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what's new in Northern NM/Santa Fe

by newyorkerindc about 2 months ago

I have been going to New Mexico on a regular basis for about 10 years. I can't wait to return for the first time in ...


akachochin commented 7 days ago

Santa Fe Fine Dining that isn't Stuck in the '90s?

by extramsg over 4 years ago

In Santa Fe for the next few days. Been reading Chowhound, Yelp, dining guides, blogs, etc, trying to decide where t...


jounipesonen commented 8 days ago

Sunday night in Albuquerque

by jane21 11 days ago

Will be in Albuquerque on Sunday night with a plane out early AM. Any suggestions for a good (but not fancy) dinner?


abqdeb commented 10 days ago

Silver City, NM -- Curious Kumquat to close

by ninrn 26 days ago

Very sad news--Rob Connoley, chef/owner of The Curious Kumquat in Silver City, NM, posted on his Facebook page that h...

RobConnoley commented 25 days ago

Eloisa in Santa Fe: Second Visit

by sandiasingh 2 months ago

Yesterday's second visit to Eloisa for lunch in Santa Fe was mind-blowing. Chef John Rivera Sedlar's lifetime of expe...

sandiasingh commented 27 days ago

looking for "real NEW Mexican" in Santa Fe

by Tom Hall about 1 year ago

I have been to New Mexico and Santa Fe about 15 years ago. I loved the New Mexican food. I see that Santa Fe has a ...


jounipesonen commented 30 days ago

Santa Fe Burger Update

by rcurtism over 1 year ago

Tried two new places in the past week that I haven't seen discussed here. The first, Shake Foundation, has been doin...

ninrn commented 30 days ago

Coyotas & Spanish Chorizo - Tucson

by kare_raisu 2 months ago

I am seeking out some direction on the best places to buy Coyotas and Spanish Chorizo in Tucson. I tried some of of t...


christyar commented about 1 month ago

Albuquerque - M'Tucci's Italian Deli

by ninrn 10 months ago

M'Tucci's Italian Deli is an offshoot of the dopily named M'Tucci's Kitchina, a nice, friendly, Italian-influenced re...

ninrn commented about 1 month ago

Raw Milk / Home Cheesemaking in AZ?

by Starka almost 8 years ago

I've gone through about 6 gallons of various milk brands, searching for the elusive non-ultra pasteurized kind, resul...


macscheese commented about 1 month ago

Bang Bite Food Trailer in Santa Fe

by elizan about 1 month ago

I wondered if Bang Bite is still open, since I just noticed their website is shut down. Have any of you in Santa Fe ...


elizan commented about 1 month ago

Reno Chowdown: Great Thai meal at Moo Dang

by SteveTimko about 1 month ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group gathered at Moo Dang for what turned out to be another spectacular meal. The co...


RevrendAndy commented about 1 month ago

Radish & Rye - Santa Fe

by rcurtism 3 months ago

With the recent openings of Eloisa, Julia, and Radish & Rye, this seems like one of the more interesting moments in S...

finlero commented about 1 month ago

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Surprisingly good French brunch at Chez Mamou, Santa Fe

by finlero about 2 months ago

Grabbed a quick brunch over the weekend at Chez Mamou in downtown Santa Fe. Nothing punched me in the metaphorical (o...

Coffee Roaster in ABQ

by marelyisdead about 5 years ago

Hello coffee hounds. Can you recommend a good roaster in ABQ? Preferably one that makes good espresso as well. Tha...


OzBurque commented about 2 months ago

Is Shohko opening a ramen place in Albuquerque?

by ninrn 2 months ago

I read earlier this year that the owners of Shohko Cafe in Santa Fe were going to open a ramen house called Naruto at...


hckybg commented about 2 months ago

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Santa Fe Culinary Academy

by RobConnoley 2 months ago

I hosted a successful popup dinner at the school last night and was very impressed with the facility and students. Th...

Reno chowdown: Fabulous small plates at Centro

by SteveTimko 2 months ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group took over half of the patio at Centro for what turned out to be a fabulous meal...

janetofreno commented 2 months ago

Tucson: Lil Abner's Steakhouse vs Daisy Mae's Steakhouse

by Hot Peppers over 3 years ago

Can you tell me the difference between Lil Abner's Steakhouse and Daisy Mae's Steakhouse and which is better and why?...

euromongrel commented 2 months ago

Vietnamese in Santa Fe

by kare_raisu 10 months ago

I was wondering about the state of Vietnamese restaurants in Santa Fe. Any recommendations and which dishes are advised?

ninrn commented 2 months ago

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