have experience with La Roca? From what I've read it's *the* fine dining experience in Nogales, but I'm i...


LaRocaRestaurant commented 18 days ago


by lacoet 3 months ago

Hello, Does anybody know if dry scallops can be found anywhere in the Tucson, AZ area???


magiesmom commented 19 days ago

Dinner Near Camelback

by dosage54 26 days ago

Nappy New Year all! Will be staying at Sanctuary on Camelback in Feb and am looking for two dinner nights. Always lov...

finlero commented 23 days ago

ABQ - Teriyaki Chicken (Downtown) becomes Asian Pear

by thewongmann 1 year ago

The owners of Teriyaki Chicken in downtown near 5th and Central have switched names, menu, and paint and have reopene...

ninrn commented 27 days ago

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Reno lunch

by Tom Hall 28 days ago

Looking for a good lunch spot on Saturday, Jan 17 that will have the early NFL game available. Only big requirement ...

Any Good Pizza in Reno?

by chisox 4 years ago

I have lived in Reno for around 7 months and have yet to have a decent pizza. There are many varieties of thin crust ...


sstrobel commented 29 days ago

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Santa Fe trip

by bronwen 1 month ago

Spent a few snowy days at the Tamaya Resort and then went to Santa Fe. I'd been before but not for 20 years so was a...

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Holiday Wine Tasting at Arroyo Vino, Santa Fe

by ninrn 2 months ago

We went on a whim to the holiday wine tasting at Arroyo Vino. I hope some of you were able to go, too. It was suc...

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Birthday Dinnner

by Rooodie 2 months ago

Hello, My birthday is coming up at the end of December and I would like recommendations on where to have my birthd...

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