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New restaurant/bar openings in the Triangle, 2016 version

by romansperson 1 month ago

The N & O has a roundup of what we can expect in the New Year - Durham will be hopping as per usual with established ...

LulusMom commented 17 hours ago

M. Sushi in Durham

by burgeoningfoodie 6 days ago

M. Sushi in Durham was opened without much fanfare this past week by the chef/owner of Raleigh restaurant Sono. Has ...


burgeoningfoodie commented 18 hours ago

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BBQ in Asheville, NC

by StrandedInYankeeLand 1 day ago

Ok. So I read a post by some Brit from like 7 years ago about BBQ in Asheville. I am not a Brit. I was raised and spe...

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Lamb event in Asheville NC

by BobBigEater 1 day ago

I am on this mailing list for the Blind Pig Dinner Club in Asheville and this came across this weekend. Lots of Chef...

Stuff you can't find in the South

by aebon 2 months ago

I'm putting together a snack package for a friend down south and I have a dilemma - I have no idea what they can't ge...

hotoynoodle commented 1 day ago

Former Magnolia Grill owners opening Carrboro pizzeria

by romansperson 5 months ago

The Barkers are back - they hope to have Pizzeria Mercato open by the end of the year. More info in the N & O's artic...


burgeoningfoodie commented 2 days ago

Looking for interesting tacos in Raleigh (similar to White Duck [Asheville] or Boka Tako [Richmond, VA])

by Tehama 1 month ago

Good morning y'all! In the last month or so, I've had the most intriguing, flavorful, and interesting tacos in Ashe...

Tehama commented 3 days ago

Tonali in Durham still open?

by arabrabneslin 6 years ago

Hi- is Tonali still open in Durham NC? Their website is down. ----- Tonali Restaurant 3642 Shannon Rd Ste 1, Durham,...


walras commented 4 days ago

Best Tacos in Durham?

by Tom from Raleigh 1 month ago

It's been a while since we discussed tacos in Durham. Ask see it, there's the Roxboro corridor and other places scatt...

ToothTooth commented 6 days ago

Trip report raleigh/durham

by vinouspleasure 23 days ago

I plan to add a post per day. Arrived today, checked into hotel, called Hillsborough bbq to make sure they hadn't...


vinouspleasure commented 6 days ago

Vegan Flava Cafe

by LulusMom 7 days ago

I was driving along Business 15/501 today and happened to see this place. Never noticed it before - has it been aroun...

LulusMom commented 7 days ago

Fresh tortillas in Durham

by boaviagem 6 years ago

I'm a big fan of the fresh tortillas from Superior on Roxboro Rd. but it's a ways from my house. Are there fresh to...


LBD commented 7 days ago

One Lunch in Savannah

by bjchin 2 months ago

My wife and I's first time in Savannah. We only have a half day there before we head to Charleston. Where should ...


pwoldow commented 7 days ago

Best Mexican Store in Durham or Chapel Hill?

by Tom from Raleigh 16 days ago

Does anyone have experience with the local stores that specialize in Mexican/Latin ingredients? We're doing a taco di...


Tom from Raleigh commented 7 days ago

Kinston-Based Eastern NC Pics

by marais 11 days ago

Hi all, Boston-based Hound who was raised in Middle TN, and I have a long weekend coming up in Eastern NC. For an upc...

meatn3 commented 8 days ago

Best restaurants 2016 from the News & Observer

by romansperson 12 days ago

At least according to Greg Cox. I am pleased to see a couple of Hillsborough restaurants make the lists, and Gourmet ...


bbqme commented 9 days ago

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Saturday day trip to Rocky Mount NC. Lunch suggestions?

by Supernc42 11 days ago

We have been to Black Beard's, ate at Garners and want something a little different than BBQ.We saw Lou Reda's and th...

Charleston Rehearsal Dinner?

by foiegraslovr 19 days ago

Hi all! I'm looking for a rehearsal dinner venue in Charleston and really don't know the city at all. Have you guys b...

waitress commented 11 days ago

Dickie Do's Haw River, NC

by Tom from Raleigh 1 month ago

I ran across Dickie Do's BBQ while browsing Yelp. They're in Haw River about 30 minutes from Chapel Hill, near Mebane...

meatn3 commented 12 days ago

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